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  • The people’s hero: O’Keefe is back – the Truth rocks & truth-bringers & shall prevail over liars!
    Truth = 5D
    Lies = 3D!

  • Other sources are saying 97% of the depositor funds were over $250,000, that one billion was withdrawn on Thursday by Israel investor(s?) which heralded the bank run.

    Epstein was not what people think, he appears to have been front man for the Maxwell family which in turn is a front for the Mossad. Last I checked several years ago they were still involved in the tech industry. Trump knows all of it because he is somehow involved, I suspect playing along, but I don’t know what his core intentions are because he is always playing two card monte.

    Like his recent bashing of fellow Republican Florida Governor De Santis, the only governor who stood up to the Federal Gov and protected Floridians civil rights, during Warp Speed Trump’s (WST) false flag national emergency. WST is now running around calling De Santis bad names, insinuating he is a disloyal traitor! Hmmmm, is he gas lighting us? WST’s favorite Snake poem comes to mind here. Sorry WST, but dog don’t hunt!

    Trump has historically flocked together with the same crowd as have been causing us so much grief! He appears to me to be joined at the hip with them! His walk don’t match his talk!

    • Politicians gas lights us, always.
      Their philosophy is based on corruption that it never lead us to the right place.

  • Great investigation! Polly is always good in looking into small things, which explode afterwards….
    One things, as for the main organizer… CIA? Palantir=> Thiel, all FAST connections. ANd yes, their hope is our fear, exactly like in covid crime… Take the gene modification treatment (covid jab) and you will be safe, take all your money out NOW, and you will be safe… Really??? Continue working and CREATE your daily income and food, and unite, NOT divide…

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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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