An emergency meeting of ministers has been called by Sweden’s Prime Minister to discuss the effects of the Brexit vote on Sweden, whose strongest ally in the EU was Britain.

Similar EU exit moves are popping up in Greece, Denmark and France. Sweden has been the hardest hit nation, in terms of rape by migrants.

Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Lofven described the vote as a “Wake-up call for Europe. But it is worrying.”
Jimmie Akesson, Head of the Sweden Democrat party, said: “The development in the UK is something I hope to see in Sweden.”

Lofgren called this and related comments “irresponsible, ” however, Sweden Democrats Parliament member Paula Bieler looks forward to a Swedish Swexit vote, citing Sweden’s loss of sovereignty within the strucure of the EU.

Brexit contagion is running wild in Europe. A recent Ipsos-MORI poll found that almost half of voters in eight EU countries want a referendum on leaving the EU, with one-third having already made up their minds to leave, given the choice.

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