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This video shows David Icke addressing the crowd in Trafalgar square in London yesterday, proving that every dog has his day. Decades of foreboding predictions from people like Icke and Alex Jones over the past 30 years, about a Fascist New World Order have finally come true!

Anti-Lockdown, anti-vaccine and anti-mask protests were held across Europe, from Belarus to Berlin to Denmark to London and Madrid, with record-breaking attendance.

In Berlin, protestors demanded the resignation of Angela Merkel and her government, with a Facebook rumor claiming that an airline and several European bus companies had offered to refund travelers’ fares if Angela Merkel’s government actually resigned!

One excited attendee tweeted, “IF GERMANY GOES, THE WHOLE EU GOES! 🥳🥳🥳🥳NEXT WEEK, THE HAGUE!🥳🥳🥳🥳”

Early estimates in Berlin were that the gathering would draw between 2.6 million and 5 million attendees but numbers fell short of this after police declared it an illegal assembly due to “health safety” concerns.

In Berlin, Robert F Kennedy Jr. spoke to a massive audience, estimated by his own Children’s Health Defense organization to be the largest crowd in German history, in the “hundreds of thousands” but the few Mainstream Media outlets that did report on the event offered estimates as low as 18,000.

Kennedy led the protest against “Bill Gates’ bio security agenda, the rise of authoritarian surveillance state and the Big Pharma-sponsored coup d’état against liberal democracy.”



Dear friends who came from all over Europe.  Today we are here to give the world a powerful message.

Humanity can not and will not longer be ruled by a model based on threat and control.

Right here, right now, we can all refuse this. Right here, right now, we can change the ‘narrative’. We can create ‘OUR new normal’.

We keep hearing the words ‘Solidarity’, compassion and equal rights in the mouths of politicians who try to separate and divide us. People who order fines, isolation, experiment on our health and restrict all our freedoms. Those people are not philanthropists.  They ask us to believe in a new religion called ‘the scientific consensus’, a fabricated dogma used by a corrupt cast called ‘experts’ who serve no other than their own interest..

Tracking and tracing are the tools of this inquisition.  We know where this ultimately lead us to : Isolation, punishment and slavery.

We can choose to see things as they are, with the dangers and the opportunities they bear.

I believe history has given the German people this capacity and this responsibility.

So, I have some very good news to share, because today I am surrounded by brave people.

I am standing next to a man who is literally catching snakes with his bare hands. (Yes, watch it on Instagram).  Rattlesnakes hiding in the bushes of the Californian valleys, and also more poisonous species who produce toxic drugs and pesticides and experiment them on humans and on nature.

This man acts with courage, passion, service and faith. That is true leadership, the capacity to inspire others by one’s actions.  That is what the Kennedy’s have done, that is their legacy.

And today, today this man meets other men and women with the same values. All of you here who have come to show your true courage, your true solidarity, your true humanity. All of you who individually and collectively are peacefully manifesting your sovereignty.

I will call you all Berliners.

And as a European, as a mother, as an individual asking for the respect of my human rights I say that I am proud to  ‘a Berliner’.

Children’s Health Defense Europe wants to become a Berliner alliance.

Thank you so much for joining us.

Grazie a tutti per la vostra presenza.

Hartelijk dank voor jullie aanwezigheid

Merci a tous de votre présence.

Gracias por su presencia.

Vielen Danke fur Ihren Anwesenheit

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Hey Chica, I want to “peacefully manifest my sovereignty.” But I am an American, and I live in California… so, how do I do this? Anybody got any pointers? I am oppressed as all hell, and it feels, horribly, as though we Americans are forbidden from protesting anything not connected to Black Lives. (What about Red lives, I ask; no one seems to care that Native Americans are shot and killed by police at a higher statistical rate than any other group, or that Native Americans are dying at the highest numbers of Covid-related crap than any other group.) I’m looking into seeking political asylum in Sweden, but you can’t actually apply until your feet touch the ground in that country. I’m willing and able to work anywhere in the world, I can live out of a rolling duffel bag, all I ask, is a warm, safe place be made for my two cats to lay their heads at night. Thank you Alexandra Bruce for keeping this site going, I salute you!

  • Dear FKTV People,

    Lies, lies, lies – from the MSM all over the world!

    I am German, living in Spain – and I watched the demonstrations AND Robert F. Kennedy’s speech in Berlin yesterday – for 10 hours!

    There were approx. 1.8 – 2 million people. Look at this:

    30.08.20 – Video (with protest songs against the measures)
    DAS seht ihr nicht auf ARD, ZDF & Co.: So viele Leute waren auf der Corona-Demo in Berlin! (29.08.)
    (5.26 Min.)


    29.08.20 – Video (Luftaufnahmen – von: videocesar!!) – again, with protest songs
    Luftaufnahmen | Berlin invites Europe | 29.08.2020 | Querdenken Demo | aerial view
    (1.46 Min.)

    Love and peace,


  • #SCAMDEMIC! We have had fluoride put in our water, like in concentration camps of WW2, we have been sprayed with chemtrails, given poison sprayed on our food, fed GMOs. Given vaccinations that were made from synthetics and pieces of aborted children. Is the world the New World Order of Concentration Camps? Once we had a bit of government that worked for us. Not now, we only have one person that I can see that is trying to change some of that back, Donald J. Trump, he’s not perfect, no one is. And we must help him drain the cesspool swamp that works for themselves, not us. Do Not Vote for a practicing politician! Vote OUT the scum we have, and do it in person, not by mail! Thank you, Alexandra. God Bless You!

  • Yes, among the many in the past that have predicted our current audacious take over attempt is this one bunch of people from Switzerland that exposed the agenda in April 2003 in an original 11-part musical suite with a narration preceding each part. Listen to the brief narration to ‘The Little Horn’, which was part 10 of this ‘The Euphrates and Tigris Suite’ predicting our current events with caution.

    It cautions us when rising up to ‘react’ against a manufactured ‘problem’. Or else we’ll be handed a manufactured ‘solution’ too.

    True liberty is not for the asking but for the taking. Not protests nor demonstrations but quiet civil disobedience by the masses is the only solution.

  • I am no stranger to David Icke, read all his books, right from the beginning he spoke about the Illuminati, Pedophillia, Royal family, in his book Human beings get off your knees, he gave the game plan of a pandemic, plan to vaccinate the whole of humanity and the chipping of humanity, and that book came out in 2010, I was ridiculed so often, I think America has the greatest preisident of all times, Donald Trump.
    He knows all this, and is the only one doing something about it. God bless Trump, WWG1WGA.
    God bless Alexandra

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