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Kurzgesagt is a Munich-based animation house that makes these provocative, “optimistic nihilist” videos in their spare time. They probably think their worldview is neutral because it’s based on accepted science but it is extremely materialistic, albeit entertaining.

Here, they discuss some life-extension technologies and medical experiments done on mice, soon to be done on humans.

If we imagine a world without disease, where we and our loved ones could live in good health for another 100 or 200 years, how would this change us? Would we take better care of our planet if we knew we would be around longer?

If you could choose how long to live right now, in good health and with your friends and family, how long would you want to live?

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Since 2010 the population has increased by one billion. YES, ONE BILLION in 7-years. More people that are older and older? Not a glowing prospect without a responsible, disciplined populace.

    I arrived on this rock with the knowledge that I would live a very long life. My family is practically a longevity syndrome. Today, I’d say it’s not a prospect to which I’m looking forward, but then one does not interfere with the hand of God, so to speak. Death is a painful passage in whatever form it arrives and most of the pain comes from fear–the same fear that makes aging technologies so popular with the public. To remain here even longer in this culture of denial with those who value the physical above all else is a daunting proposition.

    I suppose if I were so blinded by my own ego that I was raping the land, murdering the populace, abusing innocents to stay alive at all costs and/or buying into the current lie (narrative) then reversing the aging process would be a consideration.

    • Elle,

      by my experiences in working with spirits, I had to perceive that the spirit does not die, moreover leaves the exhausted body, finding a waiting room above the surface of the earth. From this waiting room the spirit again incarnates.
      This will go on until the bipolar spirit become a singualr spirit.

      • Waiting room. Hmmm. Interesting. Haven’t heard that one. Sounds like the Catholics’ Purgatory. These concepts all come from somewhere and merge into cultures in various ways. I do not plan to reincarnate on this rock, ever again if I can affect any choice over the matter. And somewhere inside me there is a little voice that says I do have a choice. It may take a m/billion years longer to reach a singular spirit state, as you call it, but I don’t care. The multiverse will still be here. If it’s not no one has to concern themselves with reincarnating on this bipolar plane. Oddly, I though I was alone in this desire. However, I’ve met several people in this incarnation who say the same–not coming back here. Not. Not. Not. Ugh. Awful. No! (jewel planet, though)

          • Tru dat, brother! And yes, there is definitely a place like that. If there wasn’t we wouldn’t have the concept of it’s existence.

  • I am born in 1943. At a certain moment, I started to search for the possibility of dying in health. I found many answers. My body is in a good health and people think I am at least 15 years younger as my age should show.
    . I found my answers by my breathing process, transforming old emotional pains into spiritual love energy and material/spiritual health.
    . I know there is an after life, where death must be seen in a different way.
    If death should be that there is something disppearing, now death is an illusion, because information can transform, however not disappear.
    I know there is reincarnation of lightning souls.
    . It is a pity for those who try to manipulate the DNA, because many people die by accidents, as by a gun shot, natural disasters, shortage of food etc.
    . A new concept of being human must found, where even reincarnations does not happen anymore.

    . I think it is a crime to cut something inside the life of some one else.
    It is possible to use the own intelligence for healing one self.
    Intelligence is finding the new.
    Intellect is repeating the old.

  • “Here, they discuss some life-extension technologies and medical experiments done on mice, soon to be done on humans.”

    So ? ….they will make the human body like a new-born, then what? The difference between a rat and a human is vast. Rats live and thrive in environments where humans cannot. After they’ve made the human as healthy as a new-born, then what? It still needs proper food, nutrition, excersize, education, etc. vs. a rat that does not.

  • “Would we take better care of our planet if we knew we would be around longer?”

    That’s not the right question. The question is:

    Would we take better care of our planet if we took better care of ourselves?

    The answer is obvious. It follows that if we take better care of ourselves the planet would be taken care of too. We are the planet.

    • Nowadays it takes M O N E Y and K N O W L E D G E to take care ourselves . A lot of people don’t much of either one. The money is garbage. The educational system is garbage. The monetary system destroys life, the educational system destroys brains.

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