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Was Mel Gibson the fall guy for wanting to stop child trafficking rings in Hollywood?

He is involved in a new documentary about the underbelly of child trafficking in the US and other countries.

That is why he is trending today. Will the mainstream condone this or remind us why he is a persona non grata?

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Look again at the Maxwell family and Trump’s AG Bill Barr.

    There’s the smoking gun!

    It was impossible for Jeffrey Epstein to have committed suicide while he was incarcerated in a Federal max security prison. The entire story from start to finish is preposterous. Yet Barr shamelessly stuck to it. MSM stuck to it.

    Did Trump object? Nope! He lamented what allegedly happened, but he always has played dumb about “my friend” Jeffrey Epstein and Gislane Maxwell, both of whom whom he knows well. After all it was their services that fetched Trumps present wife for him. It’s not a military secret! Nor is Trump’s obsession with beautiful women.

    Epstein was neither the brains, nor the money behind his Lolita Express enterprise, it was the Maxwell family’s dark world that provided the wherewithal for Epstein, the eventually expendable front man.

    • Actually, according to Whitney Webb’s research and books the pedo networks goes back to the days of the OSS and WWII. There was actually a real ‘experiment’ to create a pedo network after the war in Germany by a ‘scientist’. What if the very systems we have were created to insulate the ‘network of pedos’ from us. More from Whitney Webb at

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