On a lighter note, here’s a TEDx Talk that snuck in under the wire somehow – either that or the fact that it did sneak under the wire may be due to an unofficial disclosure agenda now upon us of which Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars start-up with Luis Elizondo is also a part.

Harvard grad Ben Mezrich is the writer of books which have been turned into the hit Hollywood films like the ‘The Social Network’, which is about the early days of Facebook. His quick recap of his career is amusing and he comes off as an unlikely person to be urging us to believe in UFOs. He talks about some UFO factoids that, myself as a UFO experiencer and researcher for the better part of the last half century I’ve never heard of, like the “UFO Highway” located along the 37th Parallel:

“…the majority of UFO sightings occur along the 37th parallel of the United States. It also turns out most cattle mutilations are along the 37th parallel. It also turns out that almost all of America’s underground military bases are along the 37th parallel of the United States: The Pentagon, Cheyenne Mountain, Fort Knox, all the way over to Area 51.”

We also learn from Mezrich that the FAA manual instructs pilots to report their UFO sightings, not to the FAA, to the airlines or to the military – but to Bigelow Aerospace (!) This is the company owned by the “eccentric” billionaire that builds parts for NASA and that plans to supply space tourism and future colonies on the Moon and Mars. Bigelow is also the company that we recently read in the New York Times constructed a facility for “…the storage of metal alloys and other materials that Mr. Elizondo and [DoD] contractors said had been recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena.”

Mezrich’s awkward gestures, comedic timing, interesting anecdotes and details make this talk very much worth your ten minutes.

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  • this guy says nothing we haven’t heard. OBVIOULSY NTIs are here. Only morons, disinfo shills, and assholes (skeptics who can’t think critically) think there aren’t ufos. 70 years of gov’t programming has turned Americans fucking stupid.

  • This guy hasn’t done any research into the phenomena and, admittedly, does not like reading non-fiction. What we have now is multitudes of GenXers and Snowflakes, raised on fictionalized movies and TV, who think they know what they’re talking about, the result of which relegates this vast and genuinely real topic to the realm of comfortable, laughable silliness, the stuff profitable novels and films are made of, and which satisfy the audience, as we can clearly see. Believe me, they don’t want to know the truth. It would shatter their paradigm to the core.

  • Hmmm, lots of cuts to the audience to show their ecstatic faces. Not sure that’s a usual TED talk thing. Subtle endorsement of Hillary and no acknowledgment of Linda Moulton Howe’s work on cattle mutilations. I give this a 5 out of 10.

    • I agree, but you’re being generous with 5. IMO, as a long time “believer” after being a short time “skeptic”, anyone that is willing to look into the night sky instead of looking at their shoes when out and about will have already come to the conclusion that we are routinely lied to – about everything, so why not take the “high” road right off the bat? I’ve witnessed dozens of “UFO’s” over the last 40+ years. I’m certain others have too…

      • Well put and agree– “…anyone that is willing to look into the night sky instead of at their shoes…”.

        That’s all it takes. Unidentifiable aerial phenomenon is seen everywhere, not only between the 37th and 38th parallels. Yes, it’s fairly massive here but not unique.


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