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Before the hideous tragedy of Flight MH-17 disappears entirely down the Memory Hole, let us honor all of those grievously injured by this travesty by NOT FORGETTING the ineffectual false flag terror event and horrendous crime for what it was, as it disappears before our eyes, having been completely ineffective at achieving its ends; to make Russia look like the aggressor in this crime.

The crime scene continues to languish in the middle of an active war zone and the case will likely officially remain “unsolved,” if the PTB have their way.

Here, we see very genuine-seeming and spontaneous reports from local civilians on the ground, two of whom “won” the lottery, when their ceiling was crashed open by most of the remains of one victim, who landed inside. Another man describes a body that had landed on the street, already stinking awfully of decomposition.

Several witnesses shown here reported soon after the crash of MH-17, that the corpses of some victims appeared to have been dead for several days. Some were even reported to have undergone the initial stages of embalming.

This would be consistent with the ample evidence shown in other films, that the
crash site appears to have been set-dressed, with props and planted evidence
(such as unstamped passports and hole-punched, invalid ones, unusual kid’s toys, etc.)

These civilian reports were initially doubted, because they were from “rebel” witnesses (those supporting the secession of their area from the Ukraine, as per the recent popular elections), contrary to the agenda of the USG and other players. However, other third-party witnesses, presented in this film, confirm these initial reports.

What were already-dead bodies doing, mixed in with with the remains of the crash victims is anybody’s guess – perhaps it was a convenient way to dispose of airline workers who were witness to the switch-up of the actual aircraft, which was disposed-of in this crash?

As I have pointed out previously, there is much evidence to substantiate that the plane which was shot down over Ukraine had serial numbers and a distribution of windows on its fuselage that matched the plane that went missing during a separate unsolved crime, involving the same airline, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing last March – and NOT those of the actual aircraft that was scheduled to fly to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam and whch was evidently shot down by intent over the war-torn Donetsk region of Ukraine.

There’s also a high likelihood that Flight MH17 was taken out by standard-issue weapons used on Ukraine fighter jets, NOT by a Russian BUK missile fired by Ukraine separatists.

(Let’s also not forget that in hearings held during 2011 and 2012, the Malaysian war crimes tribunal found Tony Blair, George W. Bush and members of the latter’s Administration guilty on several counts, in the Wars of Aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan).

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Alexandra Bruce

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