If this story doesn’t make you navigate away from the Mainstream Media for news coverage, then nothing will.
James Corbett is usually pretty unflappable and he can often manage to find some humor in the latest disgrace that he’s covering. But this time, it’s not  funny.

He describes himself as “blood boiling, shaking with anger”, having been moved to make this impromptu video after seeing a story, accompanied by photos and video about a 10-year old boy in rebel-held Aleppo, who was already injured and who had an IV in his arm, when a group of Western-backed mercenaries – or “scumbags,” as Corbett puts it (which is entirely too kind) decapitated the boy with a knife.

Corbett pulls up BBC.com, where this “news agency” justifies the murder by reporting that these mercenaries were “moderate rebels” and that this small, injured boy, bleeding and prostrate on the back end of pickup truck was a “fighter on the Syrian government side.” They even show the same photo of his four gleeful and unfathomably vile, adult killers, who’d held down the injured boy and sawed his head off with a knife.

Corbett goes on to cite other outrages propagated by the Mainstream Media but this example should suffice to demonstrate that the MSM is no place to go to get your news and information about what’s really happening in the world!

As he says, “…in the sick world of the would-be warmongers, child-beheading terrorist scum are now the heroes.” The blood of innocents is not just on the hands of these deranged hired mercenaries (paid for primarily with US Tax Dollars), this blood is on the hands of the mainstream media propagandists.

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  • Syria and the entire Middle-East is an incurable mess…or is it?
    Some theorize it represents a religious war; others a Geo-political.
    I have published a novel titled SIGNALS FROM BEYOND, which deals with terrorism and
    proposes a viable solution. This is available on amazon books .I WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR FEEDBACK.

  • Check out 21stcenturywire.Good show every Sunday with Patrick and co.Corbett is talented in his presentation as usual and thankyou to you Alexandra.We wont get anywhere until the other half of the human population gets a grip of reality n switches that telly off.Ive gave up tryin to initiate friends and family members to the degree where they would be clued up.So many eyes glaze over still not wanting to listen.I guess people just dont like bein told “whats what”.They never realise though we cant unknow the information we have followed.Its a burden more than anythin else.

  • I know I can trust James Corbett and Alexandra. Thank you. This is frightening and the world leaders are really insane!!

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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