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    Juan O Savin was on with John Chamber last Friday, who basically tells us that if you have extra cash, to leave what you need to run your overhead for the next year in the bank and to take anything extra out to go buy something tangible, that will always have value, such as real estate or precious metals. He says he prefers silver coins for their smaller denominations and because, as coins, you don’t need to prove what they are.

    Juan says that there are short term gains with cryptos but that these are as much of a DARPA project as Facebook is and they were designed by people who intend to control the world through cryptos and algorithms.

    He says the Carbon Zero/Green New Deal attack on petroleum is in reality an attack on the Petrodollar and US dollar. It is an effort to remove the dollar as the reserve currency for world trade and to reduce the overall power of the US.

    He says that he knows some members of the team who are currently working on the Constitutional Dollar, although he hasn’t been able to speak to them in a few years, due to their NDAs. He says the Constitutional Dollar will supersede the Federal Reserve Note and that it will be asset-backed and not be the familiar debt-backed, inflationary funny-money that we use today.

    He says that everyone who is in the US illegally will be deported and this will have a tremendous deflationary effect on the prices of everything within the US domestic market. With 40+ million less people in the country, there will be much less demand on virtually all items.

    In 2018, a Yale-MIT study found that there were 22 million “undocumented” immigrants in the US. Since Biden took office in 2021, an estimated 8 to 11 million more have illegally entered the US – and that number accelerating, as we speak.

    Presumably, what Juan is also saying with all of this is that Donald Trump will be the next president or someone else MAGA.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Alexandra,

      This is grossly incorrect :

      “ In 2018, a Yale-MIT study
      found that there were 22
      million ‘undocumented’
      immigrants in the US. “

      As of 1999, there had been
      40 million—and the Liber-
      tine Left had touted the
      false number to be 11
      million, from the 1990s

      Three-quarters of all
      Hispanics in America
      are offspring of illegals
      or new arrivals.

      America – White Civil
      Society – is in its death

      Only Mass Deportations
      and Nixing Asylum Laws
      can save Whites’ High
      Culture Civilization.


    • I like the saying about the American Presidential elections…It’s a choice of eating a Dog Turd or a Cat Turd?

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