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Catherine Austin Fitts joins Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt to discuss the Globalist agenda now being rolled out. As always, her insider insights are very incisive.

Catherine sees the Great Reset as “Livestock Management” by a parasitical group that is attempting to harvest and depopulate humanity.

She suggests there’s a very underhanded agenda behind allowing the primarily Millennial and younger rioters to continue tearing the country down.

The US is effectively bankrupt, while strapped with obligations, like Social Security, Medicare and military pensions. She says a civil war is a way to get rid of those liabilities.

Currently, the people are owed trillions of dollars in healthcare, retirement- and regulatory obligations. The government could slither out of Social Security and FDIC insurance without admitting that the Deep State stole $21 trillion, if the people believe that they burnt the system to the ground all by themselves. With the system destroyed, the people would have no recourse to get that money back.

If people demand that their states secede, the Government can then argue that they’re no longer citizens; that they chose to secede rather than to receive Social Security. A civil war allows the people to destroy their covenant with the Government by their own hand.

Many other fascinating insights, here.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The longest & best interview ever. So much material & topics with good humour. Been catching Catherine for 12 years now, so consistent & informative. Thanks for your work.

  • I respect Catherine Austin Fitts enormously but I am afraid she is way off-key with her thoughts, primarily because she does not recognise what is truly going on in the world right now.

    Quite frankly, I am surprised you have included this interview for it doesn’t help one bit to get the true message across that namely our world is going through a re-birth. Albeit at the hands of the Globalists; necessary to entrap them all in the act.

    I also acknowledge that Catherine’s agenda for the past few years has been about the missing 21 trillion dollars. But that is of no consequence as the whole of the world debt will very soon be cancelled out.

    I am certain others will enjoy the conversation, but it is one which I will sit-out thank you. Your usual explicit narrative told me all I need to know.

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