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Benghazi whistleblowers, Nicholas Noe and Charles Woods, father of Ty Woods, a Navy SEAL who was killed while defending diplomatic staff at the US Benghazi compound are joined in a Zoom call by Alan Howell Parrot, a falcon trainer and CIA whistleblower. This call was recorded on October 11th and presented at the #Ampfest conference held in Miami this past weekend.

In the video, Parrot explains how the $152 Billion “trade deal” with Iran was a blackmail payment by the Obama/Biden administration to the Iranian regime to cover up the deaths of SEAL Team 6 and the fact that Iran had custody of Osama bin Laden and that it was Osama’s double who was killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan in 2011. This is why the body was given the very un-Islamic burial at sea – although, we learn that not even that was true. Parrot says the double’s body parts were thrown out of a chopper over the Hindu Kush Mountains.

The real bin Laden had been secreted away, back to Iran, where the Rogue CIA (aka the Safari Club) had arranged to have him detained in Mashhad during the previous ten years.

Parrot said that he would release the documents and audio proving all of this and that he would personally brief the President, as well.

There are many more interesting details! You have to watch this video!



Nicholas Noe: Hey, good morning, Alan thanks for joining us.

Alan Parrot: Good morning, good morning Nick and uh – great to be here.

Nicholas Noe: Please introduce yourself to everybody.

Alan Parrot: My name’s Alan Parrot. I was a falconer for Arab political leaders for 20 years and then I spent another 10 years in former Soviet territories doing conservation work and catching falcon smugglers.

Nicholas Noe: Excellent. So, we crossed paths about a year ago or about eight months ago and and I have always been searching for the reasons as to why they wanted everyone to die in Benghazi. And boy, do you have some really good information that explains everything. We appreciate that you’re taking the time to share this with everyone, so thank you.

Alan Parrot: Well, I have to say that our military are so well-trained. Their work is compartmentalized and the only people that understand the full story are the people at the top and they have made some very bad decisions for this country and for the former Navy SEAL, Ty Woods and his brethren, who perished unnecessarily at the hands of Hillary Clinton. And in the large picture, this involves Joe Biden and John Brennan.

Nicholas Noe: So, could you explain the context of how how did this all start?

Alan Parrot: Well, the gestation, the beginning was in the ’70s, during the Church Commission, when an alternate CIA was created, called the Safari Club. And the Safari Club was financed by overseas allies. It was outsourced to foreign banks. I have two banks and bank accounts that were used by the Safari Club and the individuals, with checks paid out by them. Osama bin Laden was one of the recipients of funding from this alternate CIA, that was subverting the oversight control of the successor to the Church Commission and that is the Senate Intelligence Committee.

One week before bin Laden was killed, I was called down to the Senate Intelligence Committee to give statements and evidence – and I have quite a few tape recordings and of senior members who were aware of bin Laden’s house arrest in Iran for 10 years following Tora Bora.

This was arranged by John Brennan. This is why Gary Bernsten was not allowed to kill Osama bin Laden in Tora Bora when he was only a few hundred yards away, because the plans had been made and set in stone by John Brennan to extradite bin Laden from Tora Bora to Iran, where he remained under house arrest for 10 years, with more than 100 al Qaeda leaders and their families.

Charles Woods: So, what you’re saying is that there was no need for us to invade Afghanistan, under the pretext of getting al-Qaeda, if the US Government knew and was actually protecting his life in Iran, is that correct?

Alan Parrot: Well, I have to say it really was rogue elements of the US Government controlled by John Brennan, Richard Clarke, Vice President Biden, quite a few people. There’s a long list of people.

They started with good intentions. The Safari Club was begun to fight the expansion of the USSR but it turned into a very distorted operation over the years and Osama bin Laden was the figurehead manifestation of this alternate CIA and so they had to protect him, in their bad judgment.

And you see, one lie leads to another – our parents always taught us this. And so, my team, we planned a program to go in and get bin Laden in Iran. We were going to catch him when he was falconry hunting. Because I spent 20 years living with Arab political leaders, training their falcons and going out in these camps, hunting with them.

And then I noticed there were terrorists coming into these camps and the royal falconry camps are al-Qaeda’s boardroom. This is where these bad guys come. There are no passport or border controls and so we were going to go in and get bin Laden but unfortunately, within minutes of ascending to the office of the CIA Director, Leon Panetta’s first act in office was to cancel the Rigor Program. R-I-G-O-R, a covert CIA program to catch and kill Osama bin Laden in Iran.

This was six months after Barack Obama was sworn in as President and Leon Panetta threw a tantrum and canceled Rigor. This was reported by Goldman and Apuzzo and slightly mischaracterized in the press as targeting al-Qaeda leaders all over the world but it was focused only on Iran and bin Laden.

And so, when we were first ignored and then obstructed and then threatened by eight CIA officials and warned off going into Iran to get bin Laden, we had passports, visas – everything was ready – the Revolutionary Guards were going to be our bodyguards while we were out doing bonafide scientific research, as a cover for catching bin Laden alive for delivery to the Tri-State area.

When we were shut down by Leon Panetta and others, I began negotiating directly with Iran, six scenario analyses for the transfer of bin Laden, alive and well to Coalition Forces and to have him put in a Neutral Zone. And Iran is on tape agreeing to this. It was all done.

It took three years to develop this. I had meetings in the Iranian Mission at the United Nations, Ambassador Muhammad Kazai [?] organized everything; Bakh Sarai [?] was the handler – there were several handlers – everything was ready and then, I went to Governor Bill Richardson – New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson – on December 2nd and 3rd of 2010. He agreed to be the US envoy to receive bin Laden for transfer to Coalition custody and it turned out that bin Laden had already been moved to Abbottabad, Pakistan, in August of 2010, and so –

Nicholas Noe: Why was he transferred there?

Alan Parrot: He was transferred there because, in the six scenario analyses that I discussed with Iran, by harboring Osama bin Laden and 100 al-Qaeda leaders, this represents an Act of War against the United States. Their nuclear facilities could be bombed and their economy obliterated, so the time moves backwards instead of forwards. And the Iranians didn’t want to risk exposing their complicity with John Brennan and others to harbor –

You see, John Brennan and Clinton and Biden outsourced the imprisonment of al-Qaeda leaders to Iran. We think of outsourcing as being a commercial activity. They outsourced our military responsibilities to an untrustworthy adversary – Iran – and they did that to save Iran from retaliation for harboring terrorists.

And so Iran had no choice, in their estimation but to accept the offer of Clinton, in lieu of my offer, which was transfer to a Neutral Zone, because that would have endangered their economy and their nuclear program.

Nicholas Noe: Forgive me, I want to ask you – so, Clinton actually knew about this, right? She knew that they were willing to just hand him over to us?

Alan Parrot: Tapes, registered letters, everything to Clinton –

Nicholas Noe: – and so she knew that Iran was ready to give us bin Laden with no real struggle and so she decided to have him move to Pakistan for a trophy kill.

Alan Parrot: They moved him to Abbottabad in August of 2010. And that’s our first overhead viewings of bin Laden walking in the garden. Everybody said he was crippled but he walked down three flights of stairs to walk in a garden to advertise his presence, okay? It was an advertisement. Then, the gas line was put on the third floor of the Abbottabad complex in August, because his wives had to stay sequestered away from the other men. They had to cook in private without the purdah – veil – and other things. Asad, one of bin Laden’s sons said his father was strangely resigned to dying in Abbottabad.

So, he was held there in a gilded cage, awaiting his trophy kill. He was moved from Mashhad, Iran into Abbottabad Airport, and then moved to this prison complex the Abbottabad compound. It was not there to protect him it was there to keep him there awaiting his appointment with Destiny.

But the Iranians turned it into a fateful result, because they pulled bin Laden out at the last minute – at the 11th hour – after an Iranian agent, a double agent, a Pakistan ISI officer who worked for Iran covertly, provided the DNA evidence to the CIA station chief. Finally, they were convinced it was bin Laden in Abbottabad and they sent in SEAL Team 6.

And Musharraf said he didn’t know about SEAL Team 6 coming in, but they had to let down the radar long enough for the helicopters to come in – and they only told Obama about the SEAL Team 6 kill mission after the radar was put back up and SEAL Team 6 could not go back into Afghanistan. It was then a one-way trip that could not be canceled!

You see, we have a witness who witnessed Hillary and Panetta threatening Obama, that if he didn’t green-light the bin Laden kill mission, they would expose him in the press and he would never survive, politically. And he actually was reluctant to authorize the kill mission. That’s why they pulled him off the golf course, only after the mission could not be canceled.

And so the agent provocateurs, the engineers of all of this were John Brennan, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden. And when they went in there, trusting the Iranians had bin Laden there, waiting for them, SEAL Team 6…they killed Osama bin Laden’s double.

Charles Woods: How do we know that?

Alan Parrot: One of the wives went running towards them before he shot him and said, “Don’t shoot! He’s a double.” I don’t know the language used. And then, if you read Sy Hersh’s book, he explains that they threw the body parts over the Hindu Kush Mountains. They didn’t even save them, like they saved the sons of Saddam Hussein and in a refrigerated tent, well-preserved and with makeup, just to prove that “the wicked witch was dead”. They saved the sons of Saddam Hussein but they did not save the corpse of Osama bin Laden, because it was his double and it could not handle the scrutiny of DA testing, obviously.

Charles Woods: OK, the SEAL team, they knew that it was thrown out of the helicopter?

Alan Parrot: They learned that it was not bin Laden and so they threw the body parts over the Hindu Kush Mountains and John Brennan said that the people on the ship were told to keep quiet about the burial at sea – but they all say that they never were told to keep quiet, because there was no burial at sea!

John Brennan took the lead and made the fake media announcements. He lied to the press, when he explained this “Muslim burial” at sea. It’s actually haram. It’s forbidden to bury a Muslim at sea, unless unless the body’s gonna endanger the lives of the crew with disease risk, you know. Because, you see, in the ocean, the feet’ll rotate around and the feet will face Mecca. It’s haram. You must bury on land with the face facing Mecca. So Brennan, who’s a Muslim, you’d think he’d know not to lie about something so obvious! He said it was a Muslim burial at sea! Nonsense!

And so this big lie – you see, they – Biden, Hillary and Clinton worked this agreement with Iran they trusted Iran to move bin laden to Pakistan – he did. He was there. But then they trusted Iran to keep him there. They moved him out, back to Iran!

And then, the communication from Iran to Obama was, “Hey, we got your neck in a noose. Give us all this money,” $152 billion, $2 billion on an airplane pallet, was paid out for the secrets I wish to reveal now and to the President, under the terms of Misprision of Treason.

That is to say, this is a secret. These are secrets worth $152 billion dollars paid by President Obama. And Vice President Biden, paid with the blood of SEAL Team 6, when he had them killed.

Nicholas Noe: So, it’s blackmail an extortion, then.

Alan Parrot: Blackmail an extortion, yeah. Iran commandeered –

Charles Woods: Do you have the documents to prove this?

Alan Parrot: Yes, yes. Now, Iran –

Charles Woods: Well, I was going to ask you, if you have those documents, are you willing to personally deliver those to President Trump, if he were to provide the transportation and the guarantee of safety for you to do that?

Alan Parrot: Well, I’m not concerned about safety. There’s always an invisible hand that protects us and we’re on the winning team. America is on the winning team.

Charles Woods: “Not one sparrow falls to the ground outside of God’s will.”

Alan Parrot: Yes, it would be my pleasure and my honor to bring this material to President Trump. There’s a massive amount – terabytes, documents, video, audio. It needs to go to the President.

Charles Woods: I will do everything that I can to get this video into his hands.

Alan Parrot: It’s my only wish. My only wish.

Nicholas Noe: Alan, I’ve got a question for you. So that means that SEAL Team 6 was shot down on purpose, after the trophy kill, to ensure that “dead man can tell no tales”.

Alan Parrot: You are correct. So that President Obama paid bribery of $ 152 million dollars, Vice President Biden paid with the blood of SEAL Team 6. He spent their blood like currency.

Nicholas Noe: Well, I’ve gotta share something with you. Actually, Charles does. Charles, tell him about the Army Ranger that you talked to that was in the city where they were shot down.

Charles Woods: OK, when we lived in Hawaii and for about a month afterwards, I was in shock and my wife and I, we went walking on the beach and in the back of my vehicle, I have a bumper sticker about Ty. And this gentleman came up to me and he was an Army Ranger that had been injured. He was recuperating in Hawaii and he said, “How do you know Chief Petty Officer Woods?” and I says, “Well, I’m his dad.” He says, “Well, I worked with your son.”

And we became very close. It was part of my healing process, actually, getting to know him. He started coming to our church, his girlfriend started surfing with my daughters and they ended up getting married. And one of the things that he told me, he says, “I was on the Ranger team that was in that village, where SEAL Team 6 was killed.

The story was by the Biden-Obama administration, that there was this team that was under attack in this village: “We’re gonna die if you don’t get someone here really quick.” And so, they loaded SEAL Team 6 on this slow, vintage Huey helicopter, the size of a school bus and slowly got them to the village.

Now, they did not request help. They’ve been in that village numerous times before. In fact, if someone came, it would actually endanger them. The story was not true.

And then, usually when a helicopter comes in, it goes zoom right down to the ground, opens up, all the troops go out in seconds and then, boom, the helicopter goes straight up.

Well, this was a sitting target, OK the size of the school bus. It hovered in the air over that village, just waiting to be shot down and the people hot-roped – I never heard the word “hot-roped” before. That means they each individually lowers down, while it was a sitting target.

And then, apparently, it was shot down by one of those weapons that Hillary Clinton illegally sent to Benghazi to give to terrorists a terrorist organization the US government used to get rid of our ally, who was fighting terrorism – that’s Gaddafi – and then, that weapon ended up over in Afghanistan.

Nicholas Noe: They were Stinger missiles. Thousands upon thousands of them went missing and Marc Turi was told that he’s no longer – he had a small arms covert weapons program going, so that way, none of that was ever given to someone, because they could shoot down jetliners just flying by, if they wanted to – a child could do it, a 12 year old could do it.

So, these Stinger missiles went through Benghazi and then were given to the people who shot down SEAL Team 6. That was a setup. They were covering their tracks there. And then, when they found the serial number on one of the missiles it is traced back to the CIA from Qatar from that weapons cache of Stinger missiles.

That’s why they had to, then cover their tracks, after people found out that the missiles were from Qatar and then they could traced back, where they came from – from Hillary through Benghazi. That’s why Stevens was back there, to recover those missiles and cover-up the evidence.

Well, that’s at least what we were told. I assume that part of the plan for her was to eliminate everyone there, at the Benghazi  compound, as well.

Alan Parrot: You know, it’s just so wicked. It’s hard. It’s just so unimaginably evil what these people do.

Charles Woods: Dead men don’t talk…

Alan Parrot: We’ll talk. We will talk.

Nicholas Noe: You have some good news coming up, here in the next week and a half, week?

Alan Parrot: Yes, Sir. It’s going to be released. Audio tapes, documents, I believe so, yes, yes.

Nicholas Noe: Yeah. I’m looking forward to hearing about it and seeing everybody connect the dots, because it’s pretty plain to see, the people involved and it’s all connected to another crime spree – and that’s another story, though.

Alan Parrot: Well, let’s just remember that a heavy price has been paid for the secrets we are uncovering and there are millions of people who want to see the truth and we’re going to deliver.

Charles Woods: Well, America is a democracy. And for a democracy to work, the people that vote need to know what the truth is and that is why we have three weeks for the people of the United States to get to know the truth. I hope that the media covers this, including the fake media, because the truth has to come out for our democracy to work properly, so people can vote intelligently.

Alan Parrot: Totally agree. I agree.

Nicholas Noe: All right, Alan. We appreciate your time today. I’m sure this is just the beginning and we look forward to hearing and seeing what you’re going to show to everyone in the future

Alan Parrot: It’s the beginning but it’s also the beginning of the end for the bad guys. Speak to you soon yes, yes, Sir.

Nicholas Noe: Have a good day.

Charles Woods: God bless.

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  • Was I the only one who saw this interview?
    As President Trump said these people are evil.
    The. Holy Virgin Mother of God said at Fatima when she showed hell to the 3 Children of Fatima. These souls go to hell because no one was praying for them.

  • Only one error- the U.S. is not a democracy (communism), or is notsupposed to be. We are a representative republic, as defined in the Constitution. If the communist democrats repeat the lie often enough, people begin to use it as an accepted term.

  • Ive seen this before. And where did all of this intel go? I want these mother effers to go to prison. These stories pop up and never go anywhere.
    So investigative journalists, chase it down!! and find out whdrr it went

  • It’s April 20th 2021. Another big “nothing burger!” Total bullshit and/or imagine this. Another C.I.A. agent is a good liar. What was it that Pompeo said long before he was Secretary of State? Something to the effect of “of course I’ve lied. I was in the C.I.A. That’s the first thing they teach us.” Laughing the entire time.

    Jesus Christ is the answer to everything but “even the very elect will be deceived if that was possible.” We have too many things going on. People need to understand that we are in a war but it’s of biblical proportions. “We fight not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities in high places.”

  • Incredible but I believe every word and thank you for the truth! Go get the bad guys! And the witch! God Bless all of you!

    • Facebook always says it’s fake news until after it’s proven true a month or so after coming out in there fake news.

  • Evidence needs to be leaked out. Recordings, Brennan’s signature on documents need to be released. It’s not enough to have whistleblower and journalists talking.

    “Extraordinary claims, need extraordinary evidence.” — Carl Sagan.

  • More bombshell testimony and yet no arrest, hum. And incoming bombs about Hillary, Obama, Biden and still no arrest. I’m taking a nap and resting my mind from all this nonsense. wake me up when someone, anyone is arrested. Don’t care if it’s micky mouse, just put someone in jail for something related to all these bombshells.

  • Wow. Praying that all of this information surfaces in the media before the election. Biden, along with the rest of them, is a criminal of the highest order.

  • Where is it possible to see this Documentary “Feathered Cocaine”? It seems to have been scrubbed from the Planet. The trailer is the only video available. Would LOVE TO SEE THIS!!

      • Was I the only one who saw this interview?
        As President Trump said these people are evil.
        The. Holy Virgin Mother of God said at Fatima when she showed hell to the 3 Children of Fatima. These souls go to hell because no one was praying for them.

  • Who is Alan Parrot trying to be? Is he still undercover? Did he convert to Islam, or is he just a fashion maven? Or did he forget to shave?

    I know, I know, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. Still, I’d like to see his credentials. Nothing he says surprises me. But he fails to discuss Osama’s non-role in 9/11, which was clearly rogue USG traitors in DoD, the military, the CIA, the FBI, and the Satanic Syndicate. The Safari Club is probably a cover for its true agenda, which is to destabilize various regions so Rothschild can war profiteer.

    Time to get to the bottom of this. Parrot focuses too much on Obama/ Biden, when Buch/Cheney were equally corrupt. This isn’t partisan treason – the treason transcends both parties. The traitors are betraying humanity. We need to put them down.

    • Like that has ever worked before. As long as corrupt Deepers like Barr are directing DOJ prosecutions, nothing will happen. I admire Trump’s efforts at restoring the system to a functioning judiciary, but I’m not convinced it can be saved. Perhaps another Revolutionary War is required; perhaps we need to burn it all down, so we can build it back up proper. Keep the Constitution, the Declaration, the Bill or Rights – with certain modifications to remove gender bias, mandate Truth in Media, and create a mechanism that prevents corruption (yes, it Can be done).

      We also need to mandate a separation of Business & State! Finally, we need to adjust our culture, to preclude wealth as a worthy goal for humanity. No one person should have the wealth of nations, and. no nation should have such wealth that enabled billionaires. Finally, no more Presidents or single leaders – we should only have a council of elders – experts with real-world experience, from multiple sectors. This council should always have an odd number of members, to remove any chance of a split vote. Issues that are unanimously voted on become Law; issues up to say a 7-6 split, only become Law for a year; at which time new data should be presented, and another vote taken. This allows for polarizing issues to be determined long enough for real-world feedback, with the protection that at worst, it only survives a year.

      Let’s stop limiting our thoughts to the world view, “close enough for government”. We need to aspire to the “Star Trek” future, where everyone is empowered, and the only power exists among the best & brightest, not the wealthiest & most corrupt, which is the current American failure.

      We CAN do better, so let’s make that our common vision.

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