Controversial economic forecaster, Martin Armstrong joins Greg Hunter on Armstrong’s computer model was one of the few that predicted Brexit – and two years ago, it also predicted that this year’s US presidential election would be the most corrupt in American history.

He says, “The computer doesn’t ask my opinion or anybody else’s, it just goes on the numbers; from the economic data and it’s never been wrong.” And some of the information he’s receiving suggests that as many as 38 million fraudulent votes were cast for Biden.

He says, “This is – it’s just beyond description. I mean, the level of corruption in this and it’s all to basically take over the Government. And you heard Pelosi coming out, saying that, ‘Oh, we now have a mandate to change the economy’…I personally think that we need a Constitutional Amendment that says that the economic system cannot be changed without a two-thirds majority vote, period. This is ridiculous…

“I testified before Congress, I think it was in ’96, the House Ways and Means Committee and they were asking me why no American company got any of the contracts to do the Yellow River Dam in China and I explained to them, I said, ‘Look, I mean, we tax worldwide income. Germany does not. So, a German company going in, bidding on the same project is already 40% cheaper. And they just look at you with their mouths open. ‘Oh, really?’

“Yes – stop taxing worldwide income and then maybe we do better. But what happens is that, in order to be competitive, companies have to move offshore and they go, ‘Oh, it’s tax avoidance!’ No, it’s being competitive on an international scale…

“We’ve got offices around the world. Fortunately, our products can be downloaded. If we were in a physical type product. we’d be out of business, period.”

Greg asks, “Do you think Trump can pull this off?…He’s out tweeting, ‘Boom. I’ve got 2.7 million votes just taken away from me!’ And that’s just the beginning. And then there was all the paper ballot fraud and everything else – and the sharpies and the dead people and blah, blah, blah. Do you think Trump can pull off a win?

Martin says, “Legally, yes I think the Supreme Court can step in, here and actually take it over. I think that would be good for the country. I mean, it would be good for them because, you already have the Democrats saying they’re going to completely change the structure of the United States. I mean, they want to pack the Court, they want to actually strip the Supreme Court of any jurisdiction to do rule on certain legislation they pass.

“We have a tripartite government. It’s supposed to be the Legislative, the Judicial and the Executive and they simply want to eliminate the Supreme Court, period. I mean, this is outrageous what they’re doing…

“That’s why I’ve said, ‘Look, this is not a simple election between Republican and Democrat. This is something much more sinister and the exact thing that they’re doing – just look to Europe. You have Biden’s advisor on Covid: ‘Oh, we’re going to lock down the country,’ and they’re going to do that in February. And it’s not going to be for 4 to 6 weeks. It’s going to be for months – that’s if he gets in…I mean, this what they’re really doing.

“All you you have to do is look at what these people are up to and it’s coming out of the World Economic Forum, with George Soros and Bill Gates. It’s the merger of all three of them…In Klaus Schwab’s own video, he’s telling you his ‘Eight Predictions for 2030’: You will own nothing and you’ll be happy.

“Now, why will you be happy? Because, basically, their idea is to strip everybody of all property, period. That’s Communism. And then you’re going to be given this guaranteed basic income [UBI] and if you don’t do what the government tells you to do, like get a vaccine or whatever, oh well, then your guaranteed basic income will be suspended – and how are you going to eat?

“This is what they’re doing. It’s the small businesses. If you look closely, Democrats didn’t want to bail out any small businesses and that was before.

“Why? They are the ‘bourgeoisie’ and in Marxism…if you eliminate the small businesses, which another lockdown is going to do, you’re going to have serious unemployment, because [small businesses] employ 70% of the population, so what are you going to do?

“I mean, these people are out to really change everything and…I’ve been consulting with probably more governments than anybody, I think. I’ve been back and forth with central banks, from everywhere, from China to Europe, Middle East, whatever and I’ve been going back and forth to Europe on this issue for four years and I’ve been telling them, ‘Look, the real problem is they lowered interest rates in Europe to negative in 2014.

“After six years, they have been unable to stimulate the economy but they’re now trapped. They can’t sell debt at negative levels. Pension funds are basically on the on the brink of complete insolvency in Europe. Over 50 of them are basically broke, already in Germany.

“So, I’ve been arguing that, ‘Look, at least convert the debt to a perpetual debt, raise the interest rate to at least 3%,’ and my solution is we keep our freedom – and it’s government that has to give up some power.

“They don’t want that, so they’re turning to Schwab. And his solution is with [French economist] Thomas Picketty and if you look at it, it’s basically Picketty’s number one pet peeve is Communism – basically, to take all assets away from everybody and this is what he’s doing.

“It was the French that convinced Marx that Socialism wasn’t good enough and had to go to Communism, which was their experiment from the the French Revolution.

“So, you have to see what’s happening, here and and these people are looking at, if they um eliminate all debt – there goes your pension funds.

“The Government no longer has to to pay off the debt, doesn’t have to keep rolling it, because that is the real problem: they’re at the end of the rope on that, so the only way out that they’re seeing from Schwab is that it is basically to default. And that’s Communism you will own nothing and you’ll be happy.

“‘So, all debt will disappear and all your personal private debts all disappear. In the backdrop to that, so do banks. This is why you have Big Tech supporting them, because, why? Twitter, alright – what’s he got? He has Square. Facebook, what are they doing? They’ve been trying to put together their own [crypto-] currency [Libra], alright?

“These guys have been you know dangling out in front of them, they’re going to get a piece of the action on every transaction in the world and if the government tried censoring YouTube and Twitter, if they’d been actually doing what these guys have been doing, that’s a complete violation of the Constitution; it’s a violation of our civil rights.

“They stand up and say, ‘Oh well, we’re not the government. We’re allowed to do whatever we want and so this is the problem that we have. I mean, they’re violating our civil rights on every-which level from Sunday and you’ll have nothing left.

“And if you go to our site and look at that prediction from Schwab, what else does he have in there? The United States will no longer be a superpower. It will be shared among nations. In other words, that this is Soros’s Open Society, only the United Nations will be the supreme government.

“And so, what you have are politicians handing this because they feel that the system’s broke, Keynesian Economics has failed and their only way to retain power is go authoritarian.

“I’ve also published internal memos from Germany. They’re already proposing to suspend their elections in August.

“So, in other words…there’s no way possible this contrived pandemic is going to disappear. Masks, social distancing – this is to prevent civil unrest…it’s really a takeover and it is, I call ‘Communism 3.0’…

“We’re at at a stage here that government is completely collapsing. I’ve been warning people that Socialism is collapsing and they all say, ‘No, no it’s Capitalism!’ and [I say], ‘No, it’s Socialism’, because they can’t afford the pension funds, they can’t afford all the social benefits that they have promised and continue to borrow without ever repaying anybody.

“So, that’s what’s coming to an end. So, the only way to keep those Socialistic programs going is basically adopting this Modern Monetary Theory, where they’re just not going to issue debt anymore they’re just going to print money…

“Here they are, once again doing the same stuff, promoting this Great Reset and it’s Communism. They may think this is what we have to do for the climate. Well, they’re going to find out they are selling out not just themselves, but their families and all posterity.”

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  • We need to just make sure there is no civil war. If we don’t participate, it won’t happen. This is not a new statement to me. I’ve been trying to push the idea to who I could.
    Anyone who wants to so bad, that limited they can go battle each other. Most Patriots don’t plan to fight except to defend.

  • It’s about time somebody recognized that the globalists behind this communist agenda DO NOT WANT TO REOPEN SMALL BUSINESSES. They WANT them to FAIL. The objective is ELIMINATION OF PRIVATE ownership of property of any kind. I’m already reading where some of the large banks and companies like General Motors are saying that acting in the best interest of their shareholders (ie: owners) is no longer their primary objective. Instead they are saying that it is more important for them to be responsive to GOVERNMENT and SOCIAL INTERESTS. Excuse me?! What does that mean?………..COMMUNISM!

    • What do you mean, “unable to watch”? Are you unable to clickthrough from the newsletter link to my website or after you’re on my website, you click the play button and the video won’t play?

      Somebody else also complained they couldn’t watch the video this morning but I’m not sure exactly where the problem lies.

      Could it be your anti-virus program (which can be very aggressive)? Is the problem at the browser level – i.e., could it be you ad blocker? Where do you think the problem is coming from?

  • So what can we do legally to fight the lockdowns and masks? If the people reject a law, so it true that we can cancel it out? If we unite to resist? How do we pull that off. Isn’t it all against our constitutional rights?

    • What’s working here in the Stalinist state of New York (and other states) is sheriffs who uphold the law and who will not be enforcing Cuomo’s cancellation of Thanksgiving (by not allowing groups larger than 10). You want to get to know your County Sheriff. Hopefully, they will be a Constitutionalist. If not, vote one in next time. They will be your last line of defense!

  • Biden on video said “we have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in American history”.

    Could that be lawfully considered an omission? Does it even matter? Will any of them ever possibly go to jail for absolutely anything that they do? I know the answer, we all get it.

    • I think you mean “admission”. Biden is so senile, it might be difficult to convict him of knowingly committing a crime.

  • Omission of guilt? What about the video we have of Biden saying “we have the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in American history”. Has everyone forgotten?

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I watched to 16 minutes and gave up in a thick fog of computerised doomsday prediction.

    Not Unlike Catherine Austin Fitts, Martin does not understand the real ‘big picture’. Unsurprisingly, his computerised models know nothing of the efforts underway by ACIO, an organisation no-one has heard of, and OFOT, we have been taught to believe do not exist.

    Well, I have got news for Martin and Catherine, not only do they exist but their efforts will prevail.

    Thus once again, dear Alexandra, this is not a podcast that reveals anything other than the Swamp and the Democrat’s reoccurring ‘wet dream’!


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