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Clif High joins Bix Weir to talk about how the FTX debacle will be the catalyst for the collapse of the Federal Reserve Banknote (FRB) aka the US dollar.

Clif says that “history rhymes” and that an upcoming event will be an echo of the 1932-1933 Bond Crash, which created the Great Depression that continued for the rest of the 1930s.

He says that today, bonds are not as important as they were in the 1930s, relative to the stock market. These days, the crypto world holds the sway over the stock market formerly held by bonds.

He says, “We have something hitting us, December, let’s say 13th to 15th…I ran the data just the other day – and the censorship really screws everything over – but I do get building and release emotional tension values that I can sort of trust, as we see, because of the 13th. But on December 13th, it’s actually gonna take two days to unwind, so it’ll be like the emotions we…had at the beginning of yesterday morning (November 14th), when everything started pouring out (about FTX) and everybody started making videos and all of that – in December, that’s going to on solid for two days. It’s gonna be that whipped-up.

“I *think* it’s gonna be political. I think maybe, it might be the political ramifications of where we’re at now, that appear in 30 days but if were to chart this…and create a graph of it, I get something like this,” he draws a precipitous peak which plateaus and stays high for 6 or 7 months.

“The looming aspect of it for me is what’s out there in January. Somewhere out here, past December…in January – and I don’t have any dates to go off of, yet – I don’t know if it’s early in the month or later or whatever, we get a MUCH bigger rise. It’s a building emotional tension. This is all done on linguistics. Building emotional tension is usually accompanied by near equal amounts of release language. They need not be compensatory.”

In other words, the sh*t will hit the fan sometime in January.

The two then get into some hardcore discussions about cryptocurrencies and their regulation and how they see now, how the whole FTX fraud has been affecting the integrity of the market since they came on the scene.

The second half of this conversation is great for people wanting to get a 40,000-foot view of the cryptocurrency landscape.

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  • Here we go again about Trump.

    And often when we tell them that they’ve been brainwashed by Q stuff, they get upset too.
    Those stubborn people need some help.
    We should not forget that we’ve come to search for truth, not for arrogance or ego, we need to listen to each other and choose what makes sense the best based on facts.

  • Whn is te last time this guy predicted anything ?
    He cant predict the most obvious stuff 🙂
    He has some knowledge, but hes no Nostradamus

  • None of this could have happened if we had direct democracy. This COVID crap and HAARP and 5G weapons system to be deployed on us by DARPA and the military would have been shot down by the people. When a government wants to keep secrets from the people, only brainwashed fools go along. The representative form of government was copied from the Roman Slave System. You are now seeing how Representatives are all controlled by London, with blackmail, cash or outright death threats. Do you really want London to run your affairs thru the Council on Foreign Relations? They have their pigs lined up to run for office. And you think you’re electing someone who was already selected by the banksters and London to run for office. All of the Controlled Opposition tell you that direct democracy is mob rule. Guess what? They’re right. It’s the whole damn mob of us daring to make our own laws and run our own affairs. Every single one of them who says that it’s mob rule without even a discussion about this is Controlled Opposition. If you can’t see it, then we’re to be lead to slaughter. Thanks, Capt Joe Kelley.

  • Like Whitney Webb stated, “there is no knight in shining armor that is going to come save humanity. Humanity has to save itself” Meaning Trump or no other politician is going to save us

    • I think humanity are depending on someone going in front, or how fo you pivture the humanity as a whole to wake up simultanously? thats not how things works

  • Have to admit I’ve cooled on Trump with the warp speed, lock down, chaos fiasco, half the country dying their hair pink and wielding baseball bats and torches–emotional burn out. But, I want to add a mother’s perspective on the FTX scandal. I do love Clif, but I disagree that this meltdown of the crypto FTX was entirely plotted out. It’s hard for me to believe that the parents of the perps would literally sacrifice their children–their spoiled rotten children–to the Deep State. I think they exaggerated the genius of the two main perps–Sam and Carolina–and the plan was not to fail in a spectacular 4th of July finale. The plan was more likely to stealthily implement a digital currency with Sam and Caroline leading the victory parade. I read a fascinating article from employees within the company (Alameda Research) during the collapse and Caroline was in tears and Sam was getting more fragmented. FTX was bound to fail but it failed too soon, or something like that. Parents like that–professor types, no doubt grooming super schooled, gifted camps, kids -don’t consciously throw their progeny away. They throw other people’s kids away and then are dismayed when the same disease hits their own. You know all they probably talked about for the last twenty years had to do with picking pre-schools, then schools, then colleges, then companies. I know these types.

  • Trump helped ENOUGH with killing humanity with gene modifying covid injections!!! Thank you Trump, no more EVER your Warp Speed or ANY OTHER HELP. Just GET LOST!

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