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Robert O. Becker MD once said that, “The greatest polluting element in the Earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields.” Becker was an orthopedic surgeon, a researcher in electrophysiology, electromedicine and one of the most influential figures in the area of anti-EMF activism.

Becker challenged the position of the US Government since the mid-20th century, that non-ionizing radiation poses no health risks. Cellphones and WiFi were released onto the market with little to no testing to enable the US to have a jump on this technology. It created a lot of wealth for a lot of people but the costs to our health may not be known for another 20 years.

This story is being repeated by the Trump Administration with the fifth generation of wireless technology (“5G”), which requires that an area be completely saturated with harmful millimeter wave radiation, in order to implement driverless cars and the whole Internet of Things.

Mouthy Buddha has channeled his prodigious editing skills toward an examination of the dangers of WiFi, smartmeters, microwave and millimeter wave radiation with his usual pizazz.

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  • I guess we’ll all ‘Go Out’, literally watching and listening to our cell phones and it probably won’t be peacefully; not when your entire body is being bombarded with radiation but by then ones’ brain won’t be around to inform ones’ body that it is toast.
    Lets’ see now….we have hundreds of tons of plastic floating in our oceans and filling landfills; oil spills threatening our ocean life; chem trails with who knows what filling our skies and floating down upon everything; flouride in our drinking water; bats, bugs, birds that keep our environment in check decimated & our soil no longer productive; cern colliders; fracking. Wow! when is the next shuttle to Mars coming by. These mega greedy ‘fake information’ company executives should be made to be put on trials using 5G & all of its’ great benefits. It’s insulting to the general public to say that we are not aware of the extreme dangers awaiting world populations soon. These ‘psychopaths’ are endangering everything we hold dear…..they should be locked up for the criminals they are. I can’t think of anything uglier and more dangerous then 5G….. and politicians standing around-See no evil, Hear no evil; Speak ALL evil. Mobile phones can be safely managed, they are a particularly extremely useful tool…..lets leave our dalliance with the heath effects of this invention to be tidied up first before we are consumed with this horror story that has no turning back.
    …..our planet will be unliveable with 5G technology.

  • Just think, millions and millions of 5G towers, plus 20,000 satellites, you won’t need to worry about bugs or birds or food either, because 5G will fix it. For without the bugs there will be no food to harvest and then we will be cooked besides having nothing to eat, even if it is GMO. But we will have the fastest internet in the world, and it will know when you run out of T.P. as well. Well I guess that’s kind of invasive. We to can look like the planet Mars, that still has at least one satellite going around it blasting things out of orbit. Yeah, I know, that’s out there isn’t it? Ask the Russians about it. Anyway 5G will cook us in more ways then one.

  • Technology is the future. The disconnect is that we do not have access to the truth. If the development of technology was open to public disclosure, we could then make responsible choices in its use. I watch my 10 year old granddaughter put her phone to her ear all the time. Why? Because the information about her vulnerability is not wide spread. Secrecy is disruptive. Access is key. We deserve to know everything that is known about technology. The reason we don’t is because it is being weaponized. Beware of the Military Industrial Complex. The real issue.

  • Another 20 years? But this is a crucial tool to achieve the goals of Agenda 21.

    Besides, who wouldn’t want to fry their brains using their deep state surveillance tool. Now you can get one that folds. Maybe it’ll fold our brains too. Imagine that. Perhaps next they’ll make one that aids us in ascension too.


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