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This piece by Arizona-based YouTuber, Austin Steinbart is about how the CIA uses terrorists and criminals as assassins, how they fund Black Ops almost exclusively with heroin and human trafficking, how John McCain was the secret kingpin, how the corrupt newsmedia has always turned a blind eye and how CIA Black Ops enabled “a bunch of worthless European royals to conquer the United States.”

Although the production is low budget, the pacing and the information are excellent. As the piece progresses, your hair will be standing on end, with all the gory details of the drug-, human- and weapons trafficking out of Arizona’s Yuma corridor via John McCain’s partnership with the Clinton Crime family.

He begins with a revisionist history of how British pirates from the colonial era became the blueprint for MI6 and how the British Empire conquered the world with money from the opium and slave trades, then circled back to win their ultimate prize: the United States.

Steinbart claims that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose family made their fortune selling opium to the Chinese brought MI6 to the US to build the precursor to the CIA, the Office of Strategic Service (OSS) from the ground up, to teach the Americans “all the gangsterific spy agency tactics they had developed over the centuries.”

He says, “From that point on, British and American intel ops became deeply intertwined, especially when it came to controlling organized crime and using it to finance covert operations.”

“What ended up happening was the United States getting corrupted from within and dragged into endless foreign wars…Ever find it weird it is that Afghanistan is growing three times as much heroin as when we invaded in 2001?…

“Human trafficking is another ancient industry controlled by intelligence services and it is even more sadistic than the heroin game.” It’s used not only to raise money but to run compromise operations.

Jeffrey Epstein was set up to create what Steinbart calls a “Mega honeypot.” This is why Robert Mueller got Epstein off from the major sex trafficking case that Alexander Acosta tried to prosecute him for in Florida.

Steinbart says he personally observed several instances of sex trafficking while working IT for many of the top hotel chains in America. He discovered how the CIA was using gangs like MS-13 to do their hits. He also discusses the CIA’s paramilitary branch, that he calls “D6”.

He claims that John McCain was the commander of D6, a position he inherited upon the death of his father, Admiral John D McCain Jr. He describes McCain’s father as “insanely corrupt” and “one of the first naïve buffoons who bought into the idea of a ‘New World Order’.”

Steinbart describes McCain the son as “a vicious war criminal, as well as a opiate-addicted pedophile, who saw himself as more of a European king than an American serviceman. That’s why he constantly bragged about his royal ancestry and always used his power to enact the imperial agenda of those worthless European royals, instead of using it to protect the interests of the American people.”

Steinbart retells McCain’s completely outrageous and criminal biography, many details of which I’d never heard before. He says that being in Congress gave McCain the access and the cover he needed to run D6 efficiently, “ushering in an unprecedented worldwide era of wanton corruption and sadistic violence. From El Salvador, to Libya, to Syria to Ukraine to Kyrgyzstan, John McCain sowed chaos, degeneracy and violence everywhere he went…

“A huge amount of the drug and human trafficking happening in the United States today is facilitated by the Hensleys [McCain’s widow’s family]…and their cartel partners, El Mayo, El Chapo and Los Salazar family, who runs Sonora [the cartel]…

“Super annoying, how our government lets vicious gangs brutalize us in our own country to raise money for their foreign rackets. But equally annoying, how our news media enables them. Because the corrupt stooges who run our government wouldn’t survive long if ‘journalists’ would ever report the truth. But they won’t. They never have and they never will.

“People like to think that Fake News is a recent development. But the reality is that the news has always been fake. The term ‘Yellow Journalism’ was coined to describe a media climate [in the 1890s] very similar to the one we have today, where 95% of all media is owned by five bloodthirsty corporations; corporations who have no commitment to the truth and no loyalty to the United States. Just endless greed and corruption.

“Now, many silly Boomers will push back on that, ’cause they like to romanticize about how there was a time back in their day, when at least the media tried to be objective. But that is hilariously false. The media in their day watched our President get trotted out in the open by his own security team, have his head blown off in broad daylight and never pushed back a single time, when it was explained away with a  bunch of nakedly preposterous lies.

“Then, they saw no issue in allowing some of the co-conspirators in that murderous coup run the official investigation of it. Then, they let not just one but two of those co-conspirators become the President!

“Because the news has always been fake! Everything about the news industry in America is fake. Their esteemed heroes, Woodward and Bernstein are the opposite of real journalists. They’re actually Mockingbird stooges who were served up their ‘Bombshell’ stories on a silver platter by the crooked FBI, as part of a highly-coordinated CIA coup [against Nixon], similar to the Russiagate coup that the CIA coordinated against Donald Trump.”

Steinbart explains that the media might have survived with its reputation intact if QAnon hadn’t been done the way that it has.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Wow that’s was epic. Thanks from Canada. 👍🏻👍🏻 Hopefully the Q team comes after the corruption in Canada as well. WWG1WGA 💕

  • Thanks for the good times!” – Agent Tim Ossman aka Osama bin Laden

    Ever notice how they sometimes play word games with their agent’s names? O S S man.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created by the … you know, … you know, the thing” – Joe Biden

  • Wow! That spunky youngster tripped me out! As a “boomer”, I was a toddler when the JFK event occurred, but, even then, I instinctively felt that there was something not quite right about the whole scenario, much like when every classroom was outfitted with TV’s to allow us all to marvel & cheer at the seriously rebuked moon landing, and a burgeoning laundry list of similar staged events ever since!

    It has taken me many decades to finally figure out the depth of the devilish deception that the upper crust’s agenda keeps us mired in, so hats off to this young man’s unravelling of this gruesome truth at such a young age.

    Thanks, Forbidden, I appreciate your digging. One small request, is there any way to include a speed button on these videos? I would watch more of your releases if you could add one, since I often only have a few free minutes in a day to sit down!

    Thanks again,


    • There’s no “speed button” (I’ve never heard of that) but you can absolutely fast-forward the videos by placing your cursor on the progress bar beneath the video and scrolling it to the right.

      • Alexandra,, Thank You so much for keeping your radar out for this stuff.. You’re great.. This guy could explode (if he doesn’t get taken out),, watched 1/2 of his many shorts so far,, will finish tonight..

        anyway, on the bottom of you tube videos, is the ‘settings’ button,, click it and you can vary the playback speed.. you probably already knew that.. Thanks again for the important work you do.

        • I second that Alexandra, FKTV is a search engine for truth movement info. I’m glued to this website/ channel for the duration of this WW111 psycho war

    • In the new usage, “Boomer” doesn’t just apply to the Me Generation, it means anybody older and especially with traditional values and/or a lack of advanced computer skills.

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