Mike Lindell says cybersecurity experts who he works with were monitoring the Brazilian election and they detected the theft of 5.1 million votes.

A Brazilian commenter on Rumble says the following, which I have translated from Portuguese:

The fraud was systemic. It wasn’t just in the voting machines and not just in the counting, but in the ENTIRE PROCESS, from beginning to end. Lula was just a part of this “System”.

1. On March 21, 2019, a group of federal judges traveled to Curitiba to express support and solidarity with the then-imprisoned Lula, participating in the so-called “free Lula vigil”. Have you ever seen judges caring about an arrested thief?

2. To overthrow Bolsonaro, an opponent was needed. That’s why they took Lula out of jail, annulled his conviction and gave him back his political rights, making him eligible to run.

3. They prevented any and all actions that would guarantee transparency in voting and counting, like the much-discussed auditable vote.

4. They expanded the power of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (“TSE”), which oversees voting and concentrated authority into the hands of just one man: Alexandre de Moraes. Carmen Lúcia made history in a recent vote when she recognized the unconstitutionality of censorship, but she didn’t have the strength to go against the System;

5. We still don’t know how, but the System silenced/gagged ministers Nunes Marques and André Mendonça;

6. Alexandre de Moraes guaranteed that the electoral propaganda on radio (essential, especially in the Northeast) was rigged to Lula’s benefit, in at least 154 thousand insertions, less for Bolsonaro;

7. The Brazilian MSM, including Globo, Estadão, Folha and UOL set up and led a media pool favorable to Lula, blasting propaganda and lies about Bolsonaro 24/7.

8. Alexandre de Moraes led a wide surveillance network against truthful reporting, carrying out prior censorship of communication vehicles, decreeing official arrests, demonetizing channels and persecuting Bolsonaro activists and supporters. Jovem Pan, a new cable TV channel that is very pro-Bolsonaro was heavily-censored.

9. The Electoral Justice department in the States entered into systemic fraud, ordering the removal of posters, billboards, car stickers, even the Brazilian flag.

10. While Bolsonaro’s campaign was curtailed from all sides, Lula went free, doing everything Bolsonaro could not do, including demonstrations with armed drug traffickers in Rio de Janeiro.

11. Alexandre de Moraes became a political activist at the service of the PT (Brazil’s socialist Worker’s Party), responding to any and all requests from the PT campaign.

12. Bolsonaro and his media were even forbidden to speak the truth; that Lula was not acquitted, Lula has links with criminal factions and that Lula was the head of a criminal organization;

13. The federal police was prevented from carrying out operations against drug traffickers and the designated government agencies were prevented from inspecting exits and vote-buying and from investigating fraudulent polls;

14. Research institutes manipulated numbers at will, with broad and powerful support from the Mainstream Media, which certainly had a great impact on voting, especially in the first round;

15. Social networks were surveilled, channels were demonetized, accounts were blocked and influencers were silenced;

16. The Federal Chamber and Senate kept silent in the face of all the judicial failures practiced by the TSE.

CONCLUSION: Neither Jair nor anyone else would have been able to win such an election.

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  • Machines can be cheated/fraudulent in dozens of ways. I suspect the SOURCE CODE (software) has cheats in it.

    The first time I saw an electronic machine in my polling place, I knew it was evil. I don’t wanna have anything to do with them.

    1) I call for Watermark/numbered paper ballots only.

    2) Election day should be a federal holiday – hand counting should be like serving on jury duty.

    ELECTIONS must be transparent.

  • I can only hope that Michael Lindell offers President Bolsonaro cooperation and access to his data.
    Unlike the UN, NATO, and the majority of America’s mostly-useless “Allies”, Brazil and President Bolsonaro might be allies worth having.
    Too bad that Joe Biden will not be offering the same American taxpayer’s support to Brazil that he squanders on corrupt Ukraine, but then, I wouldn’t expect him to since he too is a mute Installation of the CCP.

  • Brazil’s fake stream medias got too much power under influence of same corrupt power as in U.S.A.

    If any of you folks ever watched Bolsonaro speaking out about VAX, MASK and other corruptions, you’ll know that he is a brave man.


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