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    This is an information-packed speech given by Dane Wigington of, which was edited together by Anonymous and from which I’ve cut off extraneous bits from the head and tail.

    It’s an extraordinary speech, which will make you want to get up out of your seat and to do something about this. That’s the intent. It’s so important that you grasp the gravity of this situation, that I’ve transcribed the entire speech, cut to a very decent video with informative graphics and illustrative images.


    [Edited for clarity]

    “Geoengineering is weather modification on a global scale. Many refer to this is as chemtrails.

    “The dispute as to whether or not these programs are going on is really a moot point. We have more than enough data. We have actual footage, that you’re seeing now to show that these tankers are indeed spraying at altitude. The same materials we see showing up in the ground; the exact materials named in numerous geoengineering patents, as many as 150 patents. So at this point, the notion that these programs are not going on, it’s simply denial.

    “Skies like this, many have grown to think of as natural but they’re anything but and we’ve seen this for so long now and it’s been ramped up at such a steady pace, that people have simply become used to skies like this.

    “Anybody who thinks grid patterns like this are natural should recheck their reality. This is anything but natural. We seldom see blue skies anymore. Skies like this that have all too often become the norm. Unfortunately, most people don’t even look up. I think at times you could set the sky on fire nobody would notice.

    “It’s exactly what geoengineering patents call for: “solar obscuration”; to block the Sun with toxic metal particulates. Unfortunately, with geoengineers, they don’t seem to take the consequences into account. The planet is like a giant physics lab for them and they seem to not be able to look outside that bubble.

    “These are halos around the Sun. We see often, as the atmosphere is filled with particulates. It’s important to understand, just because you don’t see trails from horizon-to-horizon does not mean you’re not seeing particulates. We seldom see blue skies anymore. They’re a silvery-white color, especially in the mornings or the afternoons, if you look to the east to the west.

    “When you block the Sun with something, you can see the air is very silvery-white. This is indicative of an atmosphere saturated with particulates. These particulates create drought. This is a very well-known and undisputed effect of geoengineering: as you saturate the atmosphere with particulates you diminish rain.

    “People need to get this through their heads: this is not about seeding to increase rain this is about creating artificial clouds which reduce rain. When you block the Sun, you block evaporation, you block light photons, which diminish the ability oF the Sun to knock molecules loose and create evaporation.

    “So what we get is protracted drought in some areas and deluge and others – exactly what we have in the continental US, right now. Putting the wrench on planet Earth: this is the epitome of human insanity. To think that they could alter and control these very complex natural systems is insanity of the first order.

    “Weather as a ‘force-multiplier”. ‘Owning the weather in 2025’: this is a stated US military objective; to own the weather in 2025 and I do not mean to imply that the US military is the only player in this game. We have China and Russia on the other end of the fence. At this point, it’s a tug-of-war with the atmosphere – and the American public appears to be one of the victims in this equation.

    “It appears that there are other internal objectives against the American people: to control food supplies, control water supplies, control water rights and so forth. Global warming and global dimming; global dimming is something people should be familiar with, as well as of the latest reports: 22% percent of the Sun’s direct rays no longer reach the surface of the planet. They are being blocked. The planet is literally encased in a cocoon of toxic metals.

    “Yes, pollution is a part of this problem but we believe a small part, in comparison to the geoengineering. One horrific one of which is vitamin D deficiency, in which 98% of the US population is now deficient in vitamin D. The host of diseases and ailments that ensue from that is horrific, not to mention the fact that we are breathing these particulates.

    “Photosynthesis in plants is another issue: you can’t block the source of life on planet Earth without consequences. Scientists seek to legitimize geoengineering, without acknowledging its catastrophic effects. Again, the scientists and many of which I know are little concerned with the consequences of their experiments they just look at the planet is a giant physics lab for them to carry out their little operations.

    “Obama’s geoengineering program is poison from the sky. Obama’s science adviser, John Holdren is a strong advocate for these programs. Since Obama has taken office, these programs have been cranked-up, yet again. They go back a long way – but they’re going for broke now.

    “It appears that they’re doubling down on the damage they’ve already done, like Corexit in the Gulf of Mexico. Did they try to acknowledge the mess in the Gulf of Mexico; the oil spill? No, they tried to hide it with a chemical dispersant called Corexit, which by some reports made the toxicity in that region 52 times greater – but they don’t care. The goal is to hide the damage they’ve done, to hide the crimes already committed.

    “What are we dealing with? So many people ask this question. Why would they do this? If they’re doing it to themselves why would they do it?

    “First and foremost, we’re not dealing with sanity…We can look back and see that anybody who would detonate 1,800 nuclear bombs on planet Earth, which contaminated all life forms on Earth is not sane in any way shape or form…we are talking about 4% of the population who are psychopaths. By the way, psychopaths, they have no conscience; there is no comprehension as to the consequences of their actions, even to themselves. That’s something that must be considered, as any such testing going on, that we know about? Absolutely. Every day, there’s more data coming out about not other governments – but our government testing on its own people; its own soldiers.

    “Then again, our military is full of very, very dedicated, honorable people – full of them – but there are scientists and there are some in power that use such dedicated and honorable people as pawns in this equation, people who use an excuse that, “Well this can’t be happening because, they wouldn’t do it to themselves.”

    “That excuse doesn’t hold water. Weather warfare. This is going on right now. We appear to have China, Russia on one side of the fence the NATO countries on the other. The atmosphere has become a battlefield – a very covert battlefield, with all life on Earth at stake.

    “Mechanics, airline executives and doctors talk about Project Cloverleaf, many ask, “Are there just military tankers in these programs or are there commercial aircraft involved?” In fact, with GPS tracking, commercial aircraft have been identified from the ground leaving particulate trails and Project Cloverleaf appears to be the outline for this. It makes sense. It’s a way of artificially stimulating the economy; keeping unprofitable airlines in the air and flying.

    “One in three seniors in the US dies with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia. This doesn’t mean dies from it but dies with it. There’s no question at all of us have had our neurological systems affected. We’re all breathing this stuff that’s inside all our systems, so these are staggering statistics!

    “One in three with Alzheimer’s and the other dimension is autism, which has increased at least ten thousand percent since 1975. 1 in 50 children now has autism; also related to aluminum. Synergistic effects of environmental heavy metals. Metals are toxic in and of themselves. When you combine them, they become much more lethal. We’ve been given studies recently that indicate when mercury and aluminum or combined, toxicity increases as much as 10,000%: bad equation.

    “Let’s add to the equation HAARP: High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. This is a facility in Alaska. We believe there are 18 such facilities around the globe.

    “Now, as the ionosphere is hit with these particles, as they ionize the whole atmosphere and make it more conductive, these signals, it can actually manipulate the Jetstream. The data is quite clear. On that day, they cause a bulge in the atmosphere by heating it to tremendous temperatures and that manipulates the Jetstream and we believe, in fact we’re seeing huge Jetstream manipulation.

    “It’s part of the reason why California is frying right now, as our bodies become more conductive from these particulates and were exposed to more and more of these signals and especially the signals from HAARP, which we see by the way the signature clouds above our area – a lot HAARP – it helps build the high pressure up, like we’ve had over us again and again and again. These particles dry the air out.

    “Everybody wonders why there’s no dew in the morning. You almost never see dew. We have single-digit humidity because these particles absorb and accrete all available moisture. They virtually suck it right out of the atmosphere and out of the foliage. These facilities, these ionospheric heaters have a radical effect on the weather patterns we see happening, of late.

    “Unprecedented Jetstream movements – we see this almost all the time, now in the lower 48, especially and this appears to be connected to, for example what they might be trying to do in the Arctic, it could be affecting us specifically, here because the Jetstream, as it moves across, that’s part of that long-term manipulation that I believe right now is why we’re frying, at this point because there are some very profound things happening in the Arctic and this appears to be one of the reasons that we get thrown under the bus, for their manipulation of things that they’re trying to accomplish in the Arctic. So again, this is a very complex equation and when you affect something upstream it affects everything downstream.

    “Now, their latest proposal, as the experiment gets worse and worse, as they play weather-whack-a-mole, we believe they’re already at this program to use the ionosphere heaters to nuke the atmosphere, in a desperate attempt to try to degrade the methane that is already one of the consequences of the programs they’ve already been at for 60 years. So the equation just gets worse and worse.

    “As they saturate the atmosphere with these particulates. It causes Sun damage. Science is extremely clear on that. Many felt how hot the Sun feels on their face if you drive in your parking lots at Costco, Wal-Mart or around Redding, CA, we’ll see the south-southwest sides of the trees literally burned-off. This is not natural and this ozone hole is expanding their trying desperately to hide it.

    “Recent changes to the Gulf Stream are causing widespread gas hydrate destabilization. There’s an Arctic methane emergency. Planetary catastrophe is inevitable although they are attempting to correct it. The methane is a global game-changing event and a planetary catastrophe. What do these guys propose? That we geoengineer – as if it hasn’t been going on for 60 years already, now! Either these people live in a hole or they’re lying their butts off!

    “So if this is attempt to legitimize geoengineering, we don’t know for what other reasons but we know enough about geoengineering to know, at this point it is a quote cure that is far worse than the disease. The planet has not been allowed to respond. We need to understand it’s not about Al Gore, it’s not about carbon credits.

    “I do not like Al Gore or his carbon credits scams but the bottom line is that geoengineering has decimated our planet’s climate. As the ice disappears, that heats the Arctic Ocean and that releases more methane, more heating; a very vicious downward cycle.

    “The White House is trying desperately to hide this, at this point. I don’t think they can hide a much longer, if the planet’s not allowed to respond on its own, they are literally blocking the rain, especially from Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. They’re blanket-spraying the Eastern Pacific. We have the satellite photos to prove it; that shuts off the hydrological cycle: we fry. So, again, these guys are in there like kids in a sandbox they’re like crazy kids in a sandbox that just want to conduct their experiments, till there’s nothing left, as methane releases from the sea floor, it aerates the water like a bottle of Champagne.

    “Ships have no buoyancy. We’ve seen this fact for many decades in the Bermuda Triangle, as ships go to the bottom fully intact. This is methane fields releasing but now the fields releasing, for example in the East Siberian shelf in the Arctic are massive in size, compared to what’s been releasing – and I don’t think they can hide this release much longer and this hopefully will help expose the geoengineering programs, if enough of this methane releases, it’s going to be game over.

    “It’s one more reason that the planet has to be allowed to respond on its own. These programs have to be stopped. The power structure is literally in a panic. They thought they could play God with the weather, with all of us as part of this experiment and now they know that you don’t get something for nothing in this equation.

    “I believe in absolute panic, trying to figure out how to put the genie back in the bottle but it can’t be done. What they can do is stop hammering the planet’s ability to respond to these problems.

    “Is the planet warming? Is it cooling? It’s too political. This issue is too political, you know. Al Gore’s is such an incredible idiot that he is he has caused people to not look at the truth and his hypocrisy – unbelievable hypocrisy – has really muddied the water. You take geoengineering out of the equation, people wouldn’t be scratching their heads about this. Our oceans are on the brink of collapse, as we discussed.

    “Yes there are these scientific articles, out there, for anybody who bothers to look because certainly our mainstream media wouldn’t cover this. They’re too busy telling us when the next episode of ‘American Idol’ is on.

    “Massive fish die-offs. These are occurring around the globe, as we speak. Southern California sea lion pups have died this winter. Many people don’t know about this. There are thousands of them dying in Washington at the beach. They simply have nothing to eat, although radiation from Fukushima has been implicated in some of this, much of the rest is just simply a lack of food and that’s it.

    “These events will not be hidden much longer that’s why I have no hesitation discussing them and people can call me alarmist, they can call me whatever they want; this is happening now. Our quote unquote scientists are often very disconnected from reality they’re paid to say what they say that’s true but in fact, if we have an ice-free Arctic this year and all indications are that we may – if it’s not this year, it will be next year. That’s about a hundred years ahead of modeling – so yes the modeling is wrong. But it’s far short of how bad it really is and geoengineering is fueling that fire.

    “Based on all available data, by the way, from an event 5 million years ago in the Earth’s history called the Pliocene Epoch, when there’s more carbon in the atmosphere, there is normally more rain. The planet’s responds. The boreal forests thrive. They’re not killed with these toxic particulates, as the Sun’s blocked in the rain’s blocked and so we would have more lush conditions right now if they weren’t spraying.

    “There are other implications that are all positive but the bottom line is, how do do you fight a thousand jets or more around the planet every day, dumping these toxic particulates and think you’re going to do anything but harm?

    “Geoengineering can and does create very significant short-term cooling events. It absolutely can and does. By the time you divert the Jetstream, pump cold air south, artificially, chemically ice-nucleate – which is like throwing ice cubes into your swamp cooler – that’s how you go from 100ºF to snow in one day, as we saw in Amarillo, Texas – it can create these short-term cooling events, which are very confusing to people.

    “How does it snow in and in June? Or they see these things on the news that the Weather Channel hypes up – but at the cost of a much worsened and long-term warming – that’s the price that’s paid with geoengineering.

    “New concerns about the climate change in the boreal forests. Our forests are dying. Latest reports I saw from the boreal forests in Alaska: 30% mortality. Anybody who says the trees are not dying – and some of our local biologist will say this: “Everything’s fine. Nothing’s wrong!” Drag them out in the forest and let them look at our trees manzanitas even die. Ever tried to kill a Manzanita? It’s dying everywhere. It’s flashing out dead. They cannot take the bio-available aluminum in the soil, they cannot take the increased UV. They’ve taken all they can handle and now they’re dying. Fir trees are dying everywhere. As I said, and I think this year will be absolutely cataclysmic. [PDF OF ENTIRE SPEECH WILL BE SENT SEPARATELY].

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