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Jimmy from Bright Insight is back to discuss ‘The Adam and Eve Story’, a book by Chan Thomas published in 1965, which for reasons not clear became classified by the CIA. In 2013, 20% of this book was declassified – of course, leading to intense speculation as to the contents of the remaining 80%.

Citing enigmas like Atlantis, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Easter Island, Tiahuanaco and Baalbek, the book discusses lost ancient human civilizations and the global cataclysms that caused them to vanish with barely a trace, including Earth Crust Displacement, bolide impacts and emanations from the planetary core.

What’s particularly of interest is how the book refers to a major impact in the region of the Great Lakes decades before this theory was first presented in 2006 and for which more supporting evidence has emerged in recent months.

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  • Jimmy
    I just saw this (9/2/2020). Sorry for a delay on an important topic. There are other clues.
    An axis and equator shift, but not a crust shift. Einstein accepted boths evidence but not Hapgood’s nor Velikovsky’s cause. Even Hapgood finally discounted it, believing the “cause” (of an axis shift) had to be from deep in the Earth. He only chose crust shift because everyone believed the equatorial bulge was an inviolate force. Suppose it is not.

    You are always on an astute trail, but you now accept two standard science “Truths” that are convenient and accepted, but are far from proven. First: the core is Molten Iron. Really? How can they know? What is the core of the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn etc?

    Second: you accept Plate Tectonics. It is a theory to perhaps explain how the continents were Mobil. Actually only that they moved apart. Their deep roots don’t allow for mobility. They cannot be pushed around. They are primarily stable. But the continents moved. Are there alternatives to consider? And can they link to your videos premise? I wouldn’t write if there weren’t.

    I like your work, and the Atlantis “eye” of Africa is brilliant. But what could cause the Atlantic to wash over it in a NE direction and then return SW? Any linkage to above? Yes.

  • The CIA are traitors, so why are they allowed to exist? Trump needs to close both the CIA and the FBI, as they have abused power, lied, betrayed America, were involved in the assassination of JFK, MLK, and RFK and many more. F them in the ass.

  • ” Concerning the move of several thousands
    Tons of Bloc of Stone ”

    In the past some civilisation were in close
    Contact with the ” LITTLE ELEMENTAL
    BEINGS ” which helped them…

    B.38 World Events
    2.53 Gross Matter -Ethereal matter…
    2.67- The Gods Olympus…
    3.25 3.26 – The little Elemental Beings

    In the light if truth – The Grail Message

  • Me, a regular reader / listener of the Kryon Channel understand that the Adam / Eve story is the story of LIGHT and DARK which is being played out in this time as to what / who will win.
    As human consciousness raises the support of the LIGHT is enhanced.
    High Consciousness is able to change Physics, so Kryon tells us.

  • ASK…WHY would the CIA “Classify” a document about THEIR-Story ( Whitewashed History)…There is ONLY One race on this planet that has a reputation for HIDING Things that actually accord in the past…The WHITE race.
    THEY all already Know WHO was “Created” FIRST, yet they act like this creep making this video…Trying to pretend that THEY were created first.
    Evidence ALREADY exist Proving the “First-Born” of of “Divine Source” was seeded in AFRICA!
    I no longer Trust the White race about being TRUTHFUL about ANYTHING…Once one starts HIDING things from people CAN THEY EVER BE TRUSTED???
    The ENERGY source they KNOW is coming that will Shut Down Their “Slave Money System” of their attempt to “RedefineGod” will be from “The Golden Race Beings”….and THEY ARE SCARED CRAPLESS over it, BECAUSE IT MEANS “THEIR” DEMISE.

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