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George Webb is doing a great job of staying on this story, by poring over the WikiLeaks emails to find clues as to the whereabouts of Clinton Foundation CEO, Eric Braverman, who’s been missing for 24 days at the time of this writing.

Taking Braverman’s tip to “Follow the money,” Webb is discovering a gigantic money-making machine, based on drug money, used to buy embargoed oil, to then sell it on the stock market and then you buy weapons and give them to your “friends” to invade a country.

Webb shows how Afghan heroin money is being used to invest in an operation to purchase and ship embargoed Syrian oil to Turkey by Prime Minister Erdogan’s son, Bilal, to then be re-sold on the market with the massive profits being “donated”/laundered through the Clinton Foundation.

Other key players include the CIA’s Mike Morrell, large US defense contractors, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the UAE, with Philippe Reines as the key fixer for the arms deals. The head-spinning corruption doesn’t stop there – you’ve got to watch this!

This story deserves MUCH more exposure!

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  • Garry our level of corruption is no better, we may just be better sleepers or is it less patriotic. How deep do you want to go. Quickest way to our darkness is to following the research of Kevin Annett as enough investigation and convictions is documented within his incredible energy to bring our government down. He’s an angel or he would be dead.

  • He waited on me at the Dairy Queen in Brookings, Oregon last week. He’s now sporting a long beard and is going by the name of Sal.

  • I was naive and innocent once. Then, came a master with firsthand experience who taught me the truth. I was astounded, for a while. No more. And to you, George Webb I say, ” You go guy!” Teach the rest of the world what is really happening every day. Teach them how to recognize political Deep State deceit in all its ugly forms. There are so many from which to choose. Maybe you can wake a few who still sleep in the arms of the false reality. I reiterate his beginning: “follow the money” in whatever form it takes–guns, drugs, oil, murder, child trafficking . . .

  • I’m a Canadian so when it comes to American political news ‘These are not my monkeys. This is not my circus.’ But I offer my sincere compliments for your excellent reports on this top notch site. It is on my daily go to list. Kudos

    • Thank you Garry, LOL. This site, that I’ve been publishing for 6 years used to be more about anomalies and weird science.

      Due to the electoral season, it’s morphed into more of a political blog because the scene is as anomalous and Side Show-esque as any Sasquatch report that I used to broadcast, crossed with a slow motion train wreck!

      I can’t wait until I can get back to interesting factoids, instead of mulling over the unfathomable disgustingness of our politicians! 🙂

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