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Black Goo Archons AI & NASA’s Deep Dark Secret

It’s not every day that I am introduced to something that I’ve never heard about. I *have* heard about the apocalyptic “Gray Goo”, an End Times scenario, where nanotechnology all descends into an amorphous blob that consumes the Earth.

Over the past week, I’ve repeatedly received this clip of a talk on Black Goo given by Harald Krautz Vella at Miles Johnston’s Bases conference, held in the UK last summer.

I’m at a loss as to how to summarize this talk. It’s too complex for a summary…but I’ll try. If you find yourself wanting more information, there is a somewhat more expository clip and is also long but the more juicy bits are in this actual talk.

It contains incredibly weird and compelling information about what’s being put in chemtrails (and for what purpose), negative entropy, time reversal, DNA, scalar resonance through different dimensions and realities, archons and an ancient AI that’s run amok.

All of this relates to “Black Goo”, an abiotic mineral found in the Earth’s crust that’s said to be sentient, programmable and possessing magnetic properties which exceed those previously known and measured, such as iron magnets.

Black Goo exists in its native form, with the largest deposit found in Paraguay, the landlocked South American country where George W Bush bought a huge parcel of land and where cronies from his Administration bought homes nearby – as did German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Sizable deposits of this stuff exist in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Falkland Islands. It is suggested here that at least part of the motivation for the UK’s 1982 war waged against Argentina, asserting its control of the Falklands territory was driven largely by the significant deposits of Black Goo found on these islands of the Southern Patagonian Shelf.

Then, there is also an invasive Black Goo, which arrived here in a cluster of asteroid impacts 80,000 years ago and this is related to demonic archons, who feed off of the bio-photons of human beings.

As some may recall, it’s been scientifically revealed lately that the human body emits bio-photons, aka Ultraweak Photon Emissions (UPE) in the 380-780 nanometer range…as you can see, this topic touches on so many things – and this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

Get ready for some ultra High Strangeness, with this one.

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