Breaking overnight bombshell! Donald Trump is done. It’s over. Today is a turning point. The beginning of the end of the Trump Presidency.

The walls are closing in.

A tipping point.

Trump is in trouble.

Trump will not serve out his term. This president could be impeached.

This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life.

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  • When the media carries on like that, you know THEY know they’re loosing, and the S’ about to HTF. It’s called “running scared”.

  • It’s the beginning of the end allright. The end of the crooks and slime balls that have so far failed to kill the POTUS. ONCE HE OPENS THOSE INDICTMENTS GAME OVER. This is their Hail Mary play

  • Have you ever seen so much wishful thinking in your life? I have not, in my 70+ years! And how much has the word “Bombshell” been overworked? Trump haters are so self deluded, they all need therapy!

  • I agree….it just shows ta go ya…how “scripted” the LameStreamMedia NewsCycle has become. It’s not only Comical but HIGHLY Insulting. The PuppetMasters dont care that the Public is simply NOT STUPID and can “Fact-Check” them with impugnity.

  • They ain’t seen nothing yet. Let the sealed and unsealed indictments lead to a filling of military, offshore prisons with traitors to then nation. GO PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  • How can the similarity of content, speech patterns, and explosive verbiage not be recognized by thoughtful people as a huge propaganda machine aimed at bringing down a duly elected President? How can the Press be so biased when their job is to present the FACTS–not commentary? Very sad reflection of a profession (journalism) that once was held in some esteem. Major media outlets have NO credibility at all anymore. Who, what, when where, why and how is no longer a part of the professional journalists’ repertoire.

  • Goodbye, Deep State. We won’t miss you, but will laugh as your minions hunt, and elite after elite pervert & pedophile get executed for crimes against humanity.

    To quote Jack as the Joker, “he was an evil bastard, and we’re glad your dead” (sic).

  • Too funny for TV, but now I understand a lot of the Never Trumpers and what drives them.
    As a kid I could remember wanting something so much I could taste it.
    Reminded of Reagan and his joke about the kid looking at the pile of manure; “There has got to be a pony in here somewhere!”

  • Totally demonstrates, shows, how rote, planned scripted these as-if news-reporters – ACTORS are!

    AGAIN, mahalo nui loa – than YOU verrrrry much !

  • The following words/phrases will henceforth be removed from all media:

    Witch hunt
    Liar (except when in regards to “individual #1”
    Weak (see above)
    Fake News

    Thank you
    From your boss,

    Witch #1

  • Tweedle Twee and Tweedle Dumber. Trump, Hillary, Pense…They all sound like the Talking Heads in the video to this Rational and Logical Antipodean Analyst.

    • Reminds me of the collage of all the media spouting the same line about the Easter Bunny putting a little Spring into your step.

  • Script – bomb shell talking points – Fake News – Trump is winning, winning and winning some more.

    • Exactly!

      That’s what is so delicious about the video. The MSM whining on and on about ‘Bombshells’ and President Trump continues the MAGA agenda! Love it! 🙂

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