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    Considering that 9/11 occurred during the presidency of George W Bush and that Vice President Cheney and his cabinet of Neocons have been implicated both in the attacks and in the war profiteering and disaster capitalism following Dubya’s illegal invasions and endless wars in the Middle East, I’ve never been able to fathom how Trump is today reviled far more than Dubya ever was, with some on the Left even going as far as to say they feel “nostalgic” for Dubya during these “dark days” under Drumpf.

    Where is this derangement coming from?

    Dr. David Janda says that Trump has unleashed this fervor against him because he created a movement that: “attacked the middle-level puppets of the Rothschild-Rockefeller axis; the middle-level puppets being the Obamas, the Clintons the Bushs, the McCains, the Romneys, the Ryans the Soroses.” He says their higher-ups see Trump as a threat to their financial system and to their ultimate power and that they will continue to do everything possible to remove him from office and to undermine the MAGA movement.

    Like many other commentators with military intelligence sources, Dr. Janda believes that Trump represents a group of Americans in the military and in industry who backed him with a robust plan to get the US off the track of doom set by the Globalists, with the off-shoring of the country’s manufacturing base and the hyper-financialization of the economy.

    Having survived the Mueller Investigation (which few politicians in DC could have ever done), Dr. Janda believes that everything is now in place to bring down the corrupt Globalist establishment, with the upcoming releases of the reports from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and and Attorney General John Huber.

    Horowitz’ report focuses on James Comey and the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email probe. Attorney General John Huber’s investigation focuses on Hillary Clinton’s bribery by Vladimir Putin for her approval of the sale of 20% of US uranium production to the Russian nuclear agency Rosatom and the Obama Administration’s felonious neglect in informing Congress of this nuclear kickback scheme during the ratification hearings for the 2010-11 Russian-American New START nuclear arms treaty.

    With these two reports released, Janda suggests that Trump will then order the declassification of documents that will reveal criminality on the part of not just middle-level players like Obama and Clinton but of those higher-up.

    “For this to end, he has to go all the way up the food chain, into the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and the Payseurs and all the way up…I believe the way they’re gonna bring the Clintons in is by going after the financial irregularities…Moynihan and Doyle testified in front of Congress, that they felt between $450 million and $2.5 billion, just for starters were run illegally, in a money-laundering operation through the Clinton Foundation. I think that’s how they’re gonna get squeezed. Bill and Hillary, on a number of different fronts…

    “I believe they’re also going to squeeze the higher-ups, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Payseurs – all the way up – they’re going to squeeze them on their financial side and I think that’s how they’re going to take them down.” To be effective, they can’t stop at these middle-level people. They have to “cut the head of the snake off”.

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    • At exactly 1:00:30 Dave Janda recommends that people have some lead and the means to deliver it. This is not the wisest thing to say to a country that is trying to heal itself from the immense damage that the neocons have perpetrated. If the USA is to survive everybody needs to wise up to the neocon agenda and deconstruct it in a peaceful way. If everyone followed the “lead and the means to deliver it” advice the rest of the world might as well say goodbye to America.
      My preference is for Americans to snap out of their zombie state and sort out the mess, not destroy themselves.

    • It would be fantastic if the tables turned, however, you need a set of players that are not corrupt to take care of this properly. And I’m not holding my breath. Let’s start with the DOJ, get some real people in there, and use that as a starting point.

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