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I used to be in touch with Cathy O’Brien and her husband, Mark Phillips on the phone and via email, during the course of writing my first book, around the year 2000, as my book explored the topic of mind control to a great extent, and I had read her book a few years previously. I always found her to be extraordinarily articulate and at the same time, extraordinarily loving.

Her seminal 1995 book, ‘TRANCEformation of America’ begins with her descriptions of her earliest experiences, being used in child p0rnography by her father; horrific abuse, which led to her being sold into the CIA’s MK Ultra Project, in exchange for his not being prosecuted for his unconscionable crimes.

Cathy goes into amazing, granular detail, in both the book and in this 2013 talk about behind-the-scenes US politics many of the household names who have governed the US over the past few decades, which I think is very convincing.

Despite the unimaginable abuse she experienced at the hands of these slimebuckets, she holds no bitterness towards them. As she told me, herself, “They’re so shallow!”

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