“Disaster” capitalism at it’s finest!

Miami-Dade County has begun using aerial spraying of the highly-toxic Naled insecticide, which is a serious danger to pregnant women, as it is highly-toxic to the nervous system and has been shown to cause violent behavior and to the deterioration of memory and learning. It is allegedly being sprayed to control the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that carry the apparently harmless Zika virus, according to Mayor Carlos Gimenez, following advice from the state and the CDC.

The spraying will continue once a week, over the next 4 weeks and will include both a larvicide and a pesticide that targets adult mosquitoes, even though the Mayor admits that spraying isn’t effective – and even though according to Matthew DeGennaro, an expert on mosquito genetics at Florida International University who says, Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in the Florida Keys, 150 miles south of Miami, have already developed a resistance to these insecticide sprays, as will likely become the case in Miami.

This is happening, despite the fact that Zika has not been proven to cause microcephalic babies in pregnant women. The expected explosion in microcephaly cases in Brazil and in other affected areas did not occur – and it has never occurred throughout the 69-year history of human awareness of this very minor, largely asymptomatic virus – which happens to be patented and owned by the Rockefeller Foundation.

This is happening, even though pesticides and larvicides, which are derived from petrochemicals have been proven to cause microcephaly in fetuses whose mothers were exposed to these – and are the most likely cause of the rash of cases in Northeastern Brazil.

Dengue fever, the much more virulent form of this Flavivirus has not been known to be sexually transmissable, such as is the Zika virus. This has led to rumors that this new strain of Zika has been weaponized.

Right on cue, MIT has just announced the development of a new vaccine that is capable of treating ALL of the latest bogeyman pandemics-that-never-were, from Ebola, to H1N1 to Zika – and the team did it in seven days flat!

This DNA-based vaccine is riskier than traditional vaccines, because it has the potential to induce “insertional mutagenesis” and alter the host’s DNA, potentially leading to cancer. Still, Emory University, which is associated with the CDC, has published a paper on why this vaccine should be injected into pregnant women. The reason being that “We have a serious threat,” which is patently false, as far as all recent and exhaustive studies have shown.

“What a glorious time to be free.” – Steely Dan

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