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“In all honesty, what’s really happening here is the global financial system is imploding. That’s why they need the digital currencies, all this sort of thing.

“They’ve been borrowing since World War II with no intention of ever paying anything back…And here, you have these Neocons that have just never gotten over the fact that the Cold War and Communism actually failed by itself…

“This is about their power. And that’s what’s really going on, here and it’s very, very serious at this stage in the game.

“These people are only looking at the military power. They’re not looking, whatsoever at economics, what will the economy do, they could care less.

“They really think they can bring on this war and afterwards, you come in with the CBDC stuff and you basically default on all the debt and you start all over again with Bretton Woods Version 2.

“The central bank digital currencies, the real purpose of this – and, as I’ve said, I’ve had discussions about this – they think that, effectively by eliminating physical cash that they will increase their taxation by 35% and if you look at Biden’s current budgets and proposals, he’s looking to raise taxes by $7 trillion.

“They look at us as basically The Great Unwashed. We’re scum…This is the way they look at us. We are the enemy…Liberalism is not about equality or anything else, it’s about them getting more power.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I started noticing the massive waste of illegally seized income tax revenue* many many years ago. After a decade in the rabbit hole It finally clicked with me – they WANT to destroy the economy and drive America into insolvency. People should know that there are proven credible solutions to any and all of our problems, yet those we purportedly “lead” us never choose them. Why not? Because they WANT America to be insolvent… They WANT America’s demise to come about on their watch.. This is why they despise MAGA people – we love our country. Ar least we love the country we were told we had. Sadly, I am beginning to believe that we never did…

    *the income tax is a VOLUNTARY tax – don’t believe me? Look it up.. where is the printed law that requires us to give up so much of our hard earned revenue to the feds? Good luck.. it doesn’t exist.

  • This is my concern- “over there” wars.

    As we know. So far nearly $100 billion US dollars has been sent to Ukraine to fund their war- and this is the number we are allowed to know.

    We also know. Biden is about to ask for Congress for EMERGENCY CRISIS FUNDING for the Israeli war- and he will get whatever he asks for with much more down the line.

    At one point, in order to keep this scheme going, these “over there” wars are coming RIGHT HERE… count on it.

    All this is about liquidity, and every imaginable/unimaginable event is going to be engineered to keep the system fueled with more debt- at the cost of as many lives as they need- AS MANY LIVES AS THEY NEED!

    Expect another 911 moment right here on US soil. Its already been years in the planning- the stage is already set.



    © 2023 Gregory Mannarino

  • Yep, that’s been going for a while.
    It’s rarely reported on mainstream(fake) news media, but Israel has been attacking Syria for a long time, and Russia was the only nation that actually helped Syria indirectly by setting up defense, training soldiers and give them food – while coalitions were illegally attacking there.
    Nobody condemned coalitions for invading Syria, but everybody condemns Russia about going to Ukraine, it’s ridiculous.
    I’m not saying Russia is innocent as it also has its own business (never clearly spoke against C19 scam either) though just saying that everybody should F*cking stay out of other people’s territories.

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