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    Dark Journalist and I discuss the connections between the JFK assassination, UFO secrecy, Admiral Byrd, alternative technologies, 9/11, false flag terrorism, censorship and US government propaganda, as we look at the latest JFK Records Releases.

    In the Q&A section, Daniel Liszt announces that he’s just wrapped shooting on an HBO special which will be airing soon (yours truly was part of the fun). Air date TBA soon!

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    • some people appearing to talk with refreshing fearlessness and truthfulness about a wide variety of subjects. many of them involving highly questionable people and organisations infamous for murdering critics. yet, as soon as AIPAC is mentioned by a viewer, all 3 people drop the subject with uncharacteristic haste. there is no more than a quick joke and some embarrassed squirming. not the quick and easy answer to the viewer’s question that could have been given if there were not some seriously compromising bias at work.

      what is that bias? is it simply that Daniel is Jewish? does that make him and his associates feel they can’t in any way criticise the highly questionable behaviour of AIPAC and other people and organisations pursuing similar agendas? and if they do feel unable to be fearless and truthful about that subject, how can any of us have any more faith there aren’t other subjects that will also not be addressed fearlessly and truthfully?

      that’s quite a few sentences ending with a question mark, but they all amount to the same thing. at least make some attempt to explain why i shouldn’t delete my bookmarks for Forbidden Knowledge TV and Dark Journalist.

    • Could it be the question:
      How is it possible to stop all these fighting strategies?
      It is everywhere the saem game:
      Hunting and being hunted, the “police” and the criminal, the good and the bad one etc.
      Would this ever stop on earth?
      When yes, how???

      Here a question rises inside of me:
      Why allow female beings that male beings are fighting???
      I wonder whether female beings could/would answer my question?

    • The Nazi party borrowed “racism” from the U.S. whaty a stupid and ignorant comment any idea how long anti semiticism existed in Europe? ridiculous.

    • you are such a beautiful woman, in many senses, and I always find myself in agreement and resonance with you and your sensibility.. with great respect, and thanks .

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