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  • It would be one of the greatest pleasures of my life to be able to personally execute this smirking POS, and I am being as serious as a heart attack.

  • Think about it: dozens of PR advisors over the years, and he constantly wears Jeffrey Dahmer outfit.

    When IBM wanted to enter mass PC market, it hired miniature Microsoft to create user friendly software. His mother just happen to be on the same board as IBM executive. Better yet, IBM left loophole in contract which turned to be the biggest blunder in business history. It allowed no name small business to create independent copycat copies marketed as “IBM compatible”. Or was it a blunder?

    Windows flew high. Even when DOJ brought monopoly case, settlement was a sham.

    Then, there came Windows 95, which turned out had a back door. Hackers soon discovered NSA name left over in codes. That is like leaving your driver license during burglary. There was another Snowden long before, apparently.

    To top it off, Microsoft prohibits using Windows on its own computers at HQ, because of crappy security. They use propriety Unix, which is available for free in hundreds of flavors as Linux (see

    In the end: would you buy a car which stalls on the highway 3 times a day?

  • Is he the world’s most psychotic nerd?And how dare he befoul Mr. Roger’s gentle legacy by misappropriating his signature sweater! If only we could wake up one morning and find that the entire world’s legacy media got pink slips and we’re replaced by real journalists like you, Alexandra, who would research, question and challenge monsters like Bill Gates and all the power wielding elites and their blackmailed servants. The amount of insipid talk on “news” shows worldwide is mind blowing.

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