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This video is a special treat for everyone, especially those interested in the possibility of a worldwide civilization that existed in extreme antiquity.

The astounding commonalities found in the ancient cosmologies, calendars and iconographies of civilizations worldwide is a subject near and dear to my heart, that I wrote a whole book about a decade ago.

Jimmy at Bright Insight has put together this amazing slide show of images from ancient sites on all continents, showing us polygonal stone walls of a cyclopean scale that we’ve been told to associate with the Inca culture of Peru but of which there are many similar examples in Greece, Egypt, Italy, Turkey and Japan.

Massive trapezoidal sarcophagi with the same distinct features are found in ancient Egypt and Japan. Trapezoidal sarcophagi carved out of rock are found in Greece, Egypt, Italy, Peru – eerily, with the same distinct features.

Large figurines similar to the moai statues associated with the Polynesian culture of Easter Island can be also found at Lore Lindu in Indonesia, at Gobleki Tepe and at Urfa in Turkey as well as at sites in Peru and Bolivia.

Specific representations of small “handbags” are seen on massive ancient stone works in Turkey, Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica, dating from 12,000 years ago, 6,000 years ago and 3,000 years ago, respectively.

Tridents are seen in ancient representations all over the globe, from ancient Sumeria, to ancient India to ancient Greece. Bright Insight suspects – and I agree – that there appears to have been a connection between the ancient Greeks and the ancient Egyptians with the ancient Hindus that is not part of mainstream text books.

The caduceus is a symbol that you might see on your health insurance bills. It’s associated with Hermes Trismegistus in Greco-Egyptian mythology but it’s been found to have its roots over 6,000 years ago in ancient Sumeria (modern-day Iraq). It is also found in ancient stone carvings in India.

There are many more details like this, which could be a “coincidence”. None of these details, by themselves proves any global connection but seen from the whole, the possibility virtually screams. Yet none of these details are a part of any school’s curricula. Quite the opposite, the whole idea of transoceanic connections between ancient civilizations is positively shunned by academe.

Jimmy has a background as a corporate fraud investigator and he knows exactly what’s required to gather enough of the right kind of evidence to build case that can convict somebody. He thinks the evidence for travel and intercommunications between the ancients in there and that it’s long since time to start an official inquiry into this.


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  • If I might add, in case you don’t understand the larger process. Walls were stacked-flattened, some with irregular locking corners, all at almost the same step. Kind of smash it down from above, but keep it in a straight border. This was accomplished even with an artistic-pleasing look to it!

  • Most all of those nubs are from shaping the stone-work. They had the knowledge to soften the outer area of the stones, and in some cases they had extra material left over after the smoothing/shapening/flatening of the stones. This is how they got the irregular shapes—flat—to fit so well. Think of it as working modeling clay. Some outback tribes in S. America passed the story down that the old ones were able to soften stone.
    This supports the idea that today’s mankind has degenerated. Therefore, this all is classed as “pseudo.”
    That “hand-bag” was their bag of “tricks”/knowledge/power.
    Of course, there was more than communication world-wide back then.

  • Jimmy
    They have lied about everything…. there is a language that connects Wales, the Middle East, Egypt Peru and America. It is the Coelbren ( various spelling)
    Have a listen to everything by Alan Wilson on youtube, his research is remarkable and he has
    been slammed by them.
    He is very old now and has almost given up, but the man is brilliant.

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