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    First published on Facebook by André Doiron

    9/11 Up Close – Full Private Recording. Never published before.

    10:15 a.m. departure

    11:10 a.m.: more people fall from the building
    The observers, still unsuspecting, were paralyzed by shock.

    11:25 a.m. Explosion of the second tower.
    There is no plane noise, just an explosion. We are not talking about any plane.

    At 12:20 p.m., there is talk of bombs.

    12:50 A woman says “It’s definitely a bomb”

    13:46 Man “It’s a bomb, they knew everyone was going to watch it, it’s crazy”.

    Imagine what happened when they only saw the planes for weeks through the media. Think about the Ash experiment. When the majority agrees with one version of a plane, people join the crowd, no longer trusting their own senses.

    At 3:50 p.m. a woman starts asking the group if it was a plane or a bomb… all the answers are “a bomb”…

    Woman: “…because they say (in the media) that it was a plane.”

    Man: “What are they talking about?” It suddenly exploded out of nowhere. It just exploded!…2 minutes ago”

    16:18 Dude “There was no fucking plane! What are they talking about?”

    16:36 The group is now starting to have doubts.

    At 8:20 p.m., another woman asked if it was a plane. The man clearly says no, it exploded.

    11:40 p.m. The man on the 59th floor came down, not sure if it was a plane.

    24:46 broken glass on the floor even though the explosion happened upstairs. Reference to the WTC underground explosions.

    At 31:58, a passerby asks the cameraman what happened, he replies that he does not know what happened to the first tower, but that the second tower exploded. It was a bomb. “Definitely a bomb,” he repeats. The passerby repeats the official information, the cameraman convincingly contradicts it.

    At the end, he repeats: “It was a bomb.”

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    • I watched it on tv as it went on the first time. The first video I remember watching about it was “In Plane Sight” where a woman clearly said “that is not an American Airlines” she says it twice to affirm it, it was certainly a noticeable comment. The video showed a plane, there was a big fuss about a flash on the fuselage of the plane as it contacted the building. There was obviously “something” not right, it looked like they were demolished because they fell too quickly to be the official pancake collapse, bombs would have to be planted in advance, and would take how long to prepare? Then several years later Dr Judy Wood enabled us to look at it with fresh eyes, without blinkers, and opened us up to a whole new dimension of deception..
      I feel re-traumatised watching it again.
      I hope the cameraman survived.

    • I wish he hadn’t moved his camera down from the 2nd Bldg. Even so, all of those witnesses on top of that Bldg at that time were looking up at the bldgs would have seen and heard a plane if there was one.

      The 2nd Bldg blew out from left to right, means something entered from the left and blew out towards the right. Whatever it was, it wasn’t a plane, it was too small too fast for the eye to see. All those witnesses on top of their Bldg w camera man would have seen it if it was a plane as we later was shown.

      Where he walked up to near the end of his filming is 2 city blocks from the 2 nd Bldg. The glass and debris was pushed out to the right at a a 60 degree angle. This would not happen if something entered right to left at the proposed speed if a plane.

      Trump for Speaker of House….expose them all and take them out!

      We The People

      • I close as they were you would have heard the sound of the jet coming in before it hit and you did not hear that. I seen enough other proof long ago to know that there was no planes. I saw a video on bitchute where a lady states she was at work in the pentagon with her child right in the area where the explosion was and she states there was no plane wrecking. She dug here herself and her child out of the wrecking and went out of the building where the explosion hole was.

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