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    American, Matthew Tye and South African, Winston Sterzel lived in China for over a decade each and married Chinese women and started families there.

    For years, the two successful YouTubers offered Westerners a full-immersion look at China, sharing their love for that country and offering advice to those interested in living there. They also produced hand-built motorcycles and made road trip documentaries in the Chinese outback.

    Matt made this video about the arc of the previous decade with the amazing images he’d filmed all over the country. By 2019, they realized they would never get Chinese citizenship and become a part of Chinese society.

    Then, tensions in China escalated to such a degree that they were both forced to leave the country with their wives and Matthew’s two infant daughters.

    Now, they’re applying their unique perspectives to commenting on the uprisings against the Zero COVID policy.

    While the CCP and their slaves in the Globalist Mainstream News will have you to believe that this is just a labor dispute at the Foxconn iPhone plant, the truth is that these uprisings are happening in several cities all over the country.

    Matthew Tye and Winston Sterzel, who speak Chinese fluently say that the popular uprising now underway throughout China is unprecedented and there hasn’t been anything like this protest movement since 1989 at Tiananmen Square.

    People are calling for Xi Jinping and for the Chinese Communist Party to “step down”, statements which would normally result in their being disappeared.

    The two say that the Chinese people are not just protesting the insanely draconian Zero COVID policies, they are protesting the tyranny of centralized control and of the Communist system, itself.

    Matthew says, “What we’ve been saying for years now, that the Chinese government does not represent the Chinese people, the people want freedom. They are human beings! They deserve that! They deserve everything that you have, just like all of us! They deserve a voice! They deserve to be part of the international dialogue and that’s been taken away from them…

    “Chinese people do want to have a voice and they do want to stand up for themselves and they are human beings and they do deserve everything. They deserve everything in this world and they’re finally standing up for it.”

    This Chinese uprising is a bad look for the Globalists, who want to impose the “China Model” worldwide. One wonders how, exactly China is supposed to rule the world with their hazmat-suited marshmallow cops?

    Are blackmail, censorship, propaganda and gulags the way to lead humanity into the next era?

    No and the Globalists would rather eliminate 95% of the world’s population, anyway.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • many scientist able to look into the contents world wide tell us this jab is poison not experiment, people dropping dead after jabs

    • From my understanding, they are rebelling against draconian measure, not vax.
      Has anybody checked ingredients of vax (Sinovac other variants)?
      I thought sinovac also contained graphene, and so does Russian Sputnik.

    • Yes, I agree they do deserve better, and I am glad that they are speaking up at last. I have found it heart breaking looking at the way the CCP has treated these people. We none of us want the Satanic NWO model to live by and I am glad that the Chinese people have shown the world how hellish their plans for us all are. That will be your life if you do not stand up to these tyrants and say no! I wish freedom for the Chinese people and everyone in the world.

      • Agreed completely took the words out of my mouth, I felt so much joy to see the beautiful Chinese people say NO MORE all together it’s just evil what he has been doing to the people comrade JA wants us treated the same way

        • Alexandra,

          Youtube says the same thing:
          Sign in to confirm your age!!!

          That’s new to me… Pity, no other platform has posted that?

          • Oh – I guess I’m always logged onto YouTube. It wasn’t age-restricted when I posted it. The censors got at it afterwards. These guys only post on YouTube. They have around 5 channels between them.

    • Seriously people there need to work harder and get rid of the clown government.
      It’s not only in China that’s having inconvenience by CCP, but also in neighboring countries and other locations with large population of Chinese origin.

      • Speaking of neighbors, why is Russia quiet about CCP problem?
        Can’t trust any politician from anywhere in the world, at this moment.
        In fact, Russia still mandates injection to its troops.
        I still prefer Russia over Ukraine+NATO allies, but giving too much power to Russia also is dangerous.
        Do any folks remember about history of Napoleonic war?
        Napoleon fought against Russia, otherwise England would be too strong, but it also caused huge casualties and destruction of his own country; in addition to that Napoleon was a clown himself.
        Today the situation didn’t change much, f***all politicians.

    • The tyranny of CCP doesn’t always mean a revolution is brewing. Plenty of fake news coming out of China too. I don’t think their people are excited about their country going from a global leader to possibly being overrun by the West.
      OT: Do you read, answer your emails? Sent you an important message from a Proton Mail account

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