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    Fertilizing crops with a slurry of human remains and human excrement is bad but apparently, it’s not bad enough for our Satanic overlords, who aim to take out the middleman – that is, the crops – and simply let us eat sh¡t.

    Ice Age Farmer, Christian Westbrook is back with more news about the engineered food crisis being generated by the Omnicron and asymptomatic positive COVID tests, causing labor shortages of fruit pickers, to warehouse employees, to FDA inspectors at meat factories, to truck drivers, etc., etc.

    Christian asks, “What’s the motivation, here? Where does the agenda end up? Why are they creating these clearly-engineered food shortages and supply chain disruptions, including taking a look at this latest grant from DARPA, which effectively looks at funding the creation of Soylent Green, as you can read here, they seek to take mixed waste and create cellular biomass that can be then shaped into visually-appealing, edible and palatable food; fake synthetic lab-grown trash, the up-cycled food that has been described by the World Economic Forum as a circular economy. Bottom line: they want you to eat trash…

    “Speaking of truckers, we’re about to hit a real inflection point, here with respect to the mandates going into effect for those that cross the Canada-US border, they’re pushing ahead with that, in spite of the fact that it’s completely insane, with some estimates putting that at 16- to 20,000 trucks that will just be parked, taken out of the equation of transport that is a near-fatal blow to the supply chains…

    “Trucks crossed the border freely for 20 months because they were considered essential to keep supply chains flowing. That hasn’t changed. What’s changed is that now they actually want to shut it down and do the damage.

    “The question is why? What’s the agenda here? And I want to suggest two things: the first is that we continue to see this narrative about, ‘Oh, the supply chain is really disrupted and we just can’t afford to do things the old way anymore. We need to move to blockchain’…

    “Of course, this flows right into the goals of agenda 2030, which is complete awareness of every resource and all economic activity on the planet. They want it all: they want perfect awareness and I go into great depth about this in my report, Architecting the Beast System: AI control of Food Supply

    “Taking control of the supply chain is one aspect and then getting rid of natural food is another and of course, I’ve been covering for a long time, now. This lab-grown meat and the synthetic food, divorcing humans from nature being sort of the theme here.

    “Here’s a piece from The Conversation:  ‘Lab-Grown Meats and Cow-Free Dairy Can Help Us Fix Climate Change’. KFC just introduced Beyond Meat, with their new plant-based fried chicken. Of course, they rebranded from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC years ago, because they they knew this was coming. They knew the end of animal agriculture was ahead of them. That’s what the World Economic Forum calls the ‘post-animal economy’…

    “The bottom line here is to divorce people from nature; to herd them into the SmartCities and get them to forget about all the traditions and culture and foods that made us who we are; our holidays tied to harvest seasons.

    “If you’re a transhumanist seeking to totally reformat humanity and create Human 2.0, then you have to do that, as well with food: get rid of traditional food right there. When traditional food is unavailable and create food 2.0 and that’s exactly what this lab grown trash is, all right?…

    “What’s the solution, here? Of course, it’s to grow your own food, it’s to start growing your garden as big as possible, add as many awesome animals to your homestead as possible, build community gardens for the folks around you and loop them in and share your seeds…

    “We don’t have an option, all right? Unless you want to be eating up-cycled DARPA Soylent Green, OK?

    “So, whether that means you can start a seed swap or your community garden or host a skillshare or just align with farmers in your area, because those are great relationships to have – and I assure you right now, they need help.

    “It’s time to think creatively about how we quickly stand up community, food growing systems, get away from this centralized, mono-cropping, over-technical nonsense and get back to the decentralized way that humanity has always grown food. That remains my core message.”

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    • Look up Pereslavi Zalesskly on a satellite map, it’s north of Moscow, then look closely at the surrounding towns. It’s terrifying. You would be correct about farming with human parts.

    • Fuck tbat shit I will barbeque the elite i dont care what they think they are gonna do im gonna wrench on this plan my idea is if they get jacked for the propaganda you cant have a concentration camp with no barbed wire we got people they got nothing but manipulation and some bs pitchforks and torches lets get em.

    • I saw some of this firsthand while riding through my brother’s wheat fields with my parents last Spring. Everywhere we looked were ugly wads of mysterious white ‘objects’ littering the otherwise gorgeous, pristine landscape. Disturbed, I asked my parents what this might be. My dad answered by informing me that my brother had agreed, naively, to allow a local sewer system cleaning company to dispose of their tanks in his fields. “What!!?” said I, freaked with questions whirling in my head. “Do they PAY him for this?” “No, they don’t. They told him it’s supposed to be good fertilizer,” my father replied. Normally stoic and reserved in opinion, yet actually disturbed by this absurdity, he continued: “Looks pretty bad, doesn’t it? But he called and told them never to come back.”

    • If they have control; of your food you will never know what is really in it and they can slowly poison you with it, like they are doing with fluoride.
      And Art Judd is correct: the regime in America is A British Territorial government as evidenced by the work of Anna von Reitz. See this:

    • British Control of America. laroucheorganization dot nationbuilder dot com -— can save you time. Also see: archive dot larouchepac dot com/1932 and: larouchepub dot com.

    • How izzit that this technology juggernaut is acting like a bull in a china shop?
      They think, along with all the supply chain corpses that wrecking small farms and small businesses, hammering the world’s middle class is their right.
      I say a LOUD bullshit to these socially maladjusted math freaks!!

    • The shelves of shops in mexico are completely stocked with no increase in prices this BS is cooked up to cause moar stress in the targeted collapse areas by the commie central planners.
      Good luck with that , our food is already manufactured as garbage. When shopping for food pick the labels from foreign countries they generally are not allowed to poison their own people and ban most of the US crap as we spray everything with anything as long as it is GRAS for the pests they need as an excuse to keep spraying us . GMO farmers doing their part to send us into health cares waiting rooms. Glyphosated GMOd nano tracked bio-sludged farmed garbage Bon appetit

    • Now we’re seeing the depths of this thing. Feeding us human remains and human waste. They want to deny anything that could be called love and compassion. Turning their back on the light. Why though?

      • You read my mind. What I have come to realize over the past decade or so is that these maniacs at the helm are and have, for some time now, been focused on perverting, stifling, and or completely dissolving the feminine forces of Nature (MotherEarth /Women). Everything from natural childbirth and breastfeeding (replaced with drugs, stirrups, and male attendants; poison-laced infant formula and vaccines, etc.), perverting and or removing clues as to our inherent powers (superior to the masculine forces ??), many of them passed down from ancient bards of our heroines and mythological goddesses (e.g., Isis, Eve, Medea), to this latest absurdity. I cannot pretend nor even begin to guess as to “why.”

        • The satanic order hates and wanted to destroy GOD’s creation. Women who are creators of life were targeted by these negative entities. The dark forces have through abortion rights preyed on the weakness of women as a means to solve an unwanted problem which feeds the satanic blood lust.
          The empowerment feeling you get from manhating was also satan’s plan to break the bond of a loving relationship between man and wife the most powerful force in our lives and the most important lesson we teach to our children. GOD has removed satan’s power over us and now we must learn to live with each other and love again. GOD level tough love hard ass lessons. Women are wired in to the spirit world and satan had you on speed dial. Soon the darkness will fade and people will fall out of their psychosis to pick up the pieces of whats left of their lives. Good Luck to all we gonna need it.

      • Many of us know. Go back a couple vids. AMERICA’S FOOD SUPPLY FERTILIZED WITH HUMAN REMAINS AND COATED WITH NANOPARTICLES. Of course YouTube won’t have it

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