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    Sasha Latypova joins Clayton Morris of Redacted to share her latest findings about the DoD-run COVID-19 program that has been committing genocide and information warfare on the masses around the world, using our tax dollars.

    She says, “The pre-planning goes back years, at least 2012-2013, based on the contracts and based on the documents that I have uncovered…

    “There is ‘pandemic’ and there is the ‘enterprise’. It’s a quasi-private, it’s a quasi-government enterprise that’s been set up in 2013 that involves ten heads of federal agencies. It’s called PHEMCE. That’s the abbreviation.”

    PHEMCE is the biomedical/pharma equivalent of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which is to say that it’s a public/private enterprise that was set up in 2013, consisting of 10 federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, HHS, FDA, NIH, Department of Agriculture, Energy and Veterans Affairs. PHEMCE is where all of them get together and very secretly discuss these ‘countermeasures’ aka bioweapons aka “vaccines”. PHEMCE is where the funding gets funneled through.

    Sasha continues, “So, there is their Memorandum of Understanding, placed on the FDA’s website. And most of it, 90% of it deals with ‘How we’re gonna keep everything secret’; between each other – all the confidentiality disclosures –’how we’re gonna communicate about this?’

    “So, we have this Cabal forum, with a lot of secrecy and with a lot of procedures to maintain secrecy about pandemic responses – in 2013!” These government agencies conspired to cover-up this military activity as a response to this ‘health threat’.

    “In the DoD contracts, there’s a separate clause, a PREP Act clause – in all of them – and it says that ‘Under the PREP Act, you’re a covered entity and in fact, everyone along the supply chain, all the suppliers, the delivery people, the pharmacy, the hospital or whoever injects these products, they’re all considered HHS employees, regardless of where they work…they’re all considered government employees for this exercise.

    “And this product – the countermeasure/prototype military biowarfare agent – is owned by the Department of Defense throughout this process, until it gets injected into the person. Nobody takes possession of it. That’s how they completely protect themselves from any liability.

    “Now, it doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t go after everyone, including the vaccinators. Those will be thrown under the bus first, because they’re the little people. But everyone should go after the vaccinators, who did not provide informed consent, after the manufacturers, after the hospitals and I encourage everyone to do that, because this is important.”

    She says the next part of this script is that they want to take away our sovereignty and make changes to the WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHR), whereby they can unilaterally announce pandemics and forced quarantines whenever they feel like it, so that whenever the WHO announces a pandemic, we have to submit to all of their ridiculous lockdowns and murder protocols.

    “So that’s what we need to write to our congressional representatives about and protest; and to our state governments. The states need to say, ‘No, we’re not giving up our sovereignty. The Federal Government cannot decide for us. And that’s what needs to happen, because within the next year, they’re going to put this in place.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • NONE involved in this, not the big pharma, not those in the government, nor the medical field, none are “shielded”, just as the rulers in France were not shielded in 1789!
      Justice is had when We the People demand justice, but more often when we bring it!
      Any who were complicit in this must pay, by any means necessary!

    • this all stinks like hell… where is a word about GENE THERAPIES??????????????????????
      Another pharma representatve, another COVER UP!

    • Vaccine is NOT vaccine, neither did it ever exist as Virology has been fraud since beginning.
      It basically tells you to believe in a thing called “virus” that NOBODY, even with all these technologies has ever seen (hell even when ghosts can be seen).
      It’s time for mass to realize that NO VIRUS has ever been isolated (do not believe when controlled oppositions “claim” it was isolated).
      Virology has been slowly, but being debunked.
      Don’t believe in non sense about Wuhan / gain of functions either- as it is just a cover up story for fearmongering and injecting bio weapon.

      This interview explains it all

    • Cross-posted this to Jeff Childers’ “Coffee & Covid” substack today. His blog gets many, many eyeballs daily.

    • Alexandra,

      Forwarded Message :

      Naomi, Bill, and Amy :

      “Eyes Wide Shut”
      in here ( the writer
      always exhibits
      analyses on
      any subject
      he examines ) :

      “ Even the location of the party that Dr. Bill unwisely sneaks into is almost identical to an apparent Rothschild party from 1972, of which, there are several photographs leaked online. ”



      Reinstall the Ten Commandments
      in public schools and public square,
      as the ACLU is an enemy to the
      GOOD and the TRUE—the American
      Communist Lawyers Union ( my term).

      Then, shut down all
      pornography venues,
      as they devastate high
      culture civilization.

    • As much as the vaccine is NOT a vaccine, and it doesn’t prevents us from getting the decease, and was not sufficiently tested, and is NOT safe or effective. The commander in chief who presided over this deadly project, and all his team / media / medical establishment who participated in these crimes / lies, must face proper justice.
      The laws to protect the pharmaceutical companies from liabilities of vax must be repealed.

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