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    My old buddy, Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt joined The Alex Jones Show on Tuesday to discuss the secret space program and the breakaway civilization – and he did an absolutely fabulous job and Alex wants him back a week from this Saturday to guest host a 2-hour show!

    The two get into how the US Government has long regarded the UFO phenomenon as the biggest secret that there is and how it was considered to a bigger secret during World War II than than the Manhattan Project.

    Daniel says that this is why the UFO File is located inside the Federal Government’s extremely compartmentalized Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP aka COG) and how the secret space program absolutely involves not just aerospace technology but but it also harnesses psychic powers or spiritual technology.

    They get into how NASA is an occultic organization that was built on top of Jack Parsons’ Jet Propulsion Laboratories and how Parsons was a hardcore practitioner of Sex Magick and disciple of Aleister Crowley.

    Daniel opines that the entry of RFK Jr into the presidential race takes us into a totally different arena, where the whole idea of UFO transparency may now be possible.

    As many know, Donald Trump’s uncle, John Trump was a professor at MIT who was given access to the Nikola Tesla files that were seized by the FBI after the latter’s death.

    Daniel says that John Trump was the protégé of Vannevar Bush, who was the US Government’s custodian of the UFO File for 30 years.

    Daniel mentions that before he died, John Trump said they were looking for information in Tesla’s documents about an ultimate weapon that was dubbed the “Death Ray”.

    Daniel believes that the thing Donald Trump holds over the Deep State’s head and why they hate him so much is the information he was given by his uncle about Tesla technology and the powerful physics of longitudinal waves, etc and because of his connection to the “deep aerospace groups” who make up the Breakaway Civilization.

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    • What’s your take on Stew Peters NOT BACKING RFK- then A-Jones sets him up and Stew say I’ll run for prez?
      I’m RFK all day but I’m wondering why they don’t back him!

    • If UFOs truly do exist, why is it that I have been actively looking to see one for over 60 years, yet I never have?
      Am I Blind, lack imagination, or do I just have incredibly Bad Luck?
      Same thing happened with Ghosts and with God , too. Negative Contact.

      • Spiritual blindness could be affected by pineal gland calcification or some mineral deficiency. Your body is a temple , detox and supplement to prepare for your spiritual activity. Remove fluoride deposits from the body/brain with Boron supplements , EDTA for heavy metals chelation , MMS /CDS for glyphosate deposits in the brain. After detox use colloidal gold to fire up your innate spiritual abilities. do each separately and go slow listen to your body . As you remove the poisons into your system before excreating you will feel worse you are good when the bad effects stops after taking a new dose . EDTA removes all metals so watch you don’t run out of magnesium and supplement the ones you need to proper levels. Animals are psychic practice on your cat or dog . Your temple may need more work from drugs/alcohol ,diet, RF fields ,water/air pollution.

    • I was quite surprised to see the Dark Journalist on Infowars. Very interesting interview. Thanks for posting!

    • Wonderful interview. Used to listen to Alex lots but had a difficult time with him interrupting continuously. Amazed at how respectful he was for you. I believe he garnered a lot of knowledge due to your deliberate and kind nature. Truly Grateful for sharing. Thank you, Seastar

    • The other types of groups also speak about some sort of space program.
      According to it, it’s been going on for thousands or millions of years.
      People get abducted, being used as soldiers and their memory being wiped out when they come back; therefore, most of the victims don’t remember about it.
      The physical universe is generated by toxic AI and so as the alien beings
      The AI took over control since billions of years ago, and we are playing their game.
      But if we put enough focus and realize who we are, we can also escape from it (the general concept can be observed from The Matrix).

    • Why is it Dr. Stephen Greer is never brought up? He seems to have done the most trsratch Into the UGO story…for years! He also says it has Psychic phenomena

    • AJ the p*$$y wrecker outs the Swamp Gas chasers now busy swapping the old UFO lies for the new official lies that “Aliens are real now trust us”. Still no proof spilling out of crafts or Roswell pictures. More funny pages disclosure to keep you hanging on to the air of truth with the smell of BS.

      • You mean the “Tyrannosaurus in the sheets”? That’s his latest pitch for Testosterone Boost™.

        LOL I don’t care, I still 🩷 him!

    • What a broadcast…wow. They’re going to try to stage an alien invasion right around the election if the “trans” formational president who may not even be alive (who knows) begins to really tank in the polls.

    • Kudos to Daniel. He deserves it, he did a fantastic presentation and I think Alex Jones was blown away by his vast knowledge on this subject. I have followed him for over 5 years and every episode he does I find intriguing and intellectually stimulating.

    • Looking at the planes crashing into the Twin Towers, shows me how far they’ve come since old Walt Disney, was doing his holograms. What else can they do after 100 years, that I know of. And all of the heavy drama adds to the illusion. Heavy paychecks make for heavy drama. Common sense says that if we had Direct Democracy, they couldn’t keep secrets from us. One day you may see that Representatives are compromised, blackmailed and controlled from The City of London. And people like Alex Jones and Mike Adams, who claim that direct democracy is mob rule, are controlled opposition. Of course it’s mob rule. It’s the whole damn mob of us Daring to make our own laws and run our own affairs. Thank you, Capt Joe Kelley.

    • WOW! Fantastic interview! Great job, Daniel! This is by far the best interview that Alex Jones has ever conducted (that I’ve seen, of course). Great job, Alex!

    • As one of the capsule engineers on Gordon Cooper’s Faith Seven Mercury flight in the spring of ‘63,, the NASA book write-up that he had a navigational problem is amusing. What it amounts to is the 36 hour flight required bladder relief. NASA had cobbled a transfer syringe for movement to tanks, but Gordon passed a kidney stone and stopped up the needle. Fluid got loose and into the electrical connectors between his ankles and shorted out the computers to be used to align the capsule for retrofire. He visually aligned through the window. Luck was with him

    • “The two get into how the US Government has long regarded the UFO phenomenon as the biggest secret that there is…”

      Regarding “biggest secret there is…”,
      I’d say, until recently, Elite Gender Inversion(EGI) was on the same level…can’t say I understand the goal or the motivation, but the effort invested and the decades/ centuries of deception would suggest its a BIG project.

      Let’s ask horse-faced AOC. ;0d

    • Sorry Alex….. You assume that we don’t have that technology—–I refer you to the Black projects and Special Access programs.

    • Oh my goodness! I never thought I’d see this. But I think it’s a good thing. I can hardly wait to watch! Thank you!

    • So the Alien Invasion that’s suppose to happen (which I always heard little pieces about) is so it will unite us around the world? Bring in the NWO? I thought when the economy crashes they’re suppose to save us and that brings unity and NWO. If you have heard anything else about this Alien Invasion please share.

    • Disclosure with Daniel and Alex Jones as I thought it would be , all watchable on Forbidden Knowledge! This is how I envisioned it all! Thanks ALexandra

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