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by LeverAction_Gypsy

Its getting trickier and trickier to navigate this attempted ‘Great Reset’ and all that it entails. Things happening in China are getting hot and worth following closely. Its the wild card nobody was thinking of.

We see the communist branch of China – the CCP – making bold military moves worldwide, installing illegal police departments worldwide, and enforcing a strict national covid policy to the point the people have had enough and are revolting.

What seems to be the most credible evidence is that covid was created using ‘gain of function’ research in a Wuhan lab and either was purposely released or escaped to infect the world.

It would seem plausible as many experts have pointed out, that this was a calculated plan as a ‘start’ to a larger military plan and covid was designed to ‘soften’ (kill off) the numbers of people the CCP would actually have to fight when the time comes for their plan to get to the invasion stage of the operation.

What makes this plan difficult to counter is the potential sheer numbers of Chinese citizens – the people’s Republic of China (PRC) that could be forced to military action for the CCP.

Due to China’s massive population, the numbers of potential soldiers any standing defenses would have to face would likely be insurmountable by numbers, alone – even if they didn’t have weapons. Keep that in mind, China’s massive population would make it likely an insurmountable opponent by numbers alone….regardless of who they go against.

Enter the People’s Republic of China – the PRC – and this is seeming to play out as a real wild card in the bigger equation of the ‘Great Reset’ that it seems the Deep State didn’t give enough thought to. The covid lockdown policy seems to be the straw that broke the camels back. It seems the majority of people of China are not onboard with the CCP and are basically subject to forced slave labor – (the reason why you get to buy stuff super cheap at Walmart or wherever is because the products were made with their slave labor) – are fed up with it all and are taking to the streets in protest which seems could possibly lead to civil unrest or civil war.

It was explained to me that the young working age Chinese citizens (PRC) were told in the ’90s to make the sacrifice for China (CCP) and their children’s future. The agreement was they sacrifice their labor (slave labor wages) for cheap goods China would sell worldwide, and the PRC and their children would have a future of wealth, so their children would not have to slave like their parents did…

Well time’s up now, 30 years later and the CCP didn’t keep up their end of the deal. The people PRC feel double crossed. Couple this deal gone bad, and the brutal covid lockdowns, where for example people’s apartment doors were welded shut as a way to quarantine – where people died from lack of food and water – and you have a recipe for Revolution.

We are at war with CCP China. This is NOT the majority of the Chinese people. We need to support and show solidarity with the People of China – PRC. They are no different than us – they want freedom and are willing to fight for it. They hold up blank pieces of paper as a way to show a sign of defiance – its blank so it protests nothing, as they are committing no crime but it says it all.

Citizens of the world could show support -HOLD UP A BLANK PIECE OF PAPER at the next covid lockdown protest to send the CCP and the people of China a message. This ‘great Reset’ and covid lockdown is a fight against global enslavement and we are all in it together.

If we fight together collectively worldwide, we will likely all stay free.

If we divide into petty ‘disinformation’ divisions, they will eventually make us all digital slaves.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The reason why both fascism and Marxist communism always resort to force is that both appeal to wannabe tyrants, aka psychopaths and their unprincipled dupes which is rebellion against nature and nature’s Creator!

  • I really hope so.
    There are also dumb countries located near china that worship on CCP policy.
    Both western NAZI and CCP need to go.

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