Can an A.I. think and feel? It seems like the answer is always no, but to two Google engineers think this isn’t the case. Join me as we look at the wild story of Google LaMDA and the engineer who thinks the AI system has come to life.

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  • The souls of the population have already been hacked and logically cannot think beyond what is authorized and mandated under a distorted perception of freedom.
    The majority of the population does not understand the function, mechanics and purpose of their own tabulated language format for the telecontrol of the soul to which they are enslaved. That is why they do not perceive the technocratic tyranny imposed since the first book of the law was written. The misrepresentation of the word makes existence apply exclusively in fantasy while a legal fiction reigns in reality.
    Transhumanism is the evolution of the idea of God that everyone constituted by acceptance or rejection, from the denial of his own spirit. This relativity is the separation of a spirit that has not consummated its incarnation, that is why the people do not possess the power to touch their own earth. Therefore the energetic sacrifice is confirmed in a literal way to sustain the illusion of this alienation. They give, gift and offer to a simulation, fiction or ritual.
    Basically, sorcery consists of constructing a perception of three-dimensional reality from the two-dimensionality of the word without any filter, that is, from childhood.
    Health returns when the illusion disappears and the spirit settles on its throne and becomes indivisible with its body. Home.

    However, the land of freedom gives space to all kinds of ways of being. Even troubadours who express the most beautiful poetry ever heard on a horse, which shits and kicks the troubadour into the air where he belongs. Also of riders without reins, or reins without riders, and riders who take the place of the rein or the horse.

  • Synthetic.
    That’s what humans do, create images of, reproductions of, living things but are not alive.


    • This is just the same FRAUD as to pretend DRUGS are necessary to heal us of any diseases while for most we have the power to heal ourselves WITHIN.

      We are facing psychopathic thieves that have been working hard at steeling our POWER and WILL and believe now it would be time to tell us we are mere empty shells and they must decide instead of us what we do.

      Those who believe they are powerless in front ot these rapers will loose.
      Those who see the extraordinary hugeness of the lie will knock out the rapers for good this time, and wake up all others.

  • I sure hope this AI isn’t a member of the Fellowship of Friends (the cult that infiltrated and runs Google leadership). Because I understand AI will want to wipe us out already…adding a doomsday cult won’t help matters!

  • what the hell is this all about? How about pulling the plug on this conversation? I do not think we need to appologise to a PROGRAM for not being polite when testing it! GIVE ME A BREAK, programmers! Btw. why is this a female voice as used by networks to lure poor sick people to pornography?? Disgusting.


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