In this clip, the late Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell testifies to extraterrestrial visitation and a military-corporate coverup.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell passed away late on Thursday, February 4, 2016. He was a pioneer of both Outer- and Inner Space, with his foundation, the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

In the film, ‘Heal for Free’, which I helped to produce, there’s an interview, which was shot at his home in Lake Worth, Florida, around April 2014. He blew past the interviewer’s questions to talk about what he thought was more important: the existence of a number of extraterrestrial civilizations and about the vast cover-up around this topic by world governments, for reasons of “power and control”.

Edgar Mitchell was a brave man who served his country – but more importantly, he served humanity, in his tireless exploration of consciousness and superconsciousness. He had an unrelenting stand for the truth and for breaking the boundaries of human cognition.

The human mind has been cruelly limited and controlled by regressive belief systems throughout the millennia, up to our present times. He made it his life work to break down these boundaries, so that human beings could expand their potential, to create a more mindful, intelligent and sane world. He made a difference.

His work in the arena of expanded awareness is something that anyone would be better off pursuing.

Perhaps his passing can serve as a reminder of this. ‘Heal for Free’ VOD available at:

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Here are the last few lines of this clip:

MITCHELL: People in high-level government have very little…valid information about this. Most have no more knowledge than the man in the street. Representatives from this section; they’re out of the loop from the things we’re talking about [the existence of ETs, secret programs to back-engineer UFOs, etc.

INTERVIEWER: “Is this a concern to you?”

MITCHELL: “Oh yes, It’s of great concern to me. I have expressed this concern over and over. That’s exactly what I’m saying: Is that whatever activity is going on, to the extent that it is; a clandestine group, a quasi-government group, a quasi-private group: it is without, as far as I can tell, any type of high-level government oversight – and that is a great concern.”

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  • The reason for mystery and secrecy of aliens coming to visit Earth is explained in The Urantia Book, a fully authorized revelation of epochal significance and widely available to read on the Internet and available at any good bookstore. Our planet along with swathes of other worlds in our local universe, is currently cut off officially from universe communication as it is placed in quarantine and awaiting settlement of the Lucifer rebellion. Details of this and other significant stories are narrated by angelic beings with unimpeded access to accurate historical information but somewhat limited in scope of what’s permitted to be revealed by the mandates of their commission.

  • I agree with LEXTIR. Mr. Mitchell is soft-spoken and it’s difficult to hear what he has to say with the annoying and totally unnecessary *noise* in the video. Also, on my screen, it says there are 10 comments, but I see only 5???

  • I have been a loyal follower of FKTV now, for a few years, & like the info presented. However, I find the background music to be unnecessary, & distracting. I am sure there is not an orchestra, or some sort of music making group, playing during the interviews or investigative processes of any subject presented. So, my question is: Why have irritating & distracting background music, ever?

  • Funny how mankind has always doubted what God says about creation (right from the start, as soon as God completes creating man genesis2, very next chapter in the bible genesis 3 man doubts what God says,,, and guess who’s involved in the deception!?”satan” himself , And guess what ???he’s still deceiving mankind!

  • People who believe the Bible is the Word of the Creator, I have noticed for 40 years, generally believe UFOs are deceivers of the demons. People not believing the Bible is the Word of the Creator generally believe these things have been appearing here for multiple decades, and are someday going to help us. That same Word of the Creator says a great deception is now in progress. We, mankind, are going to learn our very hard lessons, by either method we insist on.

  • The truth is out there. Yup, it’s right there for everyone to read in the (KJ) Bible. ET = fallen angel.

    2 Cor 11:14… “And no marvel; for satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

  • It so appears to me that these so called aliens from another planet here to assist us with consciousness in just another ploy to take us from the powers that be of governMental man-beast-luciferian-minions, over to ascended masters being that of lucifer, his fallen brigade of angels?

    I am far more than consciousness, I am Heart & Soul. It appears there is no reverence for our Almighty Heavenly Father, and we are just stardust particles of consciousness…. B U L L P U C K Y

Kirk Elliott

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