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The twisted tale of Jussie Smollet took another turn yesterday when his case was fully dismissed by Illinois prosecutors.

It had been previously found that Michelle Obama’s former top aide, Tina Tchen contacted Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx to move the Jussie Smollett hoax attack investigation over to the FBI. With her texts discovered, Foxx recused herself. Chicago Police called for a Federal probe into these developments.

In other words, the CPD was looking for additional crimes in connection to the case when Foxx’s deputy, Joe Magats yesterday dropped all 16 felony charges and sealed the case records.

Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson were caught completely by surprise and both are hopping mad. Emmanuel was Obama’s first Chief of Staff. For him to be so angry about a case involving friends of the Obamas says a lot about how crazy this situation is.

Emmanuel and Johnson appeared on many news shows yesterday, stating that Chicago police did an exhaustive investigation and had found so much evidence for prosecutors to prove Smollett’s guilt, that a grand jury only needed to see a small portion of it before filing charges.

The case gets stranger. Despite having dismissed the case, the Cook County Prosecutor’s Office belief in Smollett’s guilt remains unchanged. Eerily echoing the words of Robert Mueller, Magats said, “This was not an exoneration. To say that he was exonerated by us or anyone is not true. We believe he did what he was charged with doing.”

Smollett vigorously maintains his innocence, in a situation where a defendant would normally be required to admit to wrongdoing in order to be absolved (16+ felony charges and counting!)

There is clearly another layer to this story.

A federal probe into the sender of a threatening letter mailed to Smollett remains open that could result in charges against him. The use of the US Postal Service in connection with any kind of fraud is a federal crime.

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