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Published by merirouge
on Apr 25, 2012

Oscar-winning film star Colin Firth has launched a major Survival International campaign to save “Earth’s most threatened tribe” — the Awá of the Brazilian Amazon.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a short film, featuring an appeal by Colin Firth and music by Grammy-winning composer Heitor Pereira.

The Awá are a small tribe whose territory has been invaded by a vast army of illegal loggers, ranchers and settlers. Astonishing graphics on the campaign website show the devastating destruction of the Indians’ forest — which is happening faster than to any other Amazon tribe.

There are around 360 contacted members of the Amazon’s Awá tribe. Many are the survivors of brutal massacres. It is believed that 20-25% more are hiding in the rapidly-shrinking forest, desperately seeking a refuge from the constant destruction.

The situation is now so critical that several Brazilian experts have spoken of a ‘genocide’ and ‘extinction’.

“One man has the power to stop the loggers: Brazil’s Minister of Justice.
But it’s just not his priority. Let’s push it up his list.” — Colin Firth

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