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Decorated former CIA officer and Anti-Terrorism Specialist, Kevin Shipp is back to tell us about how our messed-up world works. His talk at last year’s Geoengineering Watch conference became one of the most-viewed videos in the history of FKTV.

This latest talk he gave on July 28th, 2017 gets into the fulminating war between the elected government and the shadow government that we see playing out in the media.

Shipp is a gifted speaker and this talk is not to be missed.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • He told us why he wasn’t dead, yet. Makes sense to me, given the number of individuals who have survived the CIA drag net for Whistleblowers and those who have not. The Vatican, et al were not within the scope of his presentation. The subject addressed centered on what has been happening in the USA since 1947 and more specifically how the ongoing, unaccountable actions taken by the Shadow Government and the Deep State mechanism are crimes that violate the Constitution, whether treasonous or felonious.

    And, here is a definition for both–Where does the rubber meet the road? The “death penalty”.

    Treason has been defined by the Black’s law dictionary 9th editions as:
    The offense of attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which one owes allegiance, either by making war against the state or by materially supporting its enemies.

    According to the Black’s law Dictionary 9th Edition, treasonable felony is:
    An act that shows an intention of committing treason, unaccompanied by any further act to carry out that intention.  This offense results in life imprisonment rather than the death penalty

  • This was AWESOME! But most Americans are lazy, self-involved materialists, who’d rather selfishly let someone else handle it.

    So when we do, and we take your wealth, lazy Americans (BTW, I’m a type A American..), will you then understand?

  • Is Dane Wigginton trustworthy? I think he has provided ample evidence that he is and if he is would he be easily fooled by an impostor? Consider the evidence presented in this clip. Does it square with the external evidences? He provided a boat load of evidence, use it to do your own homework before hosing the guy. Thank you.

  • I wonder how many people observed the “Flaws” this guy had in this presentation he gave?…He kept calling the crimes government commits “Felonies”, when in fact they are really “Treasonous” crimes punishable by Death (A BIG difference!)
    Although he gave a great description in his presentation about HOW the “Deep State” operates, I wonder HOW he is still ALIVE, after disclosing this much info about it.
    ANYONE doing this type of disclosure would have even got a chance to do so…THINK, about that for just a second???
    Given all that was presented, He KNOWS, the public would be “Intimidated” by the SIZE of the “Deep State” to ever go after it… Where would you start?! when no one even knows the names of these people of the deep state (Secret, remember?)
    After saying that even the President doesn’t have control of his office, he quickly says that Donald Trump has THEM “Scared” (One man?!?)…He just contradicted what he just said.
    If they GOT to Kennedy, HOW would Trump escape???
    He just “Touches” on the connection about the “Crown” people(The UK) who still have control of this country…and NOT once did he include the BIGGEST enemy of ALL mankind and the “Mother of ALL Evil (Corporations)…The Vatican!!!
    The Vatican “Jesuits” mothered ALL so-called “Intelligence agencies” worldwide…THIS is just the very reason WHY Government & Religion cannot be expected to change anything UNTIL the “Sheeple” STOP supporting them!
    Watch: “The Myth of Authority” on YouTube:
    Then watch:
    BOTH entities “Control” mankind via “Mind Control” tactics.

    • Kennyboy, excellent points all, although you missed a few (Atlanteans in Antarctica with the Nazi’s, ET’s and the SSP Naval Space Fleet), but your point is important. Personally, I think this guy is speaking a lot of truth, much of which I’ve independently confirmed over the past 30 years. He may have some of it wrong, but it’s probably more his zeal than a CIA misinfo plant, or other nefarious purpose.

      While his bio is unimpressive (, I’ve worked with PhD”s who knew nothing but their own hot air, and high school grad self-taught programmers & engineers who were so brilliant they didn’t need school, so that part to me is not of value.

      Only TRUTH is real, and that requires active participation, research, a knowledgebase, and good discernment. For aside from the Tao, there is no black and white.

  • There is something “off” about this guy. How is he so exceptional that the Shadow Government, Deep State and all those baddies let him live to say these things? Non-disclosure my a$$, or he is not former CIA.
    Confirming suspected nefarious activities engages our mind to accept his statements as all true, when in fact, we know nothing. Unless we experience it personally, everything is hearsay and conjecture.
    I know that I am being sprayed like a bug. Until I personally research and discover who is spraying me, I can only rely on someone else’s explanation. 12 minutes of this guy was enough. I’ve a gut feeling this dude is not who he purports to be.

    • I don’ think they consider him a real threat, because he doesn’t have any insider names – everything he says about the shadow gov’t is already known by researchers.

    • If you feel you must rely on personal experience alone to determine any truth you would be missing the boat with credible people. Who is credible. You must decide. Doesn’t mean you have to “believe” anything at all. Belief is, (again I will say), a halt to learning.

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