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    Mike Adams today posted this video, in which he told Karen Kingston that going to Mexico was not a good idea, because the CIA has the full authority to do whatever extra-judicial things that they want to do outside the borders of the US and it’s generally much easier to cover-up an assassination that occurs outside the US. He tells her she would be safer inside the US in an unknown location.

    Karen Kingston had recently posted this video of herself from the Barceló Maya Hotel in Mexico, saying that it was the first time that she had turned on her phone in 2 weeks, because she’s been on the run.

    Five days ago, she had posted this concerning, typo-ridden Substack, in which she claimed, “I have poisoned numerous time since the incidence in FL via aerosoL, food a beverages” and she expressed concern about her son, claiming that the video he posted of himself telling her to call him was a “a weird CGI video imitating him.”

    She also stated multiple times that her personal security guard had told her that her message about mobilizing county sheriffs to seize the nanotech bioweapon from its points of distribution had put her on a government hit list and that she had, at best a 50-50 chance of surviving their intention to assassinate her, on the orders of Dr Robert Malone.

    She begged RFK Jr, Mike Adams and Mikki Willis to contact Dr Malone to “call off” the CIA hit on her.

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    • Perhaps she’s just another controlled opposition just like Malone.

      If “they” really want to get you, they can get you without your phone on (especially true with iPhone Bluetooth mesh-networking).
      Or if you have a standard google phone, google knows where about, and “they” can already guess where you would be according to your location pattern.

      I would say that if “They” really wanted to get her, she wouldn’t be alive by now.

    • I really like Diana West and her take on the “communist takeover.” But I disagree on her long and convoluted assessment of Dr. Robert Malone. It isn’t fear mongering to say that the “virus” could morph into a more dangerous variant. It’s a real possibility that is still being actively debated. Dr. Geert Vanden Bosch is a doctor of veterinary medicine who looks at the corona virus pandemic from an evolutionary perspective–that is, how viruses evolve and have evolved in the past. And it’s a little like “it ain’t over til the fat lady sings” scenario. The spike protein type thing is an active wiggly thing that is trying hard to get where it wants to go like a motor cycle brigade at a stop light, engines running. Once the virus figures out how to get where it wants to go, nothing is going to stop it, or so goes the theory. Of course, we aren’t animals and we don’t live in confined pens where pandemics sweep through like an inferno, but it’s done it before and could do it again. Not entirely naive. Of course, not saying it will do that.

    • Having stewed on the matter some more I ran across a piece by an old trusted source, investigative journalist Diana West. She isn’t perfect, I don’t always agree, but I have found her to be on the right side of street most all of the time. Here’s her take on Malone:

      In defense of Malone, people change their opinions with time and experience. I have been of the opinion that Malone changed his opinions when he saw the horrible consequences of his contribution to the creation of the great 2019-2022 Doctor Strangelove pharma psyop. What he meant for good was used by evil men for evil, but they justified it for reasons blathered on the visual media 24/7 for decades.

      All men are corruptible and capable of lying to save their hide. Most, though not all become more reflective later in life, consider the consequences of their behavior awaiting them in the heavenly court of justice, and do something benevolent to assuage the impending pain of judgment awaiting them. I am not inside Malone’s head, just saying that may be what is there.

      All this confusion is the byproduct of secrecy which can only succeed by deception. It makes everyone become liars and it needs to stop!

    • Who is KK?

      This latest KK flap seems like some kind of a stunt to me, so I axed the question who is Karen Kingston and got the many faces of KK here:

      Now not all these faces are this Kingston, but most of them are and they are so varied one has to wonder what kind of business is she in to be promoted in such a variety of ways. It’s hard for me to connect all this with a big Pharma analyst.

      Maybe it’s time for KK to provide her bona fide’s.

    • If true, it is tragic of course.

      But getting to Malone to help her? An obvious “controlled opposition” individual who has been suing a number of Covid truth-tellers …

      Millions of people don’t want to see who and what Malone truly is. Like millions don’t want to see that the Covid psyop is a purely political scheme that has nothing to do with real science (ie a virus, or wanting to genuinely help people with a Covid “infection,” etc)…

      If you have been injected with Covid bioweapons and are concerned, then verify what batch number you were injected with at

    • “Please, don’t kill people.” Man 5 ft from an elephant stampede: “please, don’t flatten me.” That should just about do it.

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