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Dark Journalist recently published the first parts of his exclusive 3-part interview with Nixon insider, Robert Merritt, where the latter revealed three secret meetings with President Nixon he had in a bunker beneath the White House.

In this third meeting, Merritt claims that President Nixon read him a letter in which he described the covert government’s interaction with an ET being over a period of two decades. Nixon told Merritt that he’d hidden a time capsule somewhere on the premises of the White House, which would reveal the truth of about Earth human-ET interactions and redeem Nixon’s tarnished reputation.

Merritt’s attorney, Douglas Caddy of Watergate renown has sent a letter to the National Archives with the offer from Merritt to reveal the location of Nixon’s time capsule, as long as its contents are read aloud and made available to the public.

In this episode, we’ll hear more from Merritt about his third meeting with Nixon and we’ll hear from Douglas Caddy, who will give us the deep background proving Merritt was in the heart of the Nixon White House as part of the ultra covert operation called the Huston Plan.

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  • As soon as they find it’s location, some security agency brandishing fully automatic weapons will burst in and confiscate it, citing national security, and that will be the end of that.

  • …time capsule may mention “Mars Stargates” as well. Too much “‘ultra info'” and that item will be destroyed before it sees the light of day. Some of this “ultra-secret stuff” by the way is old NAZI occultic material ..and “may change before our eyes” if uncovered. Kissinger should know if anything important (to the energy industry…which already has these secrets ..ask the Rockefellers)[what] is in there. If anything would have exonerated Nixon or Kissinger they would have revealed it by now. If the Rothschilds sent trillions of Gold to Mars…getting it back is a major mess “Martian entities” ..use that stuff for “formation and reality-manifestation reality-management” (i.e. micro-verse bubbles ..see the ‘doctrine of formation in the Qabbala’) …we really are dealing with the deep Kabals here WW.

  • This is archeology on short notice, discovering of what really happened.
    Searching for what went wrong.
    Now the questions also arise: Is there a search for doing it right?
    Are not all stories, named as history, base on wars?

  • If this time capsule exists and is found, I don’t see it ever seeing the light of day in the public sector. Plus, the National Archive is hardly going to guarantee something be made public before it’s even read. That’s a non-starter.

    If this Merritt assertion is taken seriously by the present Trump administration, he can order a complete search of the White House. There are people on the permanent White House staff that know that place like the back-of-their-hand. Military experts can be brought in with the latest electronic search devices, much of which was never around in the Nixon era. If it’s hidden there, they’ll find it.

    It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds.

    • I agree it’s risky, and what would Kissinger’s role be? It does feel historic though and it’s great that Merritt and Caddy have chosen to disclose through DJ. A real endorsement of the alt media reach and integrity. Hurray!

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