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I’m not crazy about the language that this guy uses but I do find the information that he shares here to be worthy of your consideration. It’s hyper-paranoid to the point of being humorous, yet the facts are correct.

He gets into the meat of the matter by explaining that a communications satellite uses 2,400 watts of power (about the same as used by 2 hair dryers). A microwave oven uses 1,000 watts (1 kilowatt) of energy. The satellite gets the energy from solar panels and the microwave gets it from your electric utility (the electrical power grid).

A microwave oven’s internal magnetron, which is virtually the same as that of a radar- or cellphone tower, transforms that electrical energy into microwaves. The magnetron inside a microwave oven an be easily adapted into a very lethal ray gun – which is demonstrated, quite impressively, here, I might add.

Then, he shows us the cables leading into a typical cellphone tower, which he describes as “A giant microwave oven on a stick,” capable of releasing 3,000,000 watts (3 megawatts) of output power to the tower’s magnetron – or even more megawatts, if there is an amplifier at the top.

To put this into perspective, one (1) watt from your cellphone can go 25 miles to the nearest cellphone tower, to relay your call’s signal to the person on the other end of the line.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) limits the amount of energy that a cellphone tower can release to 400 watts.

These megawatts of extra power are NOT for data transfer – nothing close to that amount of energy is required for data transfer – which is an important point, because this suggests to him that cellphone towers are easily capable of being switched to Weaponized Mode.

That cellphone towers are wired with the capability to release millions of watts of microwave radiation makes them veritable of “towers of death”, the perfect weapons against an “invasion” – or the mega-slaughter of the domestic population.

Virtually all towns, all over the world have the amount of towers necessary to fry the populations in their vicinity. All that needs to happen is for an Artificial Intelligence program from Google – or an action by “The real people who brought us 9/11” – or if whoever we elect “…turns out to be so crazy, batsh-t evil, that they could fake a reason to turn on the ‘Last Line of Defense,’ the ‘Anti-Foreign Invasion’, ‘Anti-Zombie Apocalypse Network’… to cook the entire population within the city limits within an hour, in the middle of the night,” with robot armies to mop up the people living in the countryside…”All these contingencies are out there, ladies and gentlemen…”

Why? The clip’s creator believes that whoever is behind this wants to exterminate the majority of humans, in order to have the Earth all to themselves, in the incredibly shallow belief that they can upload their minds into robotic avatars and live in a Virtual Reality “Matrix”, happily ever after – forever, in a post-human future.

He says our only defense is to stop them, now from creating this technology and from creating Borg armies or clone armies, etc. because as soon as they’ve succeeded in obtaining these, they will proceed with our extermination. This technology is about a decade away and its owned by people who are not our friends; people who control the food supply, our water supply, our air supply – and he says their endgame is the death of humanity.

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  • Having been in Electronics & Radar in the service, I found the power of a magnetron to be very directional at best. A radar has to be shut down before working on the antennae because it projects a constant electromagnetic beam. Beam being the key word. While working on the radar this beam of invisible power can work just like a microwave frying a person from the inside out. Hence, the safety precautions of shutdown. The wider the beam, the shorter the distance of power dispersal. The narrower the beam the more concentrated at a greater distance. Also taken into consideration is the fact that the beam itself is a straight line or line of sight. Longer distance can only be had by having a taller structure like a radar mast, a mountain top, or a tower. Again, as the beam travels its intensity drops off in increments. The beam cannot bend around objects or the curvature of the earth. It cannot rotate on its own without the aid of a revolving antennae. Its advantage is derived in its ability to focus on a point. A cell tower does not have a rotating capability, therefore it cannot cover a huge perimeter with a massive amount of wattage as suggested. A microwave oven is only as effective as its dispersal pattern on a fixed point. Even H.A.R.P with it’s one hundred high power radio transmitters can only focus on a fixed point, & it is stationary. It uses the rotation of the earth itself to move the beam it creates. But even that beam points straight up to get the most effect. Picture a laser beam shooting sideways & you’ll get the general idea of what a microwave or radar beam does. Regardless of the power potential, it is a beam not a circular like pattern.

  • Finally enough juice to power my robot army and their vehicles. Between this and my mobile nuclear power stations i’d say we’re off to a good start. Man will have to leave in order to build because the best building environment won’t be suited for humans. After completion, cut the main power and we move back in. It’s that simple.

  • “This seems to me to be rather excessive. Watts = Volts x Amps Therefore, 240 volts x’s 800 amps = 192 Kilowatts per hour x’s 3 phase = 576 KWH. Transmitters at microwave frequencies normal only require a max of 1.0 watt, not kilo watts. If this is true then there is covert agenda going on. This type of supply and fusing system will be mega expensive. I don’t know what to say, except run for the hills. Power is a square law, i.e. Amps (squared) x’s Resistance in ohms. So if you double the voltage you square the power. Nasty.”–Electrical engineer

  • After starting to read this tripe, I headed for the kitchen to see how much tin foil we had to make hats.

  • Being a broadcast engineer watching this video, several discrepancies noted. The assumption of the power based on the visual size of the cable is incorrect. I have that exact size cable going to a wifi antenna, not because of power, but because if you don’t use that size you get incredible loss at 2 to 5 Ghz range. Also for the magnetron circuit to support 3 megawatts versus only 400 watts would be NOTICEABLY DIFFERENT and you would think with the thousands of cell tower engineers that work on these if something like that was in place there would be a lot of whistle-blower leaks. Seems to be CIA disinfo fear porn generated, maybe to hide a possible checmical/frequency catalyst, such as the chemtrails we breath have a catalystic frequency that works fine at 400w that activates nanobots that eat your brain. Probably more likely than 3 megawatts to fry everyone.

  • BMAN: I see so much evil every day, that there comes a time when It all starts to become a cosmic joke. I can’t take it anymore and I just start to laugh.

  • I did not censor Megatron.. I totally want comments, rebuttal, debate and exploration of everything I post. I’m the last thing from the Nazi thought police! This platform will only take 1,000 words at a time. You can make multiple posts of 1,000 words each, if you wish.

  • “As a way to apologize for that wacky cellphone tower paranoia porn that I put you through yesterday (which was so over the edge, I couldn’t resist running it – although I should have been more forthcoming about how it had me cracking up hysterically, the entire time I was writing the article).” – Alexandra Bruce
    With as much as I thought you knew about the EVIL that is running the world, your above comment was disappointing indeed. Do a little research on “DARPA robotics” and “Transhumanism” and see if your hysteria remains.

  • Spot on MEGATRON. A good call to sanity.
    I say, Why worry. It’s not an ionizing radiation, that (may) cause genetic damage.. I’ve survived bond fires of this radiation magnitude, at a distance, for sure, and enjoyed them. If the radiation is intense enough, you’ll notice. I use to test Radar transmitter performance with my hand. How fast did it warm up? Small units of course. 2 Kw, or so.
    The energy content of microwave photon is way below that of an infrared photon. It’s the amount that counts.

  • If this is correct 3,000,000 watts output would be 12,500 amps input at 240 Volts that would be 83.3 houses with 200 Amp services running a continuous load of 150 amps (max continuous load for a typical 200 amp service). This all means that the electrical infrastructure (transformers, electrical wiring) would be very large and very noticeable. I have never seen a cell tower with that much electrical hardware, at least where I live. Just a thought from a retired electrician.

    • I would be surprised if cell phone towers are not fed with three phase at 440 volts, it is more efficient for one thing and makes the ampage a bit smaller. In the war there were tales in comic books apparently of death rays, and questions were asked. The power needed would be prohibitive, and instead they came up with an aircraft detection and ranging system. (Radar)

  • My electronics training predates cell phones but we were building radar sets in these power ranges in the 50’s that would cremate a steak at about a 1 mile range. In the 60+ years since we may have improved our capability. The original name for a microwave oven was a radar range. I would expect an average EE could whip up a working model in a week or two using off the shelf parts. Just what we needed, another way to commit genocide

  • Whether this theory has any validity at all, I don’t know. But the results of the ongoing release of methane in the arctic will finish off most life on earth in this century even if all the humans disappear. Methane is erupting from three Arctic sources: the melting of the permafrost, the bubbling of gas from disassociating methane hydrates under the sea on the Siberian shelf, and the resultant great ‘burps’ of pure methane as hydrates that have long capped seams of gas freed as the hydrate caps melt. All these sources methane, which is 50 times as strong a greenhouse gas as CO2, are subject to a series of feedback loops: the warmer it gets in the arctic, the greater the release– and more than 50 distinct feedback loops have been identified- releases are now exponential. See the blog of the AMEG- the Arctic Methane Emergency Group for elaboration.

  • If a magnetron can produce 3 megawatts of continuous microwave energy then it would require over 3 megawatts of electrical energy. Let’s say at approximately 75% efficiency, call it 4 megawatts of electrical power from the power utility. This, so called, weapon would require an enormous infrastructure to power it. As you may know, the existing power grid is close to maximum capacity. Additionally, each tower would require a specialized connection to the grid to handle this power.
    The microwave frequency also needs to be considered. A cell tower frequency cannot be arbitrarily changed to that of microwave ovens (2.45GHz) which was chosen because of the most effect on heating H2O. (Water)
    I don’t like smart meters, but they are mostly in the 900MHz band and put out 1 watt or less.

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