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    Economist and financial adviser Catherine Austin Fitts joins Greg Hunter to discuss her latest Solari Report,which is available for free, about how America’s pensions are being drained by the Federal Government and the Deep State. Fitts says she studied pension funds to see if she could learn anything about how to stop their corruption.

    “[America has] become so dependent on criminal enterprise and so dependent on lies that I think many people in the establishment have forgotten what the truth is… the rest of the world has not necessarily forgotten… I’ve always said that people who play in a rigged system get stupid. [We have an] extraordinary ability to manage the financial markets and and rig the lies. I think we’re getting stupid on our own lies…

    “We’re the laughingstock of the world… they really believe that America is not under adult supervision… There’s no way that the world is going to support and defend a reserve currency that’s run by children. It’s not going to happen.”

    Catherine talks military tribunals for government criminals, purges and the 2018 election. She brings a great degree of expertise and groundedness to the world of economic prognosticators who base their calls on their knowledge of realpolitik.

    Not to be missed!

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    • Disappearing money, misappropriated funds, outright theft in the trillions, criminal corruption in banking, politics, military (listen KAF), corporate, entertainment and media ALL are traced back to the pedophile control network in the US and worldwide. We cannot kid ourselves it isn’t because it’s just too horrible to view and believe. Eliminate the network and corruption will decline significantly giving our country funds once again. The primary peddlers of influence will be forced underground, as is usual. This time, (yes, this time) they must be followed and eradicated to ensure a future within the current monetary system. Want corruption to end? Make noise and demand an end to the pedophile control network. That is THE central answer to US and worldwide corruption. KAF has that worry correct.

      However, any such arrests and incarcerations require extreme due diligence, as KAF also noted. That diligence is not only to protect innocents from being accused wrongly but to protect the US from being duped AGAIN. Typically, in the past, such hunts within corruption circles simply ended-up pruning the dead wood for the criminal element–a positive for the network controllers. The pedo-criminals use their media shills to silence the outcry against them by rerouting that cry to a false conclusion–any other conclusion will do. When the dust clears they begin once again to refurbish their network of stupid, fearful, needy sickos. The pedo-sickness and the use of the pedophilia tool by the pedo-criminals is ingrained in every facet of this country. Eradication will be on-going and the enforcers must be aware of this fact to achieve any good for the country in the long run.

      For the record, I think the Watchdog is livin’ on ‘belief’ with regard to Trump and his future actions but I am happy to be wrong. Please make me wrong!

    • i have listened to her for about 3 years.
      she has pointed out the problems but she never comes up with anything substantial for she calls out ‘MR Globalist’
      but the whole time she still travels within the ‘MR Global’ circle.

    • With this only one sentence: We are financing what is killing us. all come to the point.
      Simply astnoshing.
      Now then: who take the consquences to do the next step?

    • Must I interprete the use of money in such a way as said by her that the one who has the most money is also responsible the most for killing people?
      This is a daring statement, I know. Moreover is it right?

      Here it must be seen that any organisation itself, does not invest money.
      It allways are the human beings, which are investing.

      • If we could replace ‘money’ with ‘abundance and access’ we would be in step with the way the rest of the natural world conducts itself. Money could still be useful but not so dominant.

        • Yes, money is needed for organising love and fulfilment, or as you say abundance and access. Living by the soul without money is not possible.
          The difference between rich and poor is the problem.

          I heard of an interview of a very rich man, where he became asked: What is happening here on the globe. His answer: a war between the rich and the poor, where the rich ones will win.

    • So many interesting topics covered here, I’m glad COF is not sold on trump=goodGuy. Neither am I, he’s possible a better option out of many evils right now. But this is surely a constant process, just wait until his interests diverge from that of ordinary people (his, and whoever his supporters are). You know I wonder if Trump was enticed into stepping up to be POTUS after 9/11? As he probably considers New York to be his patch, just a thought…Also the energy issue, articulated so well. Fossil fuel is a political choice ever since Tesla…everything comes back to this for me. I’m gritting my teeth now when I buy petrol. I resent paying through the nose for this filthy, enslaving technology. It needs to go! Grrrr….any political leader who gets behind clean energy is the one to vote for, the rest are are just players.

    • In 1979, I stood for court in order to earn less money, because I comprehended that making money destroys the life of human beings. It became neglected by the judges, because when this is possible for me, this should also be possible for them. I also became denied by the labour organisations.
      So far justified justice………..where I comprehended that the system of survival of the fittest, is a rotten system.
      Now I had to find out/in who I really am…………for being freed from this rotten system.
      One thing became clear to me here: I am not my past time.

      Yes, she is right: People are financing there own death. See the shootings everywhere.

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