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I joined Dark Journalist last night to discuss some of the topics of the week, starting with the corporo-fascist censorship on the major social media platforms Google-YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, with employees of the latter caught on camera explaining how they censor political content. Then we cover the Q Anon phenomenon and its collapse, the Pentagon’s UFO psyop, parallel universes and the Mandela Effect, the Dulce Wars, the Montauk Project, cryptocurrencies and more!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Pretty sure it’s the “MANDALA EFFECT”, which opens your third eye through sacred geometrical symmetry patterns – otherwise, aren’t we talking about Nelson MANDELA?

  • I watched a number of the Seinfeld series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee over the past few days. Man, over and over he tosses out or the camera features Illuminati/esoteric sigels, signs, hand motions…makes sense, but I was still flashed by how obvious they were. The Season 6 with Carrey, Noah, Colbert had too much allusion to TPTSB for my comfort.

    • Btw I think hashgraph sounds fantastic, and I’m really interested in crypto currencies, it’s the wider context that I’m sceptical about. Anyway enough said 🙂

      • I’ve watched the rise of Bitcoin with interest from the time Max Keiser first discussed it. Before The Keiser Report moved to RT I think. The only thing that stopped me from changing some savings into the Crypto Currency was the thought that The Powers That Be may stamp it out of existance at any moment by stealth, legislation or planted fear and doubt.
        If anybody thinks TPTB will allow an independant unregulated Crypto Currency to rival their own crypto construct, fiat paper or precious metal means of exchanging value you are are greatly mistaken. Control of the money supply is a cornerstone of the control matrix. The buckles on this straight jacket are reinforced by the debt everybody is encouraged to incur. The bubble will be burst when the time comes.
        The safest bet is to change currency into non-perishable, tradeable goods like collectables or antiques.
        The real winner is to chose to collect an item that will have value after the holocost………………… Anybody got any bottle caps they don’t want? ………Oops, too much Fallout 4!

        • But did you understand what the problem was with money before the crypto debate got started? I think that’s what might be revolutionary about them in the end, people will start asking questions.

          • Yes, I believe the main problem is that the value of the Fiat Currencies are controlled by others and is dictated by supply which in turn forces people to sell capital assets to the banks below market price when a currency is manipulated, crashed or debt is encouraged until unpayable.
            In a perfect world it would be nice to have an off-grid crypto currency that is accepted by most people and business as an exchange of value. Here lies the problem, how do you establish a value, link to gold?
            Establishing a method of a unit value is the problem of an independant currency.
            TPTB dream up and control the value of the fiat currency in your pocket. Everything boils down to establishing a non-volatile, tamperproof method of defining value.

  • As to DJ, I have noticed lately a far better connection to him in that this relatively new format with the cameras in the background is a much more “live” broadcast and thus so much more “truth-like” ( I value truth above all else) and therefore more acceptable (not that I agree with it all) … point being, just as this presentation was ending there appeared some horizontal boxes of past offerings across the bottom of my screen, I selected one that appeared interesting only to find it to be one that I had viewed in the past.

    That past was the video made back in 2015 with Richard Allen Miller who was “physically” down in Oregon I believe. It was then that had a mini-awakening, a Eureka moment of suspicions confirmed, as to why I never much liked his, DJ’s, presentations in the past (I am speaking here as if I am talking to Alexandra who has provided this and the other videos to us), that “confirmation” was in my realization that most of the old videos were “composites”, pieces linked together in his studio, highly edited after the fact. That had always appeared very “phony” to me thus much harder to take.

    I am glad the added maturity has taken place. BTW, “Rick” still seemed extremely “high” on something, but he did provide a lot to think about.

    As for this and other more recent vids, I find too much personal bias towards others (Cory Goode and crowd) that detracts from what are most likely the more factual elements of any disagreement. As in some TV shows of the more distant past (I am 78), the lead star, a Detective, says; “Just the facts Mam” …

    Keep up the good (better) work though. 🙂

  • I watched this last night on Youtube and was impressed with the well thought out, measured conversation.
    I believe you have been well stiched up Alexandra by having your revenue stream cut-off without warning or reason by the self appointed gate keepers to support their own agenda. Your comments support my belief that there has been a drip by drip takeover by the Fascists. Without doubt the worlds governments now dance to the tune of their corporative masters with us people sinking to the status of a commodity. While tight control of population opinion is planted and cultivated by the Mainstream Media there will be no change.
    There is freedom of speach (as long as nobody listens to you)

  • Fascinating discussion, thanks for posting this. Picking up on the crypto question, hashgraph makes use of the ‘gossip’ and ‘voting’ protocols. These are existing features within the internet as is the mandate for an internet based monetary system, am I right in thinking? (picking up from points made in Mike Maloney’s doc). Isn’t this like a trail of breadcrumbs left for an independent entrepreneur to find? It would be difficult to get people to accept a new monetary system and indeed form of money if it was seen to originate from central sources. But an independent system created by and for the people, that’s another matter altogether.

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