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There is so much mind-blowing original content coming out on YouTube lately, it was hard to choose one that best represents the zeitgeist of the day but I settled on this very odd broadcast by the Leak Project with Clif High, in which the latter speaks in a kind of code in order to ward of the censorbots of Google-YouTube, referring to this episode as a “LARP” (live-action role playing).

Clif says that a million people are being abducted by aliens around the world every year, mostly outside the US and that beneath the political theatrics, the US, Russians and Chinese are working together to manage what they perceive to be a threat. He believes that something akin to what happened when Neanderthals were replaced by Anatomically Modern Humans is under way right now, where we are being replaced.

Clif says, “I’m also quite convinced that some odd things are involved in our war against the aliens. One of these odd things is the 5G network. So, 5G is gonna roll out all around the planet. It’s gonna roll out and there isn’t anything any human can do because we need that 5g as a very large – at least in the minds of the military – strategic weapon against the space aliens.”

Clif then explains that the millimeter wave band used in 5th generation (5G) communications technology was originally used in scanning near-field microscopes, whose resolution he says is perfect for examining DNA. The TSA scanners at the airport also use the millimeter band in their scanners. Clif suggests that the military has people trained to use these millimeter scanners to detect the DNA of hybridized humans.

It gets weirder. He says, “Right now, there’s something going on that seems to suggest the USA government might be captive by the aliens and the Chinese and the Russians don’t like this…

Clif explains that mind control is the primary weapon of the invaders. “Space aliens can control our minds they can actually control the neural pathways in our brains and they can do so, such that they could eliminate me from your vision I could be sitting there I could be coughing and hacking and they decide what you will hear and see of my presence and they can do this relatively easily…they are able to control our brains through their inbuilt telepathic abilities…

“The 5G Network…could be used, in my opinion to disrupt the ability of the hybrids to control human thought…so it may be that in order to have a free mind in the future…we have to live in 5G envelopes, in order to be relatively free from being screwed with by the space aliens, as they proceed with their evil plan to conquer Earth.”

Clif goes on to share numerous anecdotes from his experience and those privately shared with him from people all over the world.


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • So funny. So the ‘aliens’ are the new chosen one then? 5G was developed in Israel. And what have the chosen ones ever cared for any other people in the rest of the world anyway?

    How about a nice little article on the Samson Option, the Talpiot Program, the coming worldwide Noahide Laws, already authorised by the controlled UN to be effected in every nation in the world at some point in the future? Those laws authorise for the physical elimination of all ‘idolatrous’ non-Jews, that is all Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, etc., basically anyone who does not practice the Jewish religion, and for Judaism to be the only religion allowed in the entire world, with a death penalty to be carried on on anyone who tries to practice any ‘idolatrous’ religion so, like, the 5G they invented is being rolled out to save us, right? I don’t think so.

    When they physically effect the Noahide Laws all over the world simultaneously in every nation when all military preparations are fully in place, what Stalin did will seem very tiny indeed by way of comparison.

    If the Noahide laws were a conspiracy theory or harmless, or have no chance of being seriously considered or put into practice, how come the UN has officially declared that they are intended to be implemented throughout the entire world? Those laws specifically include the physical death penalty for that ‘offence’. And these same guys really want to protect us against ‘aliens’? Come on.

  • I just sent an e-mail to Clif @ his webSite with a copy of my earlier ‘comment’ just posted below:
    “I just attached this comment to your latest push for 5g & its related “the Grays are abducting us again.””
    This is a total different way to deal with it!:
    also I told him, if he cared to learn more to visit: or see some of mine on youTube.

  • Clif is really going out on a limb with this one!
    At any rate, we should consider if as possible… only because the Eisenhower Administration rejected “alien”/our Forefather’s offer in the early 1950s and went with the Gray’s deal of trade of some of their technology for their harvesting our soul energy & bodies in order that they can fix their genetic defects they got by going the way of GMOs.

    Thereby, if human-kind wants to eliminate “a war with aliens” they merely have to go back to our natural ways, rather than the Globalist ways & this will alter any TimeLine where we become the Grays of our future! This is kind of like the theme in the movie series: ‘Back to the Future’ where the timeLine disappears in the photo the hero (Michael J. Fox) is holding.
    It is THAT simple!

    Result: we don’t need no more wars (as spoken of by Carol Rosin re: von Braun’s statement to her) & no more move towards 5G which will further mess with our DNA, making it NOT natural—but making men & women [sovereigns] into corporate persons/Citizens/Grays.

  • Wow, craft ideas without any evidence or even data.
    Movies as evidence?
    Yes it all real, smoke some more crack!
    This insanity is why the western world is collapsing
    And it’s aslso why we cannot get any real data on the real issues.

    If aliens can travel the universe they can take us over in ten seconds.

    Wake up and focus on the human robbery.

  • Great interview…thank you Alexandra!
    I like Clif High. I didn’t find this interview out of his realm. He isn’t signing his name in blood to anything. He’s investigating and all things on, in or above & below need investigating… whoever the hell can add valuable material, information or even guess work to the sum of answers required to figure out what is happening to our world. It’s time to give all subjects due diligence …..not to sluff it off as ‘crazy’…. at our peril.
    I gained lots of information to add to the other interviews I’ve listened to over the past months to give me the pieces to this puzzle called earth and its’ beginnings and meanings.
    Keep em’ coming ….. I’ll be reading all and everything and gaining some insight along the way.

  • It’s disappointing that Cliff High has also been taken for a ride. Being in support for 5G network he has shown himself for what he really is and whose agenda he is supporting. The 5G network is making anything that’s organic very sick, and that includes humans, so I think that it will be slightly difficult to sell this technology to everyone. It’s understandable that most humans are asleep children who like their electronic toys, but if many of them will be getting sick from this technology then they will think twice if having a faster smart phone is worth the risk. The only reason the 5G network is being introduced is for the AI to completely take over this planet, and yes, that also means the useless minds that humans possess. It is truly sad to see humans digging their own hole where enslavement will be the only option.

    • I find it sad that so many project their own assumptions on to Clif in these comments.
      You are of course free to think he is wrong about the dots and connecting he is putting forward, but lets get a few things straight.

      Nowhere in this interview does he say that the 5G network is going to be beneficial, and indeed he acknowledges the damage it will do to human beings. What he actually claims is that the MIC believe it is so necessary, that the collateral damage we are all going to receive under the 5G ‘envelope’ is ‘taking one for team humanity’. He does not claim to support that position, and even if the MIC are correct is that an endorsement of the technology.
      Elsewhere, he is on record for calling out the various negatives of this technology, and suggesting actions you can take to minimise your damage from radiation exposure.
      Given that his tenet that this technology will roll out regardless of how bad it is for us appears to be correct, I would suggest that you seek out these actions, as some may be relevant and actionable.

      Also, his position on AI is very different from the one painted in your comment. He claims that what you think of as AI is actually Expert Systems; software.
      Software can only ever do that within which its creator has set its bounds, which is fancy talk for saying that software is really dumb. Although software is an expression of our consciousness, it will never be conscious, have a soul, free will, or be sentient.
      It is a tool of our making, which like any of our constructs is subject to duality. Therefore, it is not going to ‘take over the planet’ by its own volition, because it does not have volition, in the same way that a gun does not shoot itself.

      Now here’s a thought (based in CLlif’s LARP); are the ‘bugs’ trying to make true AI?
      Anyone else going to get a pack of dogs?

      • There is truth and lies in all communication these days. I respect Clif’s intellect (even though I never believed he was correct about crypto) and listened to this whole interview with an open mind. The part that really hit home was at the end, about the dogs. I’ve had dogs in my life uninterrupted for 6o years, now I know why.

        • No one person can be right about anything.
          No one person will always be right either.
          Clif is just a man, and will get things wrong from time to time, particularly when it comes to soothsayer predictions, as was the case with crypto. There is just too much free will to always get it right, and he mostly has.

          I can’t say whether he is right or wrong about the insects, but I like how he has pieced it together from his experiences and research. But he is not wrong about crypto, and thanks to him I was able to leave working for corporations and have time (this is what the controllers really want from you) returned to me to understand the world with. Part of that time is observing how much energy and capital is being poured in to the crypto space right now, even though market prices do not reflect it. They will do when the time is right, and that will be sooner than most expect.

          Now, you may or may not like the idea of crypto currencies, and there is certainly some duality going on there too, but I will contend that if you do your research you will see just how right Clif has been on many of his predictions, and thinking on the technology. Certainly enough that anyone able to examine the area subjectively would pay sufficient attention to examine the space.

          This is just my friendly advice, don’t be like King Canute trying to command the waves, because just like 5G, the tide called crypto is coming in fast, and my thesis is that it is better to prepare my own boat than get wet and (if lucky thereafter) get rescued.
          There is a wealth transfer event underway, be warned.

          Just like how it is always about taking back and using your own power, Clif has always told everyone explicitly that they are responsible for their own investing. He doesn’t want your karma, bad or good.
          Some of my investments in crypto didn’t work out, but I take full responsibility for the failures and the successes, because even when I took some of his tips, I decided to own the action.

          Dogs are cool but will have to wait until I leave my town flat/condo, as I couldn’t subject them to that. I’ve not had a dog these past 20 years, and they do come with a lot a benefits such as making you go on walks!

          • In the time I’ve known Clif he left his farm and bought a ramshackle RV and a leaky boat. You have some fake manipulated currency and a flat. I have dogs, a productive farm and a nice RV. Looks like one of us got ahead using their head. LOL

  • Can anyone PLEASE tell me if any of Clif High’s numerous predictions have actually occurred? I will wait patiently. Now he is saying we “need 5G” due to defence of aliens? I think that mass mind is waking up, therefore CIA assets such as “Cliff’s High” are ramping up the crazy. The psychopathic Zio’s and their vetted minions atop the pyramid, will do anything to keep the goy off their trail. It’s the aliens don’t you know that?
    But telling us that 5G is good for us, is actually quite evil.

  • Great show, I have lived through parts of what Clif was relating, and can see where he is coming from, this time. As far as 5G goes, I do believe he is wrong, it will mess with our DNA and scramble our brains, by starting out like an itch you can’t scratch. Then you become accustom to it, and don’t feel it so much. But on the inside it will build up tension, and over time will drive you out of your mind. Just “my” opinion of course, no data, or woo woo. Have a some what of a wave free day. LOL!

  • Dear Cliff High,

    Carol Rosin, who worked with Vernon von Brown, said he told her to watch out for the Deep State. Of course it did not have that name back then. Von Brown said the Deep State full of Nazis smuggled into the CIA after WWII ( Von Brown being one of them ) had their Nazi agenda to install a New World Order all planned out.
    The last step after which the planet would be theirs was to stage a fake alien invasion. 5 G, which is a deadly amount of radiation is a big part of that plan. I can,t believe Cliff High is falling for this propaganda about an alien invasion. This is a Deep State invasion.
    Thanks for listening

  • clif high — No ascension? Sir, type “ascension symptoms” into the search engine of choice. I’m experiencing the ascension process and have been “in it” for years. I’m one of the Light Workers, i.e., a warrior in the Creator’s peaceful army. As of the 80s there were 65 million of us here on planet Earth, but our number has grown exponentially since then. We are the volunteers, hand-picked by God Itself. The Supreme Creator is calling humans Home, right into the 5th dimension, so that many of the Light Workers will go higher—hence this hell-on-Earth ascension process. I feel certain that this is all “woo-woo” to you, but then, you know, I’ve long felt that you were CIA. I’ve long felt that crypto currencies, which you pushed as hard as you could, were a trap. In fact, Catherine Austin Fitts said that right outside the BIS (the central bankers’ central bank) in Basel, Switzerland, there was a machine where one could purchase Bitcoin. You’d have to have a single digit IQ not to figure that one out.

    So now you’re spreading fear p-rn. Fear creates loosh. Loosh is what feeds 4th dimensional entities who, rather than eat food, gain sustenance from negative energy such as you are promoting.

    There are negative ETs, yes. And they are harvesting humans. But there are benevolent ETs as well, who far outnumber the negative ones. And the benevolent ETs are here to HELP, not hinder. And of course, there are the Light Workers. Millions of us hold down regular hum-drum jobs, but there are Light Workers in positions of power, as well. And guess Who we have on our side? We’re here to assist in this magnificent time of ascension so that all the fear p-rn talk in the world isn’t going to stop it.

  • Cliff, always good for controversy. Then again you have Dr. David Jacobs. I think whether this is useful information depends on how every individual can give it a place that does not spin oneself into fear and making it into something sensible.

    5G, a good thing?! On the other hand, I will not throw it totally on the wayside either.
    Time for dot connecting with a lot of other information.

  • An open mind is necessary to remain aware and diligent in purpose in this world.
    Listen, consider, investigate. Knee jerk responses display a lack of maturity and digital dissing displays lower mental acuity.
    If this information does not resonate, “change the channel” . If this information causes mental discomfort, either search out the underlying reason why obnoxious behavior is warranted or stop listening.
    Clif High is an intelligent man. I enjoy listening to his ideas and theories.
    I detected no fear mongering in this interview. I have come across the information presented before. I cannot prove or disprove what has been suggested. I will keep an open mind that what has been presented is possible. And I will continue to consider further information on this topic.

  • Reminds me of the movie “They Live”. Cliff High as been WRONG about almost EVERYTHING he has ever “predicted” from whatever he does with data. NUT JOB warning!

  • Thanks so very much for this vid.
    This is the first time I can follow Cliff High’s train of thought because, as he himself mentioned, he changed his speech pattern.
    Thoroughly enjoyed his reasonings and analysis of the various view points and the historical back and forth subject matters he covered.
    Yes, We Can.

  • Talk about FEAR Porn! LAUGH!!!…Like so many other sites that are selling Fear porn…this post takes-the-cake! I guess the “Alliance” is trying to SET-US-UP for their “Project Blue Beam” BS!
    Remember: Carol Rosen said THEY would attempt to FOOL the Fools into believing that their “Enemies-in-Space”….REMEMBER??? LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LAUGH!!! Now I understand WHY I don’t receive “Certain” notices from THIS site LAUGH!!!!
    Cliff HI (Laugh!!!) is a JOKE, OK?…Probably actually works for one of the “Alphabet Agency’s ” or the so-called SECRET Space Program /Alliance folks…Anyway, I found something the MUST be of interest for EVERYONE on Earth that is “Connected” to HU-Manity.
    Check out THIS video:
    Note: This video series (by a Caucasian) has some of the BEST info about WHY “Governments” are Humanity’s WORST enemies!

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