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This riveting presentation was given by Kevin Shipp, a decorated CIA officer who found himself incapable of keeping quiet about the fact that the United States has become a post-Constitutional government, in which he says that the personal destruction of whistleblowers has been perfected to a science.

Mr. Shipp describes the astounding array of horrific government crimes, including climate engineering, the 9/11 false flag inside job, the vaccine-autism connection and cover-up, and the government’s total persecution of anyone who dares to tell the truth about rampant government tyranny.

Shipp’s talk was filmed in Northern California and organized by Dane Wignington’s

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • 3:17 yes we would. Four whistle blowers proceeded Snowden. One by almost a decade. The functions of all the programs we’ve seen thus far from the intercept were known about already. (And some we have heard about, (like that all of our mail photographed and all the relevant data stored). What makes no sense about Snowden, aside from the fact that he did not simply release the information anonymously, is his silence over the inescapable conclusion that the 911 anthrax attacks were domestic crimes. Especially given how the NSA has used the attacks it as the central pretext for mass warrantless surveillance. Why would he remain silent about the fact that the watershed event of our time is based on lies? By needlessly inserting himself into the story, (put yourself in his shoes; he gave up his whole life, 6 figure, salary, great life in HI, for this HS dropout, all to become an enemy of the state,, and possibly literally lose his life. does this sound even remotely plausible to anyone??) But this way he serves many important propaganda functions, including becoming a central part of the story (distraction), a voice for the disaffected and what better way to condition the masses to the loss of their privacy rights than through a selfless heroic rebel many especially young people can identify with, like Snowden.

    Then we have Julian Assange who called 911 Truth, “False conspiracies.” Given there is absolutely no ambiguity in the implications of the evidence [see: surrounding the destruction of WTC 1 2 & 7, his comment (like Snowden’s silence) is not plausible. What better way to manage antiestablishment sentiment among the masses than to manufacture their heroes. Heroes function as role-models. They also become believable. I knew something was strange with wikileaks (and they done alot of good too, I recognize that, but that doesnt change the facts) during the first big leak of the Iraq war logs bc the period of the assault on Fallujah had been removed. (in case you didnt know, we use chemical weapon in Fallujah. Watch: Fallujah The Hidden Massacre). The other day they released some emails that suggested that out State Dept was not responsible for creating ISIL, when that simply is not true. So if you get someone who is an ‘enemy,’ ‘highly critical’ of Hillary & the establishment when they release information, many of those critical of the government will believe it bc of the source, and opinions will be swayed in the desired direction. I think the rabbit hole goes much deeper than most of us imagine.

  • “Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither, and will lose both.” —Benjamin Franklin

    “Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and LYNCH us.” —George H. W. Bush
    in a 1992 interview…….

  • Just imagine the nerd weenies who were picked on throughout their early lives, sitting in some crowded, obscurely labeled office cubicle bullpen tasked with devising ways of self protection against the mindless eaters who just persist on trying to expose…and they’re doing it solely out of fear of not doing it…”face piles of trials with smiles, for it riles them to believe, you perceive, the web they do weave.”

  • Mine blowing! Knew it was bsad, even worse than I thought! I am a Christian & I stand with the whistleblowers, conservative constitutionalists, & the Holy Bible.

  • “… no Big Brother is required to deprive people of their autonomy,
    maturity and history; people will come to love their oppresson,
    to adore the technologies that undo their capacities to think”.
    My advice: “sapere aude” !!!

  • Those who would sacrifice awreness of Liberty for Illusion of Security deserve correction
    Gov. Commands require obediant individuals

    • Without liberty there is no security! Thomas Jefferson said, when the people fear the government, its tyranny, when the government fears the people its called liberty!

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