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Elana Freeland has been way ahead of the curve, for years, showing us the incremental program of transhumanism.

I’ve been writing about Elana Freeland since 2015 and she’s back here with Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for an in-depth conversation about MKULTRA, interdimensional beings, synthetic biology and the Globalist Internet of Things and -Bodies and her breakthrough new book, ‘Geoengineered Transhumanism’.

Elana’s remarkable scientific and esoteric work connects major military operations of global control and goes inside the electromagnetic lockdown of the Space Fence and the Nano World Order.

She shows us the rising landscape of technological control, DNA patents and how humanity is to be neurologically directed toward a transhumanist future unless we wake up now.

The occult influence of Ahriman and the spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy, mystery schools and the Eighth Sphere are also covered and much more.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I had a difficulty with Elana’s comment that a nuclear incident wouldn’t benefit (around 6:50) the elite due to the fact of the souls simply reincarnating. There is a problem here, and it’s due to (to my knowledge) the fact that souls are destroyed during a nuke incident. Anything that affects the physical body will in some way affect the other bodies also (mental, etheric, spiritual, emotional). I’m not sure she understands or is aware of this.

  • Elena starts off with Kasper Hauser who showed up with a note that advised ignoring the fact that the note was written by someone who wrote EXACTLY in Kasper’s handwriting (which handwriting he learned to do HOW (since he supposedly had no human contact for 17 years)? The unanimous verdict of EVERYONE who had actual contact with Kasper of significant duration was “narcissistic liar”.

    Had to turn off the video after about 10 minutes of unadulterated hokem. Life is too short.

    Just because you can string words together does not necessarily infer you have knowledge, forbidden or otherwise.

  • I can’t tell how much of what she speaks is real truth, but mostly sounds right.
    The world is sickening with too many secrets and psychos ruling in dark.

  • To make fun of someone there is also a hint of evil.
    For nature, also called creation or God, everyone is equal, it is a YES for everything, however, we choose what is special and specific, creating a NO to differentiate and confirm a YES. The natural path of YES demands what is practical, true and of quality in a clear, precise and concise manner, being freedom, courage and honor the states in harmonic synchronicity with it in what we call respect, while the generation of NO as an antithesis, it is logically the opposite.
    What is called Satanism as the kingdom of the unnatural or artificial or of the rejected, is the domain of wills or souls through a hypnotic process of indoctrination, done with consent or brute force, which uses rewards and punishments to form a pyramidal structure of government. That is, they induce the masses to accept the NO and this group of clever psychopaths remain in the space ceded to the YES.
    Dowsing serves to confirm this binary fact in a practical and effective way, and it is at the moment of experience that we realize that the prosthesis is a complement to a faculty transferred to the object. Prostheses evolved like chains until they became the electronic gadgets of modernity. They are basically interferences to prevent us from developing our natural faculties. That is why every symbolic object of external belief is capable of adapting to the territory of the NO under the dominant condition of government extrapolated from the practitioner. This is how resisting can become a complement to the system. If an important mass realizes its power, it reverses the position, returning fear, anger, impotence and despair to the perverse flesh and blood behind the curtain, hidden in the fantasy recreated in the believers of the NO fictions.

  • Check NBC news on yt Feb 1 at 7:44 the US rep at UN raising arm to sanction russia has a NON HUMAN {demon/alien?} face! Some people caught it read the comments no explanation.

    • The U.N. rep for the U.S. is a dark-skinned lady with silvery hair on top; add a black mask, possibly a blackcape and black headphones and bad lighting and VOILA! ya got a demon. Not.

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