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    Award-winning journalist, Alex Newman, founder of, Senior Editor of The New American and author of the book, ‘Deep State’ joins Greg Hunter on to talk about how the Globalists need to destroy America and everything it stands for, in order to clear the path for the total tyranny of their New World Order and they’re all at the COP28 conference in Dubai, hatching their evil plans as we speak.

    Newman tells Greg, “This is all part of the agenda. What we are watching now is the deliberate destruction of the American middle-class and the deliberate destruction of the American economy. Ultimately, if these evil doers get their way, it will result in the deliberate destruction of the United States of America. We are talking about the controlled demolition of our economy, our military might and everything we hold dear. This has been known at the highest levels of government for a long time…

    “During the Trump Administration, they had Rich Higgens on the National Security Counsel, and he put together the ‘Higgens Memo.’ People should read this.

    An alliance of Globalists, Communists, Socialists and Islamists seeks to shift global power to China and to the UN, to gradually – and then, suddenly – destroy the United States. As Higgens explains, it’s not just to destroy the US as a nation but to destroy the ideas and principles it is founded upon because they’re not compatible with this totalitarian system they want to impose on the entire world.

    Alex says Donald Trump is not part of the New World Order, and that he dismantled much of it during his Presidency. Alex says, “Donald Trump is the first President in a century who did not go to this weird club of elitists such as Bohemian Grove. He never went to Bilderberg. He was never involved with the Council on Foreign Relations. Trump did not participate in the Trilateral Commission.

    Alex says Trump was not recruited in the ‘Skull & Bones’ at Yale like John Kerry, George HW Bush and George W Bush. He says Trump is not part of the club and he’s not controlled by these people, although they were able to manipulate him on some key things like the C-19 shots and the MCA but ultimately, they did not feel like they could control him and this is why they are absolutely petrified of him coming back now.

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    • A new “One World New Religion Order” springing forth from the deserts of the Arabic “Middle East”? Bah!
      I do not adhere to any tenet of the old Religions, most especially that of the misogynistic Death Cult of Islam. I adhere to the Old Testament, and its strict rules of kill all of my enemies, down to the last sheep, goat, or camel. I am the Wolf, a stone carnivore, and I care naught for my Carbon Footprint or Digital Currency. I exist only to taste the warm flesh of the would-be “Elites”, and to drown myself drinking your lifeblood. Come and get me, if Death is what you crave.
      As for Donald Trump, I do not deify him. He has made many mistakes and so have I, but I remain loyal to him simply because his audacity reminds me of myself when I was younger and thought that I might live forever.

      • G. Wolf Faris

        Assuming you are serious, I respectfully submit a conversation I had a few years ago with a Jewish friend of mine. When I asked her if she attends synagogue she replied no, religion is the cause of all wars, etc. I could not disagree with her because I’ve done my own homework on history. Every world class religious establishment has become exactly that by waging war on their neighbors.

        Reading any of the scriptures of the three religions you’ve indicated, one can make a multitude of diverse interpretations depending upon their desires and their experience. We believe what we want to believe. It’s when we act upon our beliefs, that our actions contradict what our neighbors believe, ultimately leading to violence. Doubtless you already know this too.

        The thing that distinguishes men of goodwill from savages, is a determination to live in peace as much as possible with their neighbors. Just as you have proposed to glean violence from OT scripture, so also can you determine peace, but one cannot realize peace without justice, and that is where the rubber meets the road!

        Jesus of record rightly interpreted OT scripture by cutting to the heart of Moses in his sermon on the mount and in his judgment of their religious establishment which was executed in AD70 as he had repeatedly warned them would come in their generation. Of course you don’t have to believe any of this, that is your choice and the religious choices of others.

        But may it be understood that this same Jesus of record cleared the air with his message of peace and goodwill, a message that masses of Christ-claimers seem to forget from time to time, like today when they lust for war against their neighbors both near and far – falsely in his name.

        It has been written, them as live by the sword, die by the sword.

    • So when are the chemtrails going to stop killing our dogs? Like, is there no joy allowed to be had? If Trump gets elected and there are still chemtrails then what? Because I’m sick of seeing comments like about Lahina ( Kevin Mccarthy Bohemian owl shirt?) Oh, they deserve what they get for voting blue. And East Palestine Ohio train burning, they deserve to be poisoned because they voted red. This divide and conquer is fun for people like Soros to watch.

    • Oh god, Trump is controlled opposition. How can someone intelligent and educated not see this – this is not a mistake, this is deliberately deceiving the public again.

      Just look at his son-in-law Jared. Evil incarnate. The one who bought Fifth Avenue 666 and was landlord to a host of interesting tenants, including the company who developed the quantum tattoo with the luminant substance called luciferase.

    • One of Trump’s best friends & advisor is the President of the Trilateral Commission. Exactly how did he dismantle anything? He didn’t do away with propaganda passed by Obama. He didn’t do away with the Immunities Act passed by Truman, I believe. So, what exactly did Trump do that is not surface lvl crap? Lower gas prices, grocery prices, med prices.. great! That done nothing to help us now. None of these ppl can be prosecuted bc of the Immunities Act! Its all smoke n mirrors!

    • Environmental hoaxes are all around us unquestionably. CO2 is now a pollution!
      50 years ago water was practically free. Now water is costing as much as electricity.
      Asbestos was the biggest scam in America (not in other countries), but, when the giant two towers on 9/11 came down with clouds of Asbestos exposing 15 millions Americans, the leftist alarmist media, the government, the EPA said it was safe.
      The hysterical reporting about Corona, which excluded scientists debate is another example that we live in lies.

    • The war on carbon run by the commie climatards ramps up by holding industry hostage using organized religion and the WEF clubbers emotional cries for us to save mother earth for the rich.
      As the cash flow problem worsen for the elites the central banks can’t survive on bank runs alone , peeps have tapped out raiding the 401k , CC maxed out , payday loan sharks & pawn shops , this has led the deep state scammers to fund raise off of non war fronts cause the punch bowl is empty. The climate heist based on faulty logic and a massive lie shows that science is a tool to force us to join the cult , no idiot left behind , and they insist with the power of the Pope that we believe in it too.

      • Believe them ??? Not me !!! Their Gawd, Satan, has a firm grip on this planet and most people in it, But I prefer to flip the bird at the beast. Not that I’m a complete Saint or anything like that, but I prefer not to get sucked into their lies as much as possible. And unless I win the lottery some day, I’ll never be rich, that’s for sure. Since I am vocal at times, THEY have seen to that.

      • Once upon the time I use to belong a foreign relation group, where we invited journalists, Generals, politician to speak. You get to rub elbow with the top of our society. quickly I found out that most of the fancy dressed members are not there to be critical of our mostly criminal policies, but, simply to see and be seen, and collect pictures with celebrities. I quit this farce. This experience explains why lies go on unchallenged? If you want to get invited to the fancy parties, you better never critique our mainstream.

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