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    Before his first election, the radical opposition attempted to assassinate Jair Bolsonaro. They failed and President Bolsonaro went on to be come today’s leading model of what a world leader should be: a man of the people.

    He spoke out against the COVID pandemic hoax from the very beginning.

    He thanked the farmers of Brazil for not shutting down. And now, the world is realizing that Bolsonaro was right. No matter how much the media tries to smear him, the people of Brazil love him.

    The awakening masses in Brazil, like everywhere else in the world were expecting election fraud. And they have taken to the streets.

    All over Brazil, people are not willing to go the way of Joebama, the way of the World Economic Forum.

    What will it take for the people to be represented?

    And what will America do, if the anticipated Red Wave is stolen? 

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Greg, total mis information, get real, Jairo is the Tropical Trump Tontop. Why mont you mention how the fascist USAQ corrupted the 2016 elections. I am thru with you. you shill for the zionist.

    • I love it… Where are the concerned Americans? Where are the MAGA people marching today? Why so much apathy in America? We are on the cusp of losing our republic FOREVER and still no one seems to give a damn.. Or worse, they believe that a new influx of Republicans will save us – yeah right – When are Americans going to realize that the two party system has been playing them for a very long time????

    • So, this was their January 6th moment? I wish them better luck than what we had, then again, they seem to have more in the way of commitment, determination and courage than what we have, as our January 6th moment petered out, for fear of the usurpers!

    • “And, what will America do if the anticipated “Red Wave” is Stolen?”
      Since nothing has changed but the Calendar, I predict the exact same thing that they did in 2020:
      Great lamentations and gnashing of the teeth, and very little else.
      The 21st Century dogma is to “Pray and wait for God to make it all better.”
      In a word, Nothing.

      • You have been feed on poison millions of people now dead through legal elite criminals greedy Gates empowering himself by murder the fear generated by the MSM currupted greedy evil politicians an all time low for the people of this planet we will all die one day anyway, dose anyone care about the next generation being meat for the cabal the royals cannabis big pharma politicians have been getting away with murder for generations and the people flock like sheep to bow and curtsey line up for the next jab, 5g radiation will kill who ever survives the poison . Gates will poison everyone through his food, anyway food has been poisoned through the air, water supermarkets fast food killing health, more money for Rockefeller pharma medical, it’s called progress they chimed .


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