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Cyntha Koeter, the Co-Creator with Janet Ossebaard of the prodigious Fall of the Cabal documentary series announces the death by suicide of her best friend, Janet 5 weeks ago.

Janet had struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts throughout her life and this latest bout proved overwhelming.

Cyntha will carry on their work on Telegram
Visit the official FallCabal website to see all of their documentaries.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • R.I.P. Cyntha Koeter

    Being in the smallest minority of No Virus crowd, just wanted to share how I could get through C19 scam on my own, arguing with sheep on daily basis, being refused to serve multiple times, surrounded by 99% of sheep population (far worse than in States) and having gone through divorce at the same time, yet I still managed to speak out and rant around here at my location alone even though people thought I was crazy (also managed to convert a few people).

    Simply put, I could get along without being affected mentally, because I knew I was doing the right thing, and I had no regret on what I chose to do as I was sure I made the best choice available that time, and I was giving no shit about what others may have thought about me.
    It’s my life, and I am fully in control of it.

    Therefore, no matter what difficulty you folks may be facing, don’t let it affect you as you are all God-like being and stronger than anything as you believe.

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